Top Verified Ebook Writing Services Companies in India [Updated – 2024]

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Ebook writing services assist you in building well-thought leadership and moving your potential leads through the funnel. So, make use of the attractive content assets for educating your audience, turning your visitors into leads, and then turning them into high-paying clients.

As a potential business owner and a good industry leader, you might have a lot of industry knowledge. If your main business is the creation of novel platforms for digital marketing for fintech companies, you might have good clues on both digital marketing and fintech sectors. But, have you ever thought of considering what you can do with this knowledge? One of the best ideas is to share this awareness with other customers or professionals.

Ebooks offer an opportunity to share your precious knowledge with the whole world. It contains all understanding and information that will educate and give information to the potential customers. It is like an understated sale for all of your services and increases value.

So, before we give you an in-depth idea about the top verified Ebook writing companies in India, let’s look at the primary process through which Ebook writing takes place!

Process of Ebook Writing

An expert Ebook writing service makes the whole work of writing an Ebook very easy. The publishing process is easy but compact for delivering the best outcomes.


The expert team of top Ebook writers, designers, and content marketers sit together to develop an Ebook writing strategy that assists you in achieving your goals.


By keeping an eye on your goals, a tight grip on the plans, and strong words in the bucket, writers often get down to writing blog posts that will deliver information like nobody else.


The expert editors with several years of experience cutting down diverse works proofreading work to ending up with a perfectly tuned and ready for publishing Ebook.


The Ebook writing team then delivers the final draft after the editor reaches the last full stop

Best Verified Ebook Writing Services in India

We shouldn’t refrain from saying this; the process of writing an Ebook takes much more than the basic outlined steps. And that’s why we should visit the pros! So, if you search for a potential one, look no further than our top picks below!

1. Write Right

Write Right is one of the projecting names in this domain. It is highly renowned right from the beginning. What makes it different from contemporary is curating the best quality content before the time limit. The quality of Ebooks that you can expect from Write Right is nothing less than any bestseller service provider. Write Right never leaves any stone unturned to fulfill all needs of its clients. It has drafted a lot of content for various businesses, and its traffic is flawless.

Write Right is highly known for Ebook writings, and they deliver reports in a way it should be told. Besides writing, it also offers editing services that make the entire content flawless. Apart from that, you can also expect an affordable price at Write Right, and it is one of the best Ebook writing service companies in India.

Three things that make write right special:

  • Best quality writing
  • Submission within deadline
  • Utmost importance to clients’ needs

2. Taletel

Do you want to keep your business in focus for achieving potential leads? Then you must try your hand on all tricks. When the matter is about lead generation, Ebooks can help you a lot, and they are digital books that offer information about your product to customers.

When your business publishes Ebooks, it will attract critical consumers and educate customers all about your business services. When a customer is well-educated, it assists you in winning the war, as they remain extremely loyal to your brand. When you get educated customers, it develops a lucrative partnership between both of you.

Ebooks have made finding such loyal customers very easy. Well-designed Ebooks help in the easy conversion of visitors into loyal consumers. Efficient Ebook writers at Taletel write descriptive Ebooks within the word count that you want.

Features that make Taletel special:

  • Best Ebook writers
  • Timely delivery
  • Genuine writing
  • Two-time editing

3. EStorytellers

One of the most popular and prevailing writing agencies has successfully made a firm place in the industry because of high-quality content drafting. A team of highly committed Ebook writers drafts engaging content by creating an increased investment of working hours in doing research.

They trace out all related insights and facts to make sure all the contents generated are unique and informational. They also make follow-up calls with their potential clients to develop novel ideas for integrating them into the content.

The team of Ebook writers is highly dedicated and are skilled in producing fictional and non-fictional writing in various genres. The services they offer are highly transparent, no matter whether it is payment modes, terms, or processes.

4. Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is also one of the best Ebooks writing service providers with an undoubted reputation to date. The writing quality they provide generates a massive change in the whole domain, and it also helps in revolutionizing the writing by creating matchless content each time. The Ebook that it produces for your needs is very high, and it always maintains it, no matter how really small or big your business is.

What makes it different is its best privacy and highly affordable price. Every business communication you make with them remains confidential, and all your documents remain secured. Coming to cost, you will get the service at the best price. Besides writing services, they offer you an exclusive range of other services like editing, branding, and several other benefits.

5. Bloggism

It is yet another prevailing entity in the whole writing domain. It has been quite famous for generating highly engaging content for its clients for many years. Their services mainly include Ebooks, articles, web content, and many other types of content. They have an exclusive team of highly experienced ghostwriters who empower them to meet every client’s needs. It always maintains its constancy when the matter is about quality.

