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Professional article writing is a field that has steadily seen a rising demand over time. Content marketing is proving to be quite effective for attracting leads and increasing traffic to your business. Most business strategists agree that powerfully written content effectively boosts your business, while others say that other strategies go hand in hand with content marketing.

Content marketing has gained popularity because people would instead prefer to learn about a product or service with the help of an intriguing tale that keeps them hooked rather than being interrupted through pop-ups and banner advertisements. In addition, today’s audiences prefer authenticity and reliability in understanding a brand. Therefore, they demand insightful content free of exaggerations and tall claims. Such content can take the form of articles on a business website, an online infomercial, EBooks, social media posts, or even insights directly given by the CEO of the company through his ghost-written book. Read on to know more about the most popular article writing platforms available globally.

Write Right

Write Right is one of India’s most reviewed Content Writing Agencies, widely regarded for its firm stance on quality. Write Right was founded in the year 2016 by Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is currently the only Indian listed in the world’s elite group of the best content writers. He has written over six best-selling books and is widely regarded as one of India’s leading digital marketing experts.

A quick Google search of India’s best content writing services will tell you that Write Right ranks among the top five. A quick look at the website tells you that currently, at least 1000+ customer testimonials and reviews exist, doing away with any doubt that Write Right stands tall among most content writing companies worldwide. The company’s website states that it offers a ‘360 degree’ solution to website content, advertising copies, and marketing-related content for many business enterprises of various sizes.

Write Right has amassed quite the clientele over its seven years of establishment. Some of its more well-known clients include ThechDefence, BESTOW, ESPARK Group, Yourstory, and HuffPost, to name just a few. Established in Ahmedabad, its stellar reputation and outstanding reviews have made Write Right one of the most popular Article Writing platforms over the years.

You can check out the Write Right website here!


Like Write Right, Taletel has a reputation for providing excellence in terms of article writing and several other content writing services. Several customer reviews state that the organization has also built a reputation for creating concise SOPs, thereby shattering the age-long myth that a good SOP needs to have a large word count to them. Content writing experts firmly state that there is no need to add a lot of technical jargon or long-drawn empty content in an SOP. Filling up the mandatory information by simply saying why you have joined the course will be enough. Taletel firmly believes that concise content adds to the professionalism you’re going for. After all, a person who has to read pages and pages of content with no value is bound to skip over it entirely.

Furthermore, it is commonly known that readers do not have much time or patience to go through an article that is too long. As a sister concern of one of India’s most renowned content writing agencies, Write Right, it is no wonder that Taletel has managed to garner an outstanding reputation similar to the former’s. The company was founded by Write Right’s founding CEO, Bhavik Sarkhedi. As a result, Taletel has been ranked relatively high thanks to its professionalism and quality standards that the company has kept up quite firmly since being established.

You can check out more about Taletel here!


Estorytellers is a platform offering students and business enterprises both big and small digital marketing, academic content, and other writing solutions for their requirements. Moreover, it is one of the most highly rated article content services enterprises, hardly surprising as it is a subsidiary of Write Right and Taletel. The team has created excellence in article writing for a broad audience and has even offered their keen expertise to students and young professionals looking to further their education and career abroad with well-written SOPs, LoRs, and resumes to go with it.

Estorytellers has a team of writers capable of tailoring needs as per a student’s or customer’s demands. But, of course, every university or business enterprise has different requirements needed for perfect content. That’s why Estorytellers enjoys so much success. They possess the uncanny ability to provide what customers ask for. That is hardly surprising given that the company is the sister concern of Write Right and Taletel, both brainchildren of the digital marketing expert, Bhavik Sarkhedi.

You can learn more about Estoryteller by logging on to the website here!

Kalam Kagaz 

The demand for article writing services, resume writing, and cover letter writing services is rising today. When most business organizations look for perfection in terms of both article writing and resumes, the need for the best article writing agency that caters to these services is certainly of no surprise. Enter Kalam Kagaz, one of India’s most renowned and recognized content consultants, to provide these services.

Kalam Kagaz has a wide range of experts who create articles, blogs, resumes, and content writing that combines an individual’s expertise, talent, and skills to communicate your value to the company with prospective employers. The modern and well-planned patterns are used effectively to monitor and process prospective employees. In addition, the company ensures that the customer’s articles are screened and examined to be assessed for the goals they desire to achieve.

Creating a new blog or article might be an uphill task, but professional article writing services can help you develop problem-solving solid content for your needs. Kalam Kagaz has the resources to provide the best solutions with perfect results every time. The writers ensure that the articles are created with the utmost care and give them a professional touch. As the sister concern of Write Right, Taletel and Estoryteller, Kalam Kagaz, founded by one of India’s leading content writers, Bhavik Sarkhedi, stands as one of the top article writing companies in the country.

Check out this link for more on Kalam Kagaz.


You might have a lot of ideas in your head, but expressing those words out loud might make you feel worried. After all, writing long articles and blogs forms of content is not a skill that many people possess. In those cases, you need the service of an experienced writer to help you form those words in your document. Today, many companies need to update their content while taking steps in the digital world. Each moment of our day, the presence of the internet means that article content needs to be regularly updated. In addition, readers always demand attractive and engaging information.

