Service Policies

To know more about Taletel’s services, carefully read the policies mentioned on this page.


The policies cited below govern the use of this website. Taletel reserves the right to modify, update or delete policies and any of its provisions at its consideration and without prior notice. You are advised to keep yourself informed about any such updates.


Taletel ultimately aims to satisfy each and every customer, and hence a revision policy has been carefully crafted. The below given are the conditions of the revision policy, subject to change at any moment.

If the work delivered doesn’t meet the expectations of the customer, they have the right to request a revision. We provide unlimited revisions free of cost. However, a few conditions will be discussed in detail below.

There are two ways for a customer to cite a revision in the work they received.

  1. The first method does not entail the marking of a review. The customer can revert to Taletel with the document they reserved and explain the revision via email. The writer in charge will make the necessary revisions and respond with the revised document.
  2. In the second method, the revision can be marked on the document itself. The customer can comment on the areas that need review.

To maintain customer satisfaction, the first revision of the document will be returned to the client within 24 hours. If a second revision is made, the document will be returned in 48 hours. Three or more revisions, however, require 72 hours. These timeframes are subject to change as per the content to be revised and the nature of the revision. If the revision does not keep with the initial guidelines provided by the client, the client may be expected to pay an adjustment fee. In any case, the complete payment has to be made before an order can be processed.

To save both your time and ours, we request you to provide us with clear and straightforward guidelines while placing the order. This will prevent any miscommunication or misunderstanding among the two parties.


If for any reason, you request the cancellation of any order, the refund policy is contingent on the below conditions.

  1. When your order has been assigned to a writer, and you request an order cancellation, you are eligible for a 50 % refund.
  2. When your order has not been assigned to a writer, and you request an order cancellation, you are eligible for a 90 % refund.
  3. When details of the order are missing, and you request an order cancellation, you are eligible for a 95 % refund.


Our team is dedicated to delivering orders promptly. We are committed to providing the content without any delay, save for in the case of a technical discrepancy.

Once the writer has finished the work, we review and send it to the client. The client will be able to download the content.

The files are permanently deleted after a year in our systems. Clients are requested to keep a copy of the content for future use, as we won’t be able to retrieve the same content if requested for a year later.

Timely delivery of the order is of the utmost priority to us. However, clients are requested to check the spam page. At the time the client will think the delivery is late, while the order has been sent in for review on time but was marked as spam.