Other than generating the best quality content, its other best quality is fast turnaround time. Bloggism always assists businesses in targeting audiences by making precise use of words, and the text content that they usually draft is highly influencing. Blogs are trendy for generating every style of Ebook writing, such as fictional, non-fictional, and several other types.

6. Content Euphoria

Are you thinking of launching an excellent freebie for growing your list and nurturing your audience? Then you require a lead magnet called Ebook. If you do not have that time or skill, Content Euphoria, counted among one of India’s top verified Ebooks writing services companies, will do it for you from start to finish. The team of expert writers can quickly put together all compelling copies and highly illustrative designs for publishing your Ebook.

All the Ebook writers are expert writers who will generate a custom-designed Ebook that will go above and beyond. Apart from Ebook Writing, Content Euphoria also offers Academic Writing services, SOP writing services, along with premium quality content writing services.

The Ebook writing service at Content Euphoria provides a comprehensive solution to take charge from start to end. They make deliveries as per your specifications. Have a look at how they work:

  • You have the topic or theme in your mind, but not an altogether evolving Ebook strategy. No issues, as they will help you develop an organized table of content that forms a strong foundation of your Ebook.
  • Once you approve the table of contents, they will start writing and offer you updates to stay in touch with your product.
  • The first draft that they produce may not be final. They provide several rounds of revisions as per your needs and satisfaction.

All through the Ebooks writing project, all of their efforts are perfectly aligned with an Ebook that is compelling and relevant for the intended readers. Content Euphoria is a professional Ebook writing company committed to delivering premium quality writing output that will not only precisely meet but exceed your expectations.

7. Solvid

We live in a dynamic and digital era, where many people are getting adapted to the publishing of Ebooks. The Internet has made more and more people adapt to online reading, and no more people want to carry heavy books. The content of Ebooks is significant, and it requires a lot of time and effort. Solvid is a premier Ebook writing service provider that offers a well-organized range and assists in providing a professional look to increase your business sales.

Solvid is a UK-based company that established itself many years back and successfully delivered top-notch content to its clients. They have the core experience of working with companies within the UK and many other places globally. If you are thinking about choosing an excellent Ebook writing service, Solvid can be the perfect choice for you.

8. Copify

Renowned for offering the best quality content at a low cost that assists in increasing the business value. It hires writers from across the world. Ebook writing is not that easy, but with Copify, it becomes quick and easy. The team of expert writers from Copify assists your business in attracting new consumers, building up your reputation, and increasing income. With profound knowledge of all SEO tools, your business gets more traffic.

Copify is a US-based company that has taken pride in establishing itself with hard work and utmost dedication. Apart from Ebook writing, the company also works on several content writing services.

The team of writers is vast and diverse, and each of them specializes in specific areas of content. So, you can trust the company to provide you with the best Ebook writing service.

9. Express Writers

Express Writers has connected freelance writers and website developers for a decade. The company has been specializing in assisting clients in finding plans that match their requirements. If you are looking for the best Ebook writers, you will get it at the most affordable price without compromising quality.

You will undoubtedly get what you are paying for. Express Writers encourages teamwork between the project managers and the writers. Moreover, you are not required to buy a membership and pay only for the content that you need.

10. iWriter

iWriter is one of the fast, easy, and most reliable ways of writing content for your needs. If you are looking for professional Ebook writers, post your requirement, and several writers come up to assist you. It is a place where affordability meets quality.

So, with iWriter, get your Ebook written by a team of expert writers on anything. The writers are backed by several years of experience, exclusive training, and varied ranging domain expertise. They can quickly write an imposing Ebook on any topic or subject supported by extensive research. Research is an integral part of any Ebook writing project at iWriter, and the writers at iWriter make use of the most effective methods for collecting data or information.

They put a lot of emphasis on checking quality and then proofreading all drafts very carefully so that the Ebook that you receive is ready for publication and utilized immediately. So, if you are searching for a professional Ebook writer who can easily do justice to your Ebook writing project, then contact iWriter.

11. WriterAccess

No person needs to remain aware of all expertise that any writer uses for writing a book. People come up with some unique ideas and stories, but because of a lack of writing expertise, they can’t give it a proper structure and finally end up giving up.

But WriterAccess can assist you in creating a bestselling Ebook through its top-quality writer. They work to offer the most creative idea representation of your story and idea. Writer Access has been in the business for years and has become a top Ebook writing company.

Apart from Ebook services, this company has the experience of working with different kinds of content. Some of them are SEO articles, blogs, SOP services, product descriptions, and much more. With their arduous screening process, the company has a set of unique writers who have worked in the industry for years.

