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This is the 21st century where people like you & me have a shortage of time. The era of the modern world you can say. Before a decade people used to do marketing traditionally i.e. on paper, but now things are changed there are many options through which marketing can be done like social media, email, websites, mobile apps, content marketing, and so on. & this is known as digital marketing.

I come from the state of Gujarat has garnered considerable attention from not just the nation but businesses and traders from across the globe as a well-known commercial hub and a powerhouse for commercial activity, both national and international. Similarly, the vibrant city of Ahmedabad that is situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River in the heart of Gujarat happens to be one of India’s foremost coveted business locations. This bustling metropolis, which boasts of having a considerable number of commercial organisations, has both industrial and service-based enterprises.

Owing to the state and city’s ethos of promoting entrepreneurial drives in its populace, it is no surprise that the city has witnessed a rise in the number of professionals who offer the most cutting-edge marketing solution that caters to the needs of every business domain today and has become a vital source of brand communication. Digital marketing is a bustling term in my city. Yet do all who claim to have mastery over it actually help brands yield optimal results? I can’t say for sure.

Some digital marketers give digital marketing services both free and paid. Marketers drive you to brand awareness and guide you through the digital channels. Channels include social media, the company’s website, email, display advertising, search engine rankings, and the company’s blog.



Expert Background & Career Path Achievements & Impact
Bhavik Sarkhedi Started as a freelancer writer in 2012, Bhavik Sarkhedi began his journey by writing blogs and articles for various platforms such as and In 2014, recognizing the absence of dedicated content writing services, he founded Write Right to provide comprehensive content solutions. Sarkhedi is the author of three published books, including “The Weak Point Dealer,” and has expanded his ventures with Estorytellers and Taletel. Recognized as one of the top content writers globally and in India, Bhavik Sarkhedi has become a prominent figure in the field of content marketing. His contributions have set high standards for quality content creation and strategic content marketing approaches.
Digital Pratik Despite facing academic setbacks as a college dropout, Digital Pratik pursued a career in digital marketing. He began by working in a call center while simultaneously acquiring skills in SEO, YouTube, and Email Marketing. After securing a position as a Digital Marketing Executive in a digital marketing company, he further honed his expertise. Although he encountered challenges in his entrepreneurial journey, he persevered and built a strong personal brand as Digital Pratik. Digital Pratik’s journey exemplifies resilience and determination, leading to recognition as a digital marketing influencer. His achievements include Instagram verification in 2019 and widespread acclaim for his expertise, making him a sought-after speaker and consultant in the industry.
Amit Panchal With a background in technical studies, Amit Panchal ventured into digital marketing after discovering its potential during his E-commerce BPO management course. His innovative use of hashtags on Twitter garnered significant attention and followers, propelling him into the spotlight. Panchal’s involvement in mentoring at institutions like GUSEC and participation in social media events further solidified his reputation as a digital marketing expert. Amit Panchal’s journey underscores the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving digital landscape. As a mentor and influencer, he has inspired countless individuals to explore and excel in digital marketing, contributing to the growth and development of the industry.


Let us have a look at three digital marketing experts how they started? How they are working? What is the future of digital marketing accordingly the experts?

1. Bhavik Sarkhedi

Everyone has a list of hobbies but out of the list there is one particular thing which they convert into “professionalism”. Yes, you interpret correctly. Bhavik used to write a diary in the school days, later he did engineering but the goal was something creative.

Bhavik sarkhedi started writing blogs and articles as a freelancer in 2012. At the begging of his career, he wrote for many known people like Sunny Vaghela, Mr. Ketan Marwadi, Mr. Deep Patel, and the list is too long. He used to write on open platforms like,, and other writing platforms; he believes writing gives him the confidence to write anything and everything on the websites.

He dreamt to start a company in the field of writing as there was not a single company that specifically gives a service of Content Writing. In the year 2014, he started a company named Write Right for a 360-degree solution in content writing. In between 2012 and 2014, he uses to write a book which later on published in 2015 i.e. “The Weak Point Dealer” and guess what the book is hit in the market too.

