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You have researched enough, Googled better and Quora-fied to come here and finally, you found us. ‘Don’t go anywhere‘ is what we won’t insist you, ever. Taletel ® believes in exceptionally efficient ways that helps writing tell its supernova-ic tale splendidly. A Content Writing Agency with 20+ mindbogglingly creative writers you ever need.
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Top Notch Content Writing Services 

Give freshness of words to your audience with our online content writing service. You don’t want your clients and customers to feel bored with what you’re offering. Our strategy is to put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and write what appeals to them. Following our priority of telling stories, we create content that is routed directly to your customers’ heart.

We place the right words at the right place. We write content that is easy to read and understand by the whole of your customer base. We help you build your community (and also a fan following ! 🙂 ) Relevancy is key and we provide that.

Want to drive more traffic to your website?

More than 60,000 searches happen on Google every second! Are you one of the search results your potential client is looking for? Or has your competitor taken your place? We can fix it !

Effective content is one of the most essential tools for a website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our team of highly experienced content writers and digital marketing experts know the ins and outs of SEO. You will get 100% SEO friendly content for your web pages and you are sure to be one of the top ranked upshots for your customers’ Google search.

We are well experienced in writing content for the following sections.

  •  Home page

The content on a website’s home page is as important as the smile on your face. This is the face of your website and sure has to have highly engaging content so that your customer is motivated to browse through other pages too.

  • Product/Service page

A highly descriptive content is required here. The audience these days is very curious and wants to know every detail of what you are trying to sell. We’ll make sure all aspects of your product/service are covered!

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page

Remember when you purchased your first mobile phone? You sure had a lot of queries right! A comprehensive FAQ page assists the audience in finding answers to all their questions. If your client is unable to find the answers he is looking for, he may leave your website.

  • Contact Us page

Man is a social animal! And a well created Contact Us page plays a critical role in SEO. Leave it to us to generate the best one for you!

Want to advertise but don’t have the precise words? You have come to the right place!

Words have a lot of potential and their usage can make or break the sale of your product. Humans have a very short attention span these days. They are bombarded with lacs of words, thousands of pictures & hundreds of videos every minute in today’s digital world. You want to shine through this blitz of content and we are here to back you up!

Do not forget, a good copywriter drives revenue for your business and gets you the returns you are looking for. It has a lot of influence on your buyers’ mind. Accurate usage of content is a powerful selling force and creates a marketing pull. A good copy writing is just like a sales guy pitching to his prospective client and converting his sales lead. That is what we aim to do, just digitally.We incorporate the problems your product strives to solve for your potential customers. Our content convinces your audience that your product is sure to make their life easier and hassle free.

Product/Service Title writing

A product/service title is 3 to 5 word long name that contains its USP (Unique Selling Point). This title is what summarises what your product is all about. For example – if its a jeans, its fit (skinny fit or straight fit) must be incorporated in the title. Similarly, the brand of a vehicle or the color of a pen.

The title has to be two things – catchy & concise.

How would you feel if someone neglected your strengths & called you by random names? Your name is your identity. Likewise, the title is the product’s identity. It must do justice to it. A title must be worthy of a reader’s attention. It should make the reader look at the complete description too.. And ultimately buy the product!

Product/Service Description writing

Description includes complete details of a product/service.

  • Everything it has to offer
  • All of its specifications
  • How it can be used

For example, the voltage of a fridge or the type of cover of a book.

Social media, these days, is one of the most powerful tools to connect with your audience & market yourself. However, one has to be very cautious here with the choice of words. Things go viral in a jiffy & the attention span of the reader is miniscule. Trends change every day. What is popular today can become obsolete tomorrow.

Choosing the appropriate words for the target audience, using references of what’s going on in the world, being to the point, playing with words – this is what sells today.. And we do it for you!

We all know what a review is & we know the importance of it!

When you are shopping at amazon or e-bay, do you check out the reviews & ratings? Yes? Right! We do too! So we understand the importance of them. Here we do not mean that we will publish false reviews. We believe in authenticity. Hence, we write only what we feel is correct about a product. Authenticity has the capability to influence audience & harness its support in the world of e-commerce.

We provide true and factual comparisons of your products and services with those of your competitors. How does this help?

  • It gets you your audience’s faith
  • It allows you to interact with your customers
  • It enables your buyers to communicate among themselves as people begin discussing & sharing the reviews among themselves.

