Best Romantic Novel by Indian authors to read in 2024

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There isn’t much in the middle when it concerns Indian romantic novels—there are absolute masterpieces we have produced in this genre. The current novels not only have an intriguing plot, but they also live up to the legacy that the classic Indian novels have left behind, with their magnificent creativity. Indian authors have proven to excel in this particular genre, and have formed some outstanding works. Here are the best Indian love books in different languages that you should definitely read in 2022.

1. Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani’s The Unproposed Guy

Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani’s The Unproposed Guy is a hilarious, delightful, and relatable book with modern themes including marriage, love, desire, friendship, ambitions, and much more.

Kevin has memories of being unsure of himself, humorous flashbacks, awkward encounters with women, and a sea of remembrances in which he drowns just before getting married. The book’s overarching subject is that life doesn’t always reward us, even when it hands us lemons; individuals like Kevin seldom alter their viewpoints and continue to enjoy it.

The novel features evocative and sentimental elements. I adored how Kevin processed his high school crush, a wildlife excursion gone awry, the passing of an uncle and his empathetic response, and comparisons to others. He stands out with his quirks amid the mayhem. He has been awkward around girls but fantastic in his work, which is relevant to his stand-up comedy performances.

This book is humorous and encourages us to be with ourselves and go at our own pace. Some books make us think about life very seriously but The Unproposed guy’ shows us to be just who we are through Kevin’s roller coaster life.

2. Ajay K. Pandey’s You Are the Best Wife

While Bhavna is pursuing her B.E., the author falls in love with her. Later, he has trouble convincing his parents to approve his engagement to his love interest. He must work hard to win his parents’ approval to wed his love. Although they live a joyful life, it does not endure forever. The emotion abruptly vanished from his existence. Read the book to know more.

3. Durjoy Datta’s Wish I could tell you

This is a unique and unanticipated account of Durjoy Dutta. When will you realize what is happening? This is a question that this narrative will make you seriously consider. It tells the tale of two people—a boy and a girl—who have never conversed simultaneously. The moral of the narrative is that there is joy in pure, selfless love. The neglected essence of humanity is conveyed in the tale. It has a reasonably compelling plot.

4. Preeti Shenoy’s Life is What You Make it

Set in 1980s Kerala, the story opens in a mental institution with Ankita Sharma, a 21-year-old attractive and intelligent young woman who serves as the protagonist and narrator. The novel is about trials, love, failures, intense sadness that you want to die, and the eventual triumph of the “never say die” attitude.

Her journey there, her friendship with Vaibhav since childhood, and her love interest are all covered in the novel. Ruchi opens with a reminiscence of their correspondence while she was a student at IIT Delhi. The best Indian love novel to read in 2022 is the one you are reading.

5. Sudeep Nagarkar’s Sorry, You’re Not My Type

The story of Vikrant, Anamika, and Yuvi, who met as a result of the last round of auditions for Rajhan’s College band, can be found in the book Sorry, You’re Not My Type. They are poles apart in contrast—a perfectionist, a free spirit, and a genuine music fan—but they become great friends. Their understanding of the meaning of friendship, life, and love is permanently altered when Aditya enters their lives.

6. You are Arpit Vageria’s Reason for My Laughter.

An aspiring best-selling novelist named Ranbir, a young man with talent, and his clinging but laid-back girlfriend Ada are the subjects of the book’s narrative. Ranbir adores Ada and will do whatever to make her happy, but is this sufficient for Ada?

7. Ravinder Singh’s “Will You Still Love Me.”

The story revolves around the development of love between Lavanya, a laid-back Meghalayan girl of Assamese descent, and Rajveer, a carefree boy from Punjab. The narrative moves quickly and is compelling. Following the story’s initial infatuation with romantic love, the author next exposes the attitude of the majority of mainland Indians toward their compatriots in the northeast.

8. Savi Sharma’s Stories We Never Tell

Jhanvi and Aashray are the book’s significant protagonists. Although the two personas are opposed, they both have specific problems. Jhanvi is employed with the Aashray Company and is a social media influencer. Jhanvi and Aashray both have individual dreams. Aashray’s goal is to give her mother the most satisfactory life possible, whereas Jhanvi wants to demonstrate to everyone that the vocation she picked is ideal for her.

9. Durjoy Datta’s When Only Love Remains

The flight attendant Avanti, who is young, intelligent, and living her goal, is the subject of the book “When Only Love Remains.” Devrat is a broken-hearted singer who wants to become famous. But there is always someone perfect for you in a world full of flaws. You are reading an Indian author’s hot romance novel.

10. Ravinder Singh’s Your Dreams Are Mine Right Now

Young and innocent from Patna, Rupali has aspirations of being accepted into the institution she has always wished to attend. She enters the country of DU with her dreams for that reason. She is distinct from Delhi’s gals. She is not in the least bit stylish, and her attire reflects her straightforward nature. She has a lovely soul and is brilliant, gorgeous, and intelligent. But a horrific event occurred, which left her deeply shaken. It is a genuinely inspirational book.

11. Vikrant Khanna’s The Girl Who Knew Too Much

This book leans closer toward the romantic thriller genre. The loss of her mother has devastated Akshara, who spends much of her time alone at the neighbourhood park. She is sobbing excessively when a young man named Harry comes up to her one day. They become friends, and to help her cope with her grief, Harry tells her a tale about a young woman and her fantastic reunion with her deceased partner.

12. Shravya Bhinder’s Something I Never Told You

The two meet for the first time when Adira moves in as a paying guest to Raunak’s grandmother’s home. It is a love story between a regular boy and a girl named Adira. For Raunak, it was love at first sight, but Adira had to wait years before she experienced the same enchantment.

Final Thoughts

The most beneficial habit is reading, yet becoming a good reader doesn’t need binge reading. Loving to read is the only thing that matters. So, take your pick from our list here and enjoy reading!


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