What are the causes behind the denial of SOP for a student visa? – [Updated:2024]

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The dream to study abroad costs you a lot of effort. As an applicant, you need to fulfill every demand of the university to acquire a place. SOP for student visa is a vivacious prerequisite that measures applicants’ potential and helps them study in a certain university. Despite being passionate about their vision, many applicants don’t achieve selection in universities. Lack of vigilance is one major reason why many SOP for study visa gets rejected every year. Unawareness about the format, style, tone, and data also boosts rejection.

Before the admission committee shatters your dream, you need to go through this post and find causes that increase the chances of a letter of purpose for student visa applicationdenial. You can also read sample SOP for student dependent visa to find out the exact tone. Without wasting more time, here, have a look at causes that leads to rejection.

Imprecise information

SOPs are detailed drafted documents with accurate information in them. An ideal SOP format for student visa should avoid unnecessary information, but most applicants include these common mistakes in their SOPs. Not only imprecise information but incomplete SOPs also get rejected. For example, if you are applying for a statement of purpose for student visayou need to state all proof showing that you have financial and physical ability to study abroad. You have to also show that you are fluent in English.

False information

Promising false information is a serious crime. SOPs with wrong information get rejected in the first instance. The SOP evaluators know to determine wrong information. Further, if you are claiming any information, you should have documents to support it. Lack of proof in attachment also leads to rejection. Some nations are so strict about false information that they impose permanent prohibition of the applicant to their country.

Not fulfilling health requirements. 

If you want to study abroad, you need to fulfill all the health requirements of the desired nation. Visa approval is also incomplete without meeting health requirements. Many tests commence making sure you are fit to study abroad. When you are not clear about your health condition in your SOP, it has more chances of getting rejected.

Inefficiency in the English language 

Lack of proficiency in English is a prominent reason for SOP rejections. Most nation in the first place verifies the applicant’s ability to communicate in English. SOP itself acts as proof in stating your proficiency. When you don’t write SOPs in compelling language, you might get rejected. Additionally, the universities also verify certificates that state language proficiency.

Not hiring professional SOP Writers.

This is one vital reason behind SOP rejection. Professionals are well acquainted with the criteria and demands of universities. They know how to decrease the chances of rejection from roots. You should hire professional SOP Writers to draft your SOP if you don’t want to face rejection.

How to draft a convincing SOP to dodge denial?

Facing a denial or rejection for your SOP will pause your career for one whole year. This can be overwhelming for you. You must draft a convincing SOP that would never face a denial in such cases. It doesn’t count if you are involved in a graduate, undergraduate, or post-graduate program; always strategize your SOP to make it as focused as you can. For making it more convincing, you have to connect all the dots in your SOP.

That implies; you have to connect your academic background, career aspiration, and choosing the course to one dot. This will help the reader better comprehend your perspective. Apart from that, you should also write the SOP in a flow covering your experience, present involvement, and future goals. Always divide your SOP into smaller paragraphs, so that reader will retain their interest and won’t skip a line while reading your SOP.


SOPs are one-time chances to prove your potential. You should never let imprecise writing be an obstacle to your selection. Now that you know the causes behind rejections, you should avoid including these mistakes while drafting an SOP.

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