Creative writing is something very close to our hearts as you can make out from our name – Tale tell 🙂  ( to be honest, we could not get our hands on taletell URL, so we got taletel! ). Nonetheless, we adore creative writing & love to produce the following for you.

  • Script writing

Just share a little about your idea & leave the rest to us. We build themes, characters, story line, punch lines, dialogues, mood and everything else you need in a fascinating script.

Be it for a theatre, television sitcom or romcom, a short movie or a full fledged one, we have it all covered for you!

  • Poetry & Verses creation

What makes a poem memorable? It’s the emotion, the feel of the writer, the connection the poet makes with the reader, the connotation of words, and very essentially, putting across what lies between the lines.

Need a verse to add to your next novel? Or for your institute’s annual day? Or just to stand out at the next party you are going to attend? Or just to impress someone special.. We’ll back you up!

  •  Song production

We got the rhythm & we got the bass! You want a song to hum to yourself Or you want the crowd to go gaga! You have come to the right team.

  • Story writing

Story writing, though sounds easy, is one of the toughest skills to master.

The drama, the thrill, the suspense, the romance – we got a grip on all the essentials needed to make a great story. Our secret is that we write the first draft in one sitting so that the flow of the story is not halted. We produce fresh, never heard before stories which are sure to wow your audience.

  •  Play writing

Life … is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. – William Shakespeare

 The crux of the matter is, one must be well read to write well. Our team recites Juliet Caesar by heart & is a regular audience at plays & skits happening around the city.You share your theme & we give you the finest play revolving around it!

Do you feel blank staring at your computer’s screen when you sit to type an email? Do you feel numbness in your fingers or rather fidgety? Don’t worry, we’ll help you create the perfect email, containing the most apt salutations & email body – be it personal or professional!

Confused about what will go on the front cover? Don’t have enough time at your hands to create the relevant pictures & anecdotes to go with your book? Does creating an accurate glossary & reference section haunt you?
Leave it all to us!

Starting from the title page, acknowledgement, epilogue, table of contents to the entire novel text & references – Don’t worry about a thing!

Our team of dedicated researchers spend quality time to understand the topic at hand & bring about facts for the readers to read. We understand the impact a white paper has on the reader. Hence, our content writing agency is utmost careful in being persuasive & authoritative about a topic.

We are aware & on toes when it comes to writing for the press. Our media writing team comprises well qualified journalists. Get your next press release done by us & you’re sure to pique interest of your target media houses.

We are linguistic champions & specialise in a long list of languages starting from English (of course), French, Spanish to Italian, German or wherever in the world you are! Our content writing team translates any language to any language with the fluency of a native!

This ones the easiest job for us to be honest. You would not be able to find a single error or room for improvement once you get your content proofread or edited by our content writing team.

Want to spread awareness on a particular topic and don’t know how to begin? Our content writers have a combined experience of more than 15 years in blogging. Connect with us & chill!

Our team comprises a variety of writers who are engineers, medicine grads, literature grads to list a few. We enjoy producing tech articles as much as we do while creating slogans!

Aspiring to get to your dream college? Scared to prepare that flawless SOP (Statement of Purpose). Let us lend you a helping hand. All we need is a discussion with you about your achievements & we’ll create the perfect 10/10 SOP to give you a push to get admitted to your institute of choice. Taletel is your last resort for Top Notch SOP writing Services

Got your SAT, GMAT, GRE etc. test score & now stuck with composing the professionally & academically appropriate LOR (Letter Of Recommendation). You really have to perfect this one to get to that college you have been dreaming of. It’s an everyday job for our content writing service. So, just connect with us & wait for your admit card.

We know how a resume can make or break one’s career. All we need here is a detailed discussion with you regarding your accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses to make your resume absolutely true to your personality.

Goes without saying, a well written cover letter is the reason why a recruiter goes through your resume. Just like your resume, we’ve got the cover letter too sorted for you!

Need an article for your college newspaper, school’s bulletin board, office’s magazine? Our content writers are always happy to write these articles!

We also specialize in writing periodic newsletters. We assign a dedicated content writer to you who will make sure to do in-depth research & write verifiable newsletters.

We do not want any credit for your next speech, blog, web post or any content you want to showcase. Of course, we would not do anything illegal. Other than that, we love ghostwriting !

Catchy jingles, taglines & slogans! Our creative writers have so much fun producing these. Taletel keeps your audience in mind while creating these one liners which brings a great ROI (Return On Investment) for you!