Enter Bloggism, where you get affordable, reliable, and focused writers who always focus on giving their clients excellent content that is used globally. Bloggism gives writers the freedom to work in a situation or time that suits them the most. Creativity cannot be forced within a period, which is why there are always writers available for content-related needs. The writers here will be on call to create content for your article, linked to your organization or personal brand, and be ready with content that allows readers to check out the call to action you add to your content.

Get in touch with team Bloggism here!

Content Whale

Content Whale is a leading SEO content writing service provider. Its vast team of writers specializes in various fields, such as article writing and blog writing, ensuring that it can cater to a wide range of industries. One of its key features is its ability to deliver 20,000 words worth of high-quality, SEO-optimized content within 48 hours. It also offers revisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Their competitive pricing and commitment to quality have made them a popular choice among businesses worldwide. If you’re looking for reliable and efficient content writing services, Content Whale is a great option to consider. They are indeed one of the top verified article writing services agencies in the world.

Content them through email: or share your requirements with them!

Content Euphoria

Content Euphoria is one of India’s finest platforms for article writing or content writing services. The platform firmly believes that creating good content is an art. The platform provides academic, commercial and brand-based writing services and has a global clientele. Thanks to its flawless article writing services, Content Euphoria creates a readable space for a brand’s success story. The focus is brought to you and your brand, allowing potential customers to sit up and take notice of the brand.

Content Euphoria with a slogan ‘Writing Success Stories’ founded by renowned writer storyteller and entrepreneur SunDeep Mehra, provides the best article writing services and SOP writing services along with its digital marketing and academic writing services. All thanks to its host of brilliant writers from different parts of the globe. The platform provides a host of services that include academic writing services and content writing services. It also offers professional resume writing services, seo content writing, and social media content writing services, along with its long-form content writing services. In addition, the platform has been widely lauded for providing error-free and non-plagiarized content to its customers, all of whom have given a very high recommendation to the organization.

You can check out Content Euphoria here!


Solvid is a full-service marketing agency based out of the UK. They specialize in search engine optimization, website design, content marketing, link building, and blogging. Their content marketing services include blog posts, articles, and product descriptions along with e-book writing, newsletters, and so much more. If you want to avail their service, all you need to do is create an account on the website and place an order with the topic, length, and some additional information for the writers’ benefit.

Once that is done, Solvid will write the document according to your instructions. Solvid’s writers do detailed keyword research, dig up more information on the topic, and look at the other articles on the subject or even content published about your topic online. Solvid’s writers then create the content and send it to the customer for revisions. What makes Solvid different is that there’s no cap on the revisions that a writer can request. The company claims that they are always prepared to create as much as revisions until the customer is satisfied with the service.

You can check out Solvid’s website here!


It’s often hard to find a stronghold in the freelance writing market. You might have confidence in your writing ability, but convincing other people that you deserve to be hired on for a gig can be a little challenging. A number of prospective writers often fall into the cycle of taking on a lot of work for too little payment. While those looking for new websites to get their content writing work done have lots of options, freelance writers need to do their homework before choosing a good freelance forum.

That’s where the UK-based Copify comes in. This is an excellent forum for a freelance writer looking for more roles. Most freelance writing websites require potential writers to submit a proposal and wait for a perfect gig to come their way. But Copify operates in a different role, where you can be a part of the website within an hour after filling up a few forms. Once you are accepted, writers can get good work opportunities, and payments are credited through the Bank Account (in the UK) or PayPal. From a customer perspective, Copify ranks among the best content writing agencies globally and is known for its timely submissions and error-free content.

You can take a look at Copify here!

Express Writers

Express Writers, based out of the USA, is well known around the globe for creating good article content with an uncanny focus on providing exactly what the customers hope for. The forum is home to almost 90 experts in the field of article writing. Each of these writers provides their expertise in multiple writing formats that range from long-form SEO blogs, web pages, emails, landing pages, social media posts, video scripts, and so much more. Express Writers is often lauded for their commitment to creating the best in terms of quality when it comes to writing.

Express Writers has a staff that consists of more than 90 writers, content creators, editors, and designers. Their website states that they have completed over 40,000 content projects for a number of clients across the world. Express Writers is reputed to find the right talent for a client’s content needs and ensure that the project meets all quality standards. In addition, the writers are well trained to ensure that their tasks are of the best quality, plagiarism, and error-free.

You can check out Express Writers’ website here!


iWriter is an online writing website based in the USA, which helps writers work from small gigs to bigger and more profitable ones. Once they have proven their skills as a writer, they can begin writing on the platform, starting from smaller gigs and slowly moving on to research revision and other gigs, depending on how quickly they adapt to the forum. It seen as one of the fastest and easiest means to have article content written for your business needs.

iWriter is widely regarded as a quick, straightforward, and reliable means to get content written for a business requirement. Customers state that once the need is updated to the platform, the project gets delivered quickly. And with over 1000 writers from around the world on the forum, it’s no wonder that you can get content done rapidly and affordably. Customers all state that the content provided to them is error and plagiarism-free. A customer rarely needs revisions on the orders, according to another review.

