Resume Writing Company vs Individual Writers: Which one to hire? – [Updated 2024]

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Are you still struggling to get an interview after so much hard work invested in your resume? You may change every word of your resume, but you need professional resume writers for a result-driven Resume. But there still may be a big doubt in your mind? 

Should you hire Resume writing services in India? Or go for an individual resume writer.

It is needless to say that your resume is your career definition. It helps you stand out and make an impression on a recruiter. This implies; your resume is the only potential document that will enable you to screen yourself as an expert professional. Then why take chances when you get only one opportunity to prove yourself. You should craft a well-written and polished resume from the best CV writing services in India.

If you want an attractive resume to grasp the job, you need to brace yourself and explore the difference between the best resume services in India and individual resume writers. This is because; this will help you hire the best option for your resume writing.

Benefits of hiring Resume writers than doing it by yourself

Choosing between professional resume services in India and individual writers is the second thing. First, you should know why you need professionals instead of doing it yourself. So, here are some indispensable benefits of hiring professional cv writers in India. · The professional resume writers deliver you a polished resume that attracts the recruiter

· They help you streamline the process of achieving a job 

· They use the precise keywords for application acceptance 

· The professionals highlight the pros

· Professional bring out your experience to get noticed

· Demonstrate your value and hobbies

· Help you craft the best resume 

These are reasons that make it quite clear that professionals offer the best enhancement to your career. They indulge the latest trend and keywords that the recruiters want to see in your resume. But out of the two options, which one should you consider. Explore the pros and cons to find out the best.

Individual CV writer 

Who are individual resume writers? Well, they are the writers who don’t work under any organization or firm. They are more like freelancers who work solo. But some individual writers have a team of their own. However, every type of business has its pros and cons. So here are the pros and deceptions of individual writers.

Advantages of individual writers 

Personalized consideration

This is one of the primary benefits that you get from individual writers. As they are not a group or team, they will offer you more personalized attention. This is like you are directly talking to the writer who will craft your resume. But that doesn’t mean that the companies don’t pay attention. The companies also have client managers and writers meet up, directly talking to the writers.


The individual writers offer you great quality, as they have a detailed discussion with you. In addition, they offer you precise CV crafting for immediate response. However, the work of the resume writers is more at stake, as there is no company involved. 


Risk of not getting along

It is not 100% assured that you and your writer will get along well. What if there is a communication gap. What if the writer doesn’t understand what you need? In such cases, you might lose your chance. But resume writing companies, on the other hand, are completely accountable for their actions. They hire professionals for just effective communications.

Finding the right to write 

This is another con that you will get from the individual writers. As they are not firms, they have no worries about their reputation and market image. There are even so many that it will be tedious to find the right one for you. 

Resume Writing Company in India 

Resume writing companies are certified firms that have a team of professional writers to craft the best resume. They focus on high quality to create a great market reputation.

Advantages of resume writing company


The resume writing companies are more prominent firms where a lot of writers collaborate and work together. In such cases, they offer you versatility in work. You can find a variation that will work for you. You will not get the same work, and variation will help you stand out from the crowd.


The Resume writing services in India are accountable for their work; they try their best to maintain their market reputation with extensive years of work. That makes them more accountable.


Accept volume of work

The companies usually accept a larger volume of work. So, you may not get your work with a snap. 

There are many firms

There are a lot of firms. Thus, you might need time to pick the best writing services for your need. 

Bottom Line

Moreover, both writing services have their perks and cons. But writing services weighs more. This is because they are accountable for their work. This helps you get assurance. But what if the individual writer is not the right one! You will miss your chance to hit the bull’s eye. So, you should choose resume writing services. 

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