From confectionary stores, sports shops to fancy apparel showrooms and e-commerce websites, our content generation agency promises to deliver the best!

Recommended and Reliable Content Writing Company

Well, there are numerous reasons.

Customised content – The content our content writing agency writes is totally customised as per your need. We personalize the keywords used to make them relevant to your audience. At the same time, we keep it absolutely SEO friendly to not let you down in today’s digital age.

Save time & effort – We understand how busy you are & you might also have manpower crunch. Don’t worry, we are here to save your time & labour.

Save money – Our cost structure is highly reasonable. Imagine how much you would have to pay to a person if you employ him permanently or even part-time to work for your organization. Our content writing services are best in quality with highly effective prices.

Get the expertise – We have a rigorous application process & multiple stages of interview to onboard writers. Our content writers have experience in writing for a plethora of categories including technology, science, sports, fashion, literature just to name a few. Content offered is fresh & never seen before on Google which means no plagiarism!

Master the changing trends – These days the user demands change every day. The keywords used by your customers to search for a product on Google vary to a large extent. One user might search by the brand name & another by price of your product. We make sure to incorporate all aspects of this journey of a user finding you on Google in the midst of thousands of others like you (or not like you).

Fast & flexible  – Our content writing agency is cool with deadlines. We understand targets. We know you need everything ASAP! We deliver work on time (we have instances of delivery work before time!). We’re flexible enough to work double shifts or to match your time zone.

Trusted english – Each member of the team goes through a strict screening process before getting onboarded. You can trust us with words, grammar, spellings & everything else.

We are thick skinned when it comes to content writing, we are highly disciplined. Above all we have a passion, a fire to write great content!

 How it works?

  1. Connect with us via email
  2. We give you [always] best deals
  3. Understand. Personalize. Cater.
  4. Result: Original & Top Notch Content

Professional SEO Content Writing Services in India

Taletel is one of the best content writing and Mostly SOP writing services provider. It's new but up-and-coming

Pratik Kanada, CEO of 360 Technosoft

Professional SEO Content Writing Services in India

If you're finding an expert SOP writing agency or essay writing company, your search stops here

Akshay Makadiya, Founder of Ranklane

Professional SEO Content Writing Services in India

Taletel tells the best tales. The writers are smart and creative enough. Service is satisfactory.

Darshan Bagtharia, Founder of Infinity Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are indulging yourself in business, it is always better to get your content developed by the most efficient writing agency. The professional content writing services are the ones that always cater to your needs. They understand your requirement and offer you tailored content to shine in the industry. Quality work, minimal investment, and anytime availability of content are one of the biggest reasons to hire a content writing agency.

The most important reason why businesses love to hire content writing agencies over in-house writers is professional standards. The writing agencies always do offer the best professional. Further, to receive recognition, they always make sure that they deliver the best writing to clients. That is why businesses prefer writing agencies.

Taletel ® offers you an extensive range of content writing services. It includes articles writing services, blog writing services , website content, technical content, copywriting, and many more. Besides, Taletel ® offers you 25 types of content writing services. This includes all kinds of content that the clients demand.

The introductory price for delivering content is based on the words. Taletel ® charges INR X per word. However, the price of the content also depends on the type of work. There are several types of services in which the price per word varies. You can check the pricing range on the website, or you can also free to reach us with our contact details mentioned below.

Taletel is ranked as one of India’s best content writing agencies because of its professionalism and quality standards. Taletel never backs down from offering the best content requirements as per the needs of the clients. Professional writers with extensive years of experience offer the best write-ups within the time. That is why Taletel ranks top in the list of content writing agencies.

Taletel ® has always been known for its quality blogs and SEO-friendly articles. All the Keywords in the contents get distributed naturally to offer you a better rank. Further, Taletel ® also ensures that the papers and the blogs are as per the SEO standards. Taletel ® also offers you the best SEO content writing services, resume writing services & other copywriting services that increased your brand awareness on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Yes! As one of the prime Content writing companies, we accept bulk orders at all the time. We write around 50,000 words per day. In such cases, any order above 20,000 words comes in under bulk order. Our company also offers special discounts on bulk orders. So, you can feel free to contact us.

Our company does have an extensive team of in-house professional writers. They are experts in offering you articles, blogs, web content, and many more. However, we also have a team of talented freelancers to craft the best content like PRs, technical content, subject matter content, and many more.

As a content writing company, we have worked with business of all the niche. We also have uploaded samples of all the niches on the website. You can explore them.

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