So, choose WriterAccess, and we’re sure you will not regret choosing this company!

12. Content Development Pros

With vast experience, highly qualified Ebook writers, and credible expertise, the Ebooks writing service of content development pros stand out. All you require is to discuss your idea, and they will convert it into a highly engaging and professional crafted Ebook. Do not miss the chance of establishing your authority through a professionally written Ebook.

As the name suggests, Content Development Pros is a company working like a pro. The content they deliver goes through several screening processes to ensure it is perfect without grammatical errors, punctuation problems, or more.

The writers Content Development Pros have taken are well-experienced and have worked as a content writer for several years. So, there is no doubt that the work they do is spotless. Go ahead and hire this company to ensure some quality content is coming your way.


Are you enthused about sharing your stories and wisdom? Are you thinking of establishing your expertise in any subject or any field? Even though your goal is to generate leads for you or your businesses and make more money, a well-crafted Ebook in your name is one of the best ways to gain credibility and a sturdy reputation in the market. FATJOE will help you with that. It offers Ebooks writing service to ensure they cater to your Ebook writing requirements of clients.

Apart from Ebook writing services, FATJOE is also an expert in several other kinds of content. The owners have immense experience in this field and thus, have come in to collaborate with other experienced writers to produce great content. Any client who has once worked with FATJOE has recommended this company to other people.

14. SEOButler

SEOButler is an outstanding content-creating service that offers various services, starting from guest posts to social signals and citations. The services this company provides are exceptionally excellent. Apart from having profound experience in Ebook writing services, this company can produce unique SEO articles, blogs, product descriptions, resume writing, SOP writing services, and much more.

The company has added many feathers in their hat, making it one-of-a-kind. You can trust SEOButler with its great power of creating SEO-friendly content as well. So, definitely go ahead and visit their website to get yourself a quote and collaborate with them today.

15. Scripted

Scripted puts prominence on offering its members access to expert writers who know how to generate content that will engage an audience and obtain high search engine rankings. The company takes the vetting process very seriously, implying that most applicants are not accepted as writers in Scripted. With them, you get a team of expert writers without paying a high price for employing any on-site writers, SEO researchers, or marketing experts.

Since a book takes most of you, one needs to mindfully choose a reliable and trustworthy company. And there is no doubt that Scripted is one of those one-of-a-kind companies that have established themselves over the years and achieved the position they are in today.

16. TextRoyals

No matter your business, Text Royals offers the best Ebook writing service on-demand and within your budget. Many companies, no matter small or big, entrust Text Royal to fuel their international growth. They work with you to create a customized solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

No matter what business you own and any service you provide, TextRoyals is a company that can work to curate a customized piece just for you. They have repeatedly been working hard to make their writing team more robust, and each day they have emerged victorious.

TextRoyals has achieved this place with utmost dedication and hard work. So, if you think their company suits your requirements, you must not refrain from contacting them.

17. Verblio

With a network of more than 3000 writers having several years of experience for businesses, Verblio focuses on the requirements of all marketing agencies as well as enterprise clients. Small businesses can easily use Verblio even though it’s not a cost-efficient option. It provides you with highly managed services to make sure clients get success. It offers a vast range of content writing options. Each level of membership receives unlimited revisions.

So, no matter your requirement and how many changes you want in your content, Verblio will grinningly respond to them and provide you with the corrections you are looking for. Verblio does not believe in monotonous work, so they have thus curated a team of writers who belong to different parts and corners of the world. And the change in culture, heritage, weather, lifestyle, and life, leaves a massive impact on the content they create! So, Verblio can be a great choice if looking for Ebook Writing services.

18. TextMaster

As the name suggests, the company is a master in producing. They can work to curate the best content that perfectly suits your business requirements. TextMaster possesses a network of highly qualified Ebook writers who help you publish your Ebooks at a more affordable price and quality.

TextMaster is a company that has taken time to take its name to its place today. So, it leaves no doubt that TextMaster has put together a team that works in sync. Apart from Ebook writing services, you can trust TextMaster to provide you with the best SEO practices that can help you rank high on search engines. The experts know their job well and can provide you with the perfect thing you are looking for.

19. Textworkers

Textworker provides you with a cutting-edge Ebook writing service for your businesses. All of your Ebooks’ content is written very professionally, and it comes ready for publishing. With the best quality content and affordable price, enhance your click-through rate and make the most of your conversions with error-free content written on demand. They write Ebooks for maximum lead generation and consumer retention.

Textworkers believe in delivering the best, which has made them curate content that anyone can trust. The company’s reasonable price makes it easy for people with all budgets to approach them, making it perfect to trust.

