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If anyone could understand the complexities of love in our country, it’s our Indian writers! Some of their significant works include excellent story books in the romantic genre. Love stories do have a way of captivating us. It could be the sentimental language, the charming tone, the characters, or the starry-eyed storyline. Several excellent romance books written by Indian authors […]

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There isn’t much in the middle when it concerns Indian romantic novels—there are absolute masterpieces we have produced in this genre. The current novels not only have an intriguing plot, but they also live up to the legacy that the classic Indian novels have left behind, with their magnificent creativity. Indian authors have proven to excel in this particular genre, […]

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Romance being a popular genre among novel readers, it is also one of the best-selling categories. India is a nation with creative people, and Indians are unquestionably the most romantic. As a result, a lot of Indian authors produce books in this genre. While many authors are becoming well-known for penning their own stories, some of them are the top […]

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