Product Description Writing

Top the search results at SERPs and eCommerce platforms!

Why do businesses need product description writing for eCommerce sites?

As a business, either, you need to make it break it! In online marketplaces, the only marketing strategy that works is the product description. Every eCommerce user comes qualified. They cross-check the product descriptions and specifications before making any buying decisions. In such cases, the product descriptions have all the potential to mark your product dominating the eCommerce platforms. No doubt, your product may be a great product with exceptional features. But until and unless you describe them, you cannot achieve the attention that you need.

Further, a poorly written description can also ruin your sales and conversions. Estorytellers has quality writers who can craft the most engaging product description content in such cases. Our writers complement your products with amazingly written description that highlights all the pros. At Estorytellers, we have an extensive team who are already working for popular brands in writing their product description. We have skillful copywriters who have all the experience that you need to skyrocket your sales.

How does our product description writing boost your sales?

Estorytellers always aims to deliver maximum professionalism in all its contents. That is why we prioritize crafting professionally written product descriptions by skilled writers. As a result, we deliver the SEO-checked product description content. That implies; your description will not only dominate the ranking in the eCommerce portals. Instead, you will also achieve rankings in the SERPs. People searching for a similar product will find your product listing from any eCommerce site.

Our writers write your product description content in such a way that it influences the buyers to check out your product description page.

What do we guarantee in our Product description writing services?

Custom writing

We offer you fully customizable writing services. Our writers would love to add your ideas in crafting the product description. First, we arrange a virtual meeting, where we offer product description samples that are result-driven. Then we integrate your thoughts and brand’s message in the product description to make it unique.

100% unique content

We believe in crafting the most authentic content only. That is why our product description writing is always plagiarism-free. We have a massive team of proofreaders to check your descriptions before delivery. Our proofread team ensure your content is 100% unique.

Search optimized

As you know, our contents are search optimized. That implies; we craft product description contents that dominate your brand in the search engine result pages. But that’s not the end! We create product descriptions that help you appear in every related search inside the eCommerce platforms.

Crafted for conversion

The product description that Estorytellers crafts for you ensure you of conversions. It is because; we have skilled writers who know just the ingredients to add that will make your product description purchase-driven. As a result, the visitors entering as an audience will end up buying your product.

Detailed description featuring all pros

The product descriptions that we create for your brand include a detailed description of your product’s pros. Our writers highlight all your advantages with bulleted points that attract buyers to buy them. We always focus on showcasing your strength and mark you preeminent.

Product description writing in the safest hands!

Estorytellers offers you product description writing services with the best ever team. That is what makes it the safest delivery of bulk orders. Some of our qualities that assure you secure service are:

  • Committed project managers
  • Tailored writing process
  • Extensive team to fulfill bulk orders
  • 100% satisfaction assurance