20. Crowd Content

Crowd Content is known for its rapid turnaround time. On submitting an Ebook writing project proposal, an expert writer will pick it up in less than one minute. When you require some immediate content, it makes sense to use Crowd Content. But that does not mean it will in any way compromise the quality. Best quality writings at the best price are something that Crowd content offers you.

The quick deliveries of this company usually make people wonder whether or not the content they provide is of high quality. And that’s precisely where their USP comes into question. Crowd Content goes through layers of editing, making their work much easier and quicker. However, it’s needless to say that this company does not comprise the work you give them.

21. Constant Content

Constant Content has gained massive popularity as a top verified Ebook writing service company worldwide. The expert Ebook writers write as per the guidelines set by the clients to fulfill their needs. They write Ebooks that differentiate from traditional paper books in terms of electronic format and specified length needed to keep all readers highly engaged. You must choose Constant Content because they offer:

  • Personalized Ebook writing in every niche, starting from business to self-marketing.
  • Highly experienced writers engaged with Ebook writing and publishing projects.
  • 100% unique and fresh content.
  • Flawless, highly polished writing to meet the needs of target audiences.
  • Rapid turnaround time.
  • Services are available at an affordable rate.
  • Limitless revisions allowed.

So, you can trust this company with your book and be sure to be delivered with the perfect content you have been looking for. Apart from that, if you think you have other types of content such as SEO articles, Blogs, Product descriptions, Scriptwriting, Creative Writing, and more!

22. Writing Studio

Quicken your marketing goals with the best quality Ebooks. In recent times, Ebooks have come up in a big way, and they have become one of the powerful weapons in the marketing arsenal. As per the Google algorithm, it is now compulsory to offer long and detailed content that is helpful and highly meaningful for all readers. Here Ebook fits suitably. Writing Studio helps in adding value to your Ebook development work. The team of writers at Writing Studio understands that Ebooks are a highly efficient marketing strategy for generating meaningful leads for businesses.

Writing Studio is the one-stop solution for top-notch content. The company provides you with several other content writing services, which are sure to sweep you off your feet. Go ahead and collaborate with this company, and we’re sure you will not regret working with them!

23. ContentFly

It offers you the best quality and affordable Ebook writing services. Whether you want your Ebook to be the product itself or a goodie for marketing your services and development, it must strike the correct cord. Ebook writers from ContentFly possess both expertise and talent for creating Ebooks of substance.

Try their Ebook writing services and get success in your Ebook publishing project. Digital media is the bright future of marketing, and Ebooks are not only part of it but also an evolution of printed books. It is easy to share or give away, for which it is one of the best mediums for several purposes, which also includes marketing. ContentFly writes Ebooks that provide proper value to its readers and which in turn gives a boost to your business.

Apart from Ebook services, ContentFly, too, has several content writing features that one can avail of. They have a hardcore team of professional writers who are readily waiting to give you the best writing service. Rely on this company and be sure of not coming out empty-handed.

24. ContentWriters

ContentWriters possess self-service plans for meeting your Ebook writing goals. The self-service plans offer you free access to the writing platform, consumer support, and plagiarism direction to ensure unique content. Never expect cheap content here while managing your own projects. Even if it someway costs a little more, you will receive more features, ensuring you get the best quality work.

What makes it unique is-

  • A team of dedicated writers for all upper-tier clients.
  • Free access to the platform.
  • Best quality assurance for managed services.

ContentWriters is a renowned company, and they have reached the topmost position with a lot of zeal and hard work. And, of course, their hard work has paid them off in the future, which is indeed something that we all look up to! So, go ahead and visit this company’s official website to get an Ebook writing service and many more; this company is an expert of!

Top features to expect from Verified eBook writing services

Now that you are clear with the review about the eBook writing services. You can choose one service that can help you achieve your objectives. However, due to increasing competition in the market, you can find several eBook writing services offering a flexible range of features. All these features help you attain a seamless service. If you hire eBook writing services, here are a few service features to expect from them.

Features to expect from the verified eBook writing services

Subject matter expert writers

This is the first feature you must expect from eBook writing services. eBooks, as you know, come in different genres. A winning eBook is the one that tells the minute details in the story. In such cases, hiring a genre-based writer will help you create an eBook that is intended for the audience. The subject matter expert writers will include all the required words and emotions that can make your eBook more interesting.

Editing without any extra cost

This is an obligatory feature that you must expect from your writing services. Drafting an eBook will always demand changes in several editing and proofreading phases. Thus, you must look for an eBook writing service that offers you editing without any extra cost. They should communicate with you even after the eBook is delivered.

