Ebook Writing

Why are EBooks important for your business?

In this world of the competitive business environment, you have to try all the tricks to stay focused on achieving leads. When it comes to lead generation, EBooks serves as a great help for businesses. EBooks are those short books that inform consumers about your product. Publishing EBooks not only help you attracts your potential customers, but you can also educate your consumers about your business services.

EBooks are the most crucial needs for businesses these days. It is because; EBooks helps you earn educated customers. And an educated customer helps you win a war, as they are loyal to your brand. Earning educated consumers forms a profitable partnership between you and them. They turn into your brand lawyers who aware of all other potential customers about your products/ services.

Earlier, finding such potential customers was tough! But now, with EBooks writing, it is no more a challenging job. With well-crafted EBooks, you can convert your visitors to loyal customers. At Estorytellers, we have skilled EBook writers who write the most descriptive EBooks with a word count that you say!

The growing Ebook market for reader’s engagement

The advantages and reader engagement of eBooks is one of the crucial factors driving the growth of the market during the forecasting period. Books in the digital layout have been relatively popular, with eBooks and e-readers getting a ordinary sensation across the globe.

Still, this has been changing swiftly. eBooks for end- users are building up popularity, as the rearmost interactive technologies are being incorporated into them.

What makes EBooks interactive?

For absence of a better depiction, an interactive ebook is an ebook that has varied elements your audience can interact with.

  • Rather than a digital product filled with words and images, you get to include indeed more, like- links, videos, audio and other interactive rudiments.
  • This helps to brood your ebook and informative content apart from all of the distinct ebooks and digital products available in the market.
  • The cluster of interactive factors being absorbed into eBooks includes verbal intercourse, AR, and gaming.
  • These features, along with the classical aspects of story plots and visuals, are making eBooks crowd-pleasing among professionals, children, and others.
  • However, if you are looking for a unique selling point, the capacity to interact with your clients using ebooks is a skilful one.

Therefore, the demand for interactive eBooks will continue to roll out, which will drive the growth of the global eBook market.

How are our EBook Writing services beneficial for your business?

Creating your products EBooks with us offers you many perks. Some of the most indispensable perks include:

Faster writing

No doubt, producing EBooks is achievable at a shorter duration. You can achieve it faster than your printed brochures, catalogs, and pamphlets. However, we at Estorytellers also boost the process of EBook production. With a large team of writers, we create your EBooks in the shortest turnaround times.

Expanding the traffic on website

One of the immediate reasons that small enterprises engage website content writers is to produce a variety of content types to boost the traffic that visits their website. It is eventful to make sure these drop-ins are clicking onto your location for the true reasons.

With the application of eBooks for small business, you can reach a largely targeted audience that is most likely in need of the products and services which you extend. This increase in business can help boost your deals and give you the competitive edge you have been searching for.


We create the most accessible EBooks. The language is so simple and comprehensive that every customer can read and access the knowledge quite easily. We create the EBook to be accessible on all the devices. Our writing tone matches the demand of readers from all age groups.

Make it reusable

With an extensive year of experience in writing, we know where you can use your EBooks to generate maximum leads. That is why we do not make your EBooks reader-friendly, but we also craft them in such a way that makes them channel-friendly. That implies; you can also publish our EBooks in all other marketing channels such as social media and websites and even email them.


EBook may be educative. It may contain information about your product only. But, if you don’t make it interactive, the readers might lose interest. Our writers make your EBooks engaging in the best possible way. This educates your customers and makes a one-on-one interaction with them.

One time investment

It may take some time for content writing companies to produce your eBook, but once it’s completed, you hold a composition you can employ for months or indeed times to come. Depending on the content of your eBook, it may bear information that’s just as true here and now as it’ll be further down the road. This allows you to use the book to partake facts with prospective clients for times into the future. Because of your competency to continue giving this content, it can be one of the topmost returns on investment for your business.


EBooks are always an affordable approach to promote your products. But here at Estorytellers, we make it even more affordable for you. Our EBook writing services are budget-friendly.

Flexible content

We do our best possible to make your EBooks simple and accessible. For more accessibility, we also link the URLs of the YouTube Videos and presentations with content crafted by us.

Why should you choose us for EBooks writing services?

While EBooks writing services have constantly been our bread and butter, we have radiated out to support our customers achieve success in all of their requirements concerning digital marketing.

We have over 10 times of experience in comparison to the other destinations with ebooks content creation, design and development, social media, videos, print marketing fragments and further. We also have grown as a leader in delivering our services to other digital agencies and businesses as well which may be both large and small.

Bringing content to life

Humans are visual creatures, and our company takes that into consideration when we write the content for your ebook. Ebook writing services may be our speciality, but our authors and marketing experts also know that even so much we love content, a picture always speaks a thousand words.

Dedicated EBook writers

We have the most skilled and dedicated EBook writers who have long years of experience creating engaging EBooks. The dedicated team of EBook writers offers you a streamlined delivery of Large EBooks.

Available at affordable prices

EBooks are always an affordable approach to promote your products. You have likely been wondering how much you should pay someone to for ebook writing services. Whether you are appearing to write a single post on a regular basis or content for a complete ebook, our content writers can give content marketing options at accessible rates to help boost your marketing efforts. Here at Estorytellers, we make it even more affordable for you. Our EBook writing services are altogether budget-friendly.

On-time delivery

An extensive team of skillful writers helps us achieve the deadlines of our clients. We create EBooks for you within the time that you say.

Forte in different industries

Ebook writing like- law, commercial, medicines, retail and the list contains so many other industries as well. The writers here will work nearly with you to write everything that suits your fancy, your voice, and your requirements.

Also, when you require ongoing work for your ebook, our pens can assist to produce a series that will get people coming back time and time again for content about your industry and the product or service you give. Simply get in contact and our writers will work with you to come up with a design for your content. After that, a writer will get started and your content will be on its way!

100% unique writing 

In our EBook Writing team, we have specialized writers who know a certain niche and its products. That helps us craft unique content for our customers.

Two-time editing

We edit your EBooks in two stages. That helps us achieve precision in writings. We make sure your EBook is free of error before publishing.

Henceforth, it gives immense pleasure to mention that we exercise all the services we put up for our own company. The outcome? A wholesome business and a ton of instances of our flourishing work.