10 Romance Novels by Indian Authors that will make you fall in love [Updated: 2024]

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If anyone could understand the complexities of love in our country, it’s our Indian writers! Some of their significant works include excellent story books in the romantic genre.

Reason You Should Read Romance Novels
Romance novels provide an escape from everyday life.
They offer emotional fulfillment and satisfaction.
Reading romance novels can reduce stress and anxiety.
They can help improve empathy and understanding of human emotions.
Romance novels often feature strong, inspiring protagonists.
They can be empowering, especially for women, showcasing characters who take charge of their own destinies.
Reading romance novels can enhance relationships by providing insights into communication and intimacy.
They celebrate love in all its forms, promoting acceptance and inclusivity.
Romance novels can be educational, offering glimpses into different cultures, historical periods, and social issues.
They are entertaining and addictive, making them perfect companions for leisure reading.

Love stories do have a way of captivating us. It could be the sentimental language, the charming tone, the characters, or the starry-eyed storyline. Several excellent romance books written by Indian authors are unquestionably the best. We have curated a list of best romance novels for your read by our Indian authors, these will make you fall in love!

1. The Unproposed Guy

Author – Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani

The Unproposed Guy by Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani gives readers a sense of joy and enlightenment. The book’s protagonist, Kevin, speaks at different times throughout the narrative. There is a gripping tale in the beginning, middle, and end that relate well with our real lives especially the struggles of the youth today. In the concepts Kevin shares, you can read about his worldview, stand-up routines, and pain from which he comes out confident, victorious and in love.

Kevin has both intellectual and emotional crises in his life. Everything being seen via Kevin’s eyes makes the reader’s perceptions more understandable and keeps the protagonist and the audience on the same page all the time. The best part is the idea of a first-person narrative mixed with sporadic storytelling keeps the action moving without getting boring when it happens too often.

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2. Law of Averages

Author: Kshitish Padhy

The story is about Ritwik, your typical neighbour, is the protagonist and an aspiring comic book artist. He meets Shubhangi and decides he wants to marry her. He must first win over her father. Then, does Shubangi’s father support his prospective son-in-law?

3. 14th Feb: A Love Story

Writer: Veena C

The author’s debut book is a winner among the best love stories written by Indian authors. It follows Sanjay’s journey as he strives to realize his American dream. Before Valentine’s Day on February 14th, when he met Gayatri, the Chennai-based man finds his efforts waning and fruitless. The critical event in this beautiful love story by an Indian author is what takes place next.

4. …But I Love You

Author: Niyoti Khilare

It is the love story of a cunning kid named Aditya and a beautiful girl named Samishtha. Despite having opposing viewpoints, they fall in love while still in college. Due to their opposing ideas, they always disagree, even over essential issues. After eleven years of dating, they realize they are together but still feel far away. Their disputes have always ended in a kiss. Have they fallen in love to the point of exhaustion? Or is there an alternative? They must resolve the issue quickly!

5. A Half-Baked Love Story

Author: Anurag Garg

Despite what the title might imply, this book is worth reading if you’re seeking a sweet love story written by an Indian author. Aarav is shown getting wasted with his companions as the story opens on New Year’s Eve. He tells his buddies about his relationship with Anamika while intoxicated, and the narrative then shifts back to the past. The question is: Does Aarav still see Anamika when we return to the current day, or is he just lamenting a lost love? You must read this one to learn that not everything is as it seems.

6. Hold My Hand

Author: Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta once again wrote the best love tale novels by an Indian novelist. This one is a heartwarming tale of love between Ahana and Deep. Deep is a man who prefers to interact with books over others. He receives a job opportunity for an internship in Hong Kong, where he meets Ahana, an Indian woman. She is a stunning woman who is also blind. Together, Deep and Ahana tour Hong Kong while gradually falling in love. However, Ahana’s ex-boyfriend enters the picture one day. How does Deep handle things right now?

7. Someone Like You

Author: Nikita Singh

The story of love, friendship, and betrayal is intriguing. Niharika is a new student at the institution who makes friends with Tanmay during the first several days. Tanmay is a decent man, but he isn’t boyfriend material. Thus, Niharika begins dating Akshat. However, as time passes, Akshat begins to show his true colours. Tanmay, Niharika’s best friend, changes in the same period. Was Tanmay the man she should have chosen? She searches for a solution, and this is her story.

8. Ouch! That “Hearts”

Author: Harsh Snehanshu

It is a passionate love story about distant connections. When Tanya needs to move to the US one day, Kanav and Tanya are still going strong in their relationship. Spending at least six months apart from one another depresses the pair. Despite the difficulties, the pair manages to maintain a friendly long-distance relationship till Tanya finally comes home. It’s the day that the couple subtly realizes their relationship is different than it was. A specific series of incidents also weaken their relationship. It is an excellent book to read if you enjoy the romance genre.

9. You’re The Password To My Life

Author: Sudeep Nagarkar

It tells a tale of love and friendship and is regarded as one of the best love story novels by Indian authors. Despite having different personalities, Virat and Kavya are best friends, and nothing—not even Mahek, Virat’s longtime girlfriend—can separate them. But as is common knowledge, sparks will eventually fly when a male and a girl are pals. Or do you anticipate a paradigm shift from Virat and Kavya? You won’t be let down if you purchase this one.

