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If you are thinking of taking a new step in your career, your resume is probably the most vital element that will help you move ahead. But when is the last time you made it trendy? Like you change cloth as per the fashion trend. Similarly, your resume also needs a makeover as per format and industry trends. 

But is it really that important to amp it up? Yes, and this is why –

First impressions are crucial. A well-formatted and attractively designed Resume alters employers’ perceptions of you, drastically enhancing your job prospects. This is your sole opportunity to catch an employer’s eye. The typical employer invests only 6–7 seconds glancing at a resume, so it’s critical to stand out from the crowd by tailoring the perfect resume. In today’s competitive employment market, you must pay as much attention to the format, tone, spelling, and language as you do to your work history.

When it comes to the employment process, recruiters and hiring managers get a large number of applications, so if you want to stand out, you must put your best foot forward. You must make certain that your resume is up to date, professional, and accurately portrays your work history. It is the tool that bridges the gap between being a potential employee and finally getting converted into a full-time one.

Difference between CV and Resume

  • A résumé is a brief, to-the-point record designed to be submitted with an application for a specific position. The phrase CV comes from the Latin word curriculum vitae, which means “the path of your life.” As a result, it might be as long as four pages.
  • You do NOT include personal anecdotes or experiences in a resume. Yet, as CVs are more comprehensive in nature, there is a broader scope for adding such information subtly.
  • A CV contains all of your academic credentials, work experience, abilities, and accomplishments, whereas a resume is a summary of your most applicable knowledge and expertise for the desired role. Only include portions of your professional experience and talents in your resume that are appropriate for the job that you are looking for. An effective resume emphasizes particular accomplishments you made in past jobs and shows how your various abilities might be applied to the job you’re seeking for.
  • When seeking positions that aren’t scholarly or research-oriented, one must most definitely use a resume. A resume is required by the majority of commercial, government, and charitable organizations. When looking for employment in academia or research, on the other hand, consider utilizing a CV, as the entire list of your accomplishments, qualifications, and competencies will impress the employers in these fields.

There are a lot of personalities who don’t know the benefits of resume writing services yet! They create their own resume and don’t even change it when they need it. But if you are looking for a job change, it is high time that you should think about professional resume writing services. 

This is because; these are the services that offer you the best educational gap statement. Besides, professional resume writers also help you stand out from all those other candidates in the competition. If you want to make the biggest difference to your career, here are some top resume writing rules that you should expect from your resume writers.

Make Resume on a single page

Although you need the most elaborated resume, including all your educational details and experience, the new format of trending resumes is the shorter ones. You should do your best to include all your highlights on a single page. When you are hiring any resume writing services in India, you should make sure that they keep it to the point and cut all those extras.

Avoid spelling errors and grammatical mistakes

When you are demanding a job, it is evident that recruiters will expect the best-written resume from you. Further, when you add up your extensive qualifications, you are making sure that you are highly qualified for making any silly mistakes. Although errors are a part of life, the job role that you desire includes competition. 

As such, you cannot afford to have silly mistakes. This is a golden rule that every professional resume writers follow. They use several high-end tools to make sure your resume is not having any spelling errors. They also check the grammar with all the punctuation marks.

Be careful about tenses

Another golden rule of top-notch resume writing is being careful about the tenses. It would be best if you always make certain that you are careful about your tenses. The writings and resume always remain in the present tenses. However, while adding the experience, you can use the past tense. But make sure you are not using abusive passive voice. 

Don’t use the first person noun

This is one of the greatest typical mistakes that almost all aspirants make in their resumes. What they do is, use first-person nouns like I, me, my, and any other. When you are writing a resume, you should avoid using these words. The resume writing company also follows the same.


Keeping it short and uncomplicated, these are the golden rules that help you stay ahead. Now that you know the precepts make sure that you are using them. However, you should always opt for professional resume writing services like Taletel to offer you what you need!

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