Zero plagiarism

This is another remarkable feature to expect from your writing services. The eBook writing services must offer you a complete unique eBook created from scratch. Not only must the words, but even the ideas and storyline of the eBook also not match with any other eBooks.

QRP focus

QRP here means quality, readability, and professionalism. This is an imperative requirement to make your eBook more accepted by the readers. Thus, you should always look for this feature.

Why Should You Opt For Professional Ebook Writing Services?

Very few or selective people are truly aware of the wonders Ebooks give us. Businesses are looking for this as an option right now but don’t know why they should choose one. So, if you are also in the same dilemma, it’s time to go through the last and final segment to be sure this is the best writing service to take your business sales to the next level.

Let’s check out the prominent reasons you should opt for a professional Ebook writing service for your business. Here are the following reasons:

1. It offers valuable insights into your beliefs and your values

Ebooks contain in-depth information and can be utilized for conveying your business values and its values with utmost clarity. For instance, if you are a company that generates novel digital marketing platforms for fintech companies. What is the reason you have started this business? What makes you very passionate about digital marketing for fintech companies?

You might have realized that those companies are struggling with consumer payments. These businesses also have less knowledge on which fintech companies can assist. In this example, you can generate an online or electronic book for talking about this passion. You can highpoint the issues of small to medium business enterprises and why fintech companies are so crucial to SMMEs. You can discuss how your business helps with this. An Ebook is one of the best tools for discussing what drives you the most.

2. It can be one of the promising resources for you and others.

A detailed Ebook can be one of the best resources for several years to come. When you are required to offer information to other people on your business or a specific topic, you can refer them to your Ebook. These contents also become a good resource for other people in the same industries or in your sector. When other companies, websites, or blogs want to discuss any topic covered in your Ebook, they can use and cite resources as a significant part of their research. Not only will you get acclaim for the information, but they will potentially associate others with it as well.

3. Ebooks are great for sharing with critical consumers

You will not always need brochures or marketing material to communicate with consumers. Ebooks are the best way to store everything in a single place. When you generate an electronic book for your business, you also create material that you can share with critical consumers and clients.

Yes, a lot of hefty work needs to be done initially, and you might not have time or the required expertise. But there is a good option of utilizing Ebook writing services to carry out the job for you. They will get your job done right on time and sometimes more polished than if you would have done it internally.

4. An Ebook and Ebook writing service can generate authority around your voice and your brand.

Isn’t it a great and joyful feeling when you see your name on your book as an author along with the company logo? Not only is it something to feel proud of, but also it assists in earning respect among the industrial peers. Creating a digital book helps create a solid authority around your business and develop brand credibility. Think of creating an Ebook that all will refer to as the industry bible. These books offer credibility to what you are doing and offer you a position as an expert in the field. So, there is no doubt that you should refrain from choosing an option of an Ebook to allow your business to stand out.

5. Ebooks offer you access to data about your consumers.

Generate a sign-up segment for those who want to access your Ebook that will direct them to a downloadable version. Here the benefit is you get access to information. When people fill out the form for downloading your Ebook, it gives you information on who they are, where they are working, and why they are looking for your Ebook. This offers you a deep insight into your consumer base and gives you a way for reaching them for the new business.

6. Get strong leads from Ebook writing services.

This is one of the best reasons for using an Ebook as a tool for sales and marketing? When people download Ebooks and put their information, you can easily see the work they are doing or which industries they are working in, along with other information they share freely.

All this data you can use for reaching potential leads who are downloading your Ebook. Once you have found who your consumers are, do a follow-up. This can be in the form of a sales call, a carefully designed email, or any setup of the in-person meeting. All these follow-ups can be used to highlight how your businesses can assist them and their company.

7. An Ebook is paperless, which is good for the environment.

It is quite tempting for businesses to print brochures, books, and guides. But it is equally bad for the environment. Not many people always hold on to physical marketing material for an extended period, and they are thrown away, for which they end up in landfills. Thus, Ebooks are environmentally-friendly. Moreover, when people download the digital version of any book, they get access to it all the time.

There are a lot of serious benefits of writing an Ebook for business. You may not have the required time or resources to handle this yourself, and many companies can do the task for you. All you just have to do is find the best Ebook writing service provider that suits the needs and requirements of your company.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you are well aware of the top verified Ebook writing services in India and abroad. So, go ahead and approach them to avail your company of the best services. Each of these companies is renowned and knows their work magnificently, and they have individually achieved this and reached the epitome of their career. And that leaves you in no doubt to get the best service. Plus, with our take on Ebook services for businesses, you know exactly how important they are for your business.

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