10. Seven Days Without You

Author: Anmol Rana

There is something special about books about young love. They merely tug at your heartstrings. That sort of story is told in this romance novel about Vishwas, a young man from a tiny town who has always loved Shailja. He eventually succeeds in landing a job in Delhi, must travel there to fulfil some requirements, and intends to return in seven days. During those seven days, something alters his love for Shailja irrevocably. What follows is a compelling read.

So, wait no more, pick your choice now! These were the best picks for romance novels by Indian authors, sure to make you fall in love.

Title Author(s) Description
The Unproposed Guy Bhavik Sarkhedi and Suhana Bhambhani Follows protagonist Kevin’s journey through intellectual and emotional crises, offering insights into youth struggles and first-person narrative mixed with sporadic storytelling.
Law of Averages Kshitish Padhy Chronicles Ritwik’s quest to marry Shubhangi, navigating challenges to win her father’s support.
14th Feb: A Love Story Veena C Follows Sanjay’s pursuit of the American dream until he meets Gayatri on Valentine’s Day, marking a critical turn in their love story.
…But I Love You Niyoti Khilare Portrays the love story of Aditya and Samishtha, two individuals with opposing viewpoints who fall in love despite continuous disagreements, exploring the dynamics of their relationship over eleven years.
A Half-Baked Love Story Anurag Garg Aarav recounts his relationship with Anamika on New Year’s Eve, delving into past memories to uncover the truth behind their love.
Hold My Hand Durjoy Datta Depicts the blossoming love between Deep and Ahana in Hong Kong, complicated by the entrance of Ahana’s ex-boyfriend into their lives.
Someone Like You Nikita Singh Explores the complexities of love, friendship, and betrayal in Niharika’s relationships with Tanmay and Akshat, questioning her choices and searching for resolution.
Ouch! That “Hearts” Harsh Snehanshu Chronicles Kanav and Tanya’s long-distance relationship as they navigate the challenges of separation and face a series of incidents that test their bond.
You’re The Password To My Life Sudeep Nagarkar Follows the friendship and evolving relationship between Virat and Kavya, exploring the impact of romantic feelings and external influences on their bond.
Seven Days Without You Anmol Rana Tells the story of Vishwas’s journey to Delhi and the irrevocable changes in his love for Shailja during a seven-day period, capturing the essence of young love and its transformative power.

These below 20 points highlight the diverse and enriching qualities of the romance novels mentioned in the list, showcasing their significance in the literary landscape and their potential to captivate and inspire readers.

1. Diverse Perspectives: Each book offers a unique perspective on love and relationships, showcasing the diverse experiences of Indian authors and characters.
2. Captivating Plots: The novels feature captivating plots that keep readers engaged from beginning to end.
3. Emotional Depth: They delve into the complexities of human emotions, offering deep insights into love, friendship, and betrayal.
4. Relatable Characters: Readers can relate to the characters’ struggles, aspirations, and personal growth throughout the stories.
5. Realistic Narratives: The novels present realistic narratives that resonate with readers, depicting both the joys and challenges of love.
6. Cultural Representation: They celebrate Indian culture and traditions while exploring universal themes of love and romance.
7. Empowering Themes: Many novels feature empowering themes, highlighting the strength and resilience of individuals in the face of adversity.
8. Thought-Provoking Content: Readers are prompted to reflect on their own relationships and perspectives on love through thought-provoking content.
9. Inspirational Messages: The books inspire hope, courage, and optimism, encouraging readers to pursue their own dreams and desires.
10. Narrative Diversity: From first-person narratives to flashback sequences, the novels employ diverse storytelling techniques to enhance the reading experience.
11. Page-Turning Suspense: Intriguing plot twists and suspenseful moments keep readers on the edge of their seats, eager to discover what happens next.
12. Heartfelt Romance: The novels are filled with heartfelt moments of love and affection, warming readers’ hearts and stirring their emotions.
13. Universal Themes: While rooted in Indian culture, the novels explore universal themes of love, identity, and self-discovery that resonate with readers worldwide.
14. Multifaceted Characters: Characters are multifaceted and well-developed, exhibiting flaws, strengths, and complexities that make them relatable and endearing.
15. Contemporary Relevance: Many novels address contemporary issues and challenges faced by modern Indian society, adding depth and relevance to the narratives.
16. Cultural Richness: The novels paint a vivid picture of Indian culture, from vibrant cityscapes to rich traditions, immersing readers in the beauty of the setting.
17. Evocative Settings: Whether set in bustling metropolises or tranquil countryside, the novels feature evocative settings that enhance the overall atmosphere of the story.
18. Resonant Relationships: The novels explore various types of relationships, including friendships, familial bonds, and romantic connections, all of which resonate with readers.
19. Empathetic Exploration: Through empathetic exploration of characters’ experiences, the novels foster understanding and compassion among readers.
20. Enduring Impact: These romance novels leave a lasting impact on readers, inspiring them to embrace love, pursue their passions, and cherish meaningful connections in their lives.

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