“Hard work pays off”

In the current place, Bhavik Sarkhedi is from the Top Content Writers in World and Best Content Writers in India. He is the author of 3 published books – The weak point dealer, Will you Walk a Mile, and The C to T of Content Marketing. He also has subsidiary ventures that include Estorytellers and Taletel.

Content writing is the king of digital marketing and Bhavik Sarkhedi is the king of Content writing.

2. Digital Pratik

When you hear the word Digital the first name that strikes out is Digital Pratik. A person who builds up his brand in such a way that he is well known as ‘Digital Pratik’ from Pratiksinh Chudasama.

The journey of Digital Pratik is quite interesting and inspiring. He is 3 times college dropout engineering student, a boy with no clue what will be the future after the dropout but has the courage and confidence to achieve something in life. And today the world knows him as ‘Digital Pratik’.

After the dropout, he started a job in a call center. But with doing a job he was learning SEO, YouTube, Email, Marketing, Word press, and the never-ending list. With those learning experiences he got his first job in a digital marketing company as a Digital Marketing Executive by the end of 2014 he started earning well.

Everyone has a mentor in their life. He was a great fan of Garyvee. He started following him on every social media platform. He quit his job and started building his clients but luck was not with him he was not able to manage the quality thing and was at a loss. But somehow he managed and came back in the world of digital.

He worked hard and in 2019 he got verified on Instagram. Today the word Digital is like the first name for Pratik. Kudos to his efforts and spirit of achieving a huge success.

3. Amit Panchal

Amit Panchal is an individual Digital Marketing Consultant not only that he is the co-founder of Blood Monk, a social initiator for donating and getting blood to the needy.

He was a BCA student a 50% knowledgeable person in the technical field. For the other 50%, I mean deep knowledge he gave an entrance exam of MCA in that is scored 951 and cut off was 900 so he cut off his MCA degree and he pursued E-commerce BPO management course. In that course, he learned about SEO and that became the turning point in his life.

Amit did his first tweet during the learning phase of digital marketing and did his tweet with has tag (#). After that tweet, people started following him and his idea of has a tag and later he saw there were 42,000 followers on his Twitter account. Later on, he became a mentor at GUSEC (Gujarat University Start-up & Entrepreneurship Council) also a part of social media event week in Mumbai & Bangalore.

In his 10+ years of experience in the field today, Amit has become a mentor of freshers and experienced too. He believes learning is a never-ending process and digital marketing is like an ocean there is no end of learning “keep diving keep learning”.

All these people are celebrated professionals in the domain today and are valued across the breadth of the industry for offering services that will put your brand right in the eyes of the customer through carefully crafted digital campaigns.

With new start-ups mushrooming in every nook and corner of the city, the need of the hour is to devise a strategy that will help them gain commercial leverage by attracting a substantial customer base. Get in touch with any of the three above and stay assured about the fact that the growth graph of your brand, after they wave their magic wands, will linearly rise.

In the bustling world of digital marketing in India, three individuals stand out for their remarkable journeys and contributions. Bhavik Sarkhedi, starting as a freelancer, ventured into content writing, founding Write Right in 2014. His books and ventures have made him a global content writing icon, setting high standards in the field.

Then there’s Digital Pratik, who overcame academic challenges to excel in digital marketing, earning recognition as a prominent influencer. His perseverance and brand-building efforts have made him a sought-after consultant.

Lastly, Amit Panchal, with a technical background, found his calling in digital marketing, leveraging innovative strategies like Twitter hashtags to build a substantial following. His mentorship and participation in social events have established him as a guiding force in the industry.

These individuals symbolize the diverse paths one can take in digital marketing, from content creation to brand building and mentoring. Their stories emphasize the importance of passion, perseverance, and continuous learning in the ever-evolving digital landscape. In conclusion, Bhavik, Digital Pratik, and Amit represent the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation driving India’s digital marketing scene forward, inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of success.

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