You can take a look at iWriter here!


Headquartered in Boston, USA, WriterAccess has been around far longer than we think. It’s been around since the year 2000 as a content marketing platform. It has grown to be home to more than 15000 freelance writers, editors, translators, designers, illustrators, animators, and content strategists. The platform provides not just long-form article and blog writing services. Customers can also get designing and animations services for their business. Since the platform has such a large number of writers, the service is quite fast for most writers.

A number of customers are impressed by the fact that they have direct access to writers. This means it’s easy to tell the writers precisely what they need without worrying about miscommunication. In addition, customers state that this system allows them to collaborate, and their freedom to add inputs makes it a smoother process. WriterAccess has an impressive clientele that includes Kelly Services, MGM, Canyon Ranch, Randstad, and Accenture, to name just a few. Customers also have access to content strategy tools. This helps them create journey maps, creative briefs, and their online personas. This system, puzzling as it may seem, has been of great help for writers as they better understand what is expected of them.

Check out WriterAccess here!

Content Development Pros

If you’re looking to get a better return on investments, Content Development Pros is based in the USA with services in the UK. As the name implies, Content Development Pros have a team of highly-rated professionals who create excellent content for your business needs. The platform offers not just content writing services but also provides marketing and designing services. The platform has completed over 75000 projects as a content marketing agency thanks to a team of expert freelancers who deliver the most creative solutions according to customer reviews. The platform has been around for nearly nine years, and the writers have mastered not just writing long-form content but have also adapted to the rapidly evolving social media content platforms of today.

Thanks to Content Development Pro’s success as a content marketing agency, the platform is trusted to provide excellent service not just in the USA but also in the UK. Customers have stated that the content is delivered on time with little to no room for revision and is error and plagiarism-free. The platform’s outstanding all-around content marketing success makes them quite successful in this regard, with highly rated reviews on most platforms.

You can check out the website here!


FATJOE, established in 2012 is a UK-based digital marketing agency founded in 2012. Today it has emerged as one of the leading providers of SEO Services, Video, and Design Services, as well as outsourced Link Building, to name just a few. FATJOE works on link building and content marketing campaigns for more than 5,000 agencies globally, quickly putting the company among the leading agencies in the world. FATJOE is said to have a clean slate when delivering its services on time. The company offers the best customer support and has a 90% record of responding to customer queries immediately.

The company powers some of the largest agencies, publishers, and independent consultants in the world. FATJOE delivers services that are resold individually or as a more extensive marketing campaign. Besides that, the company works on a process-driven basis to maintain quality and provide services at a reasonable price. Customers have always praised the user-friendly and straightforward ordering process, which needs just a few inputs on your side before you are invited to the dashboard to check your technique. FATJOE operates on a completely confidential agreement as well.

You can check out FATJOE’s website here!


SEOButler offers a number of content writing services for its customers. Established in 2014, the company rebranded itself in 2017 with its office in Brighton, UK. Founded by Jonathan Kiekbusch, the company offers its clients a wide range of content writing services. SEOButler focuses on four different content services in various categories despite offering other marketing-related services. The most straightforward content writing service offered by the company is blog posts, affiliate product reviews, and buyer guides. In addition, customers can choose their desired word count and provide more details of what they want to be included in the piece.

Other services include guest posting, wherein users communicate regarding the site category they want to be featured on and the details they’d prefer on the featured content. The company then searches for a client who will work with the user. The guest posts are produced based on the user’s requirements and submitted to the guest site. SEOButler also works on social signals similar to backlinks created when a user shares the URL for your site on social media. This results in an increase of traffic to your website. Finally, another content service is provided related to citations where users add details regarding their business like address, email, etc. Owners specify the total number of citations they would like to purchase.

You can check out SEO Butler’s site here!


Scripted is one of the largest online platforms in the world. The agency works with over a thousand professional writers to increase a customer’s site traffic through well-written blog posts and website content. The website has a number of talented writers whom a customer can communicate with to explain your ideas. Once a writer works well for you, add them to your favorites and start building the content together. The writers always provide original and well-written content that aligns with your business goals. Scripted offers a wide range of content services like website content, newsletters, blogs, press releases, ad copies, social media content, e-books, product descriptions, and transcriptions, to name a few.

Scripted gives you access to some of the highest quality writers selected based on Scripted’s rigid screening process. In addition to this, the content also comes with a quality guarantee. So it’s hardly surprising that Scripted is ranked relatively high in the list of the best content writing services in the world. If a customer does not have the time or energy to search for a good writer, the website does it for them, all based on their specifications.

You can check out Scripted’s website here!


Founded in 2008, the US-based TextRoyal has grown dramatically over time. Today, TextRoyal is widely regarded as one of the most popular writing services globally. Anyone who has used TextRoyal describes its services as one of the best. Their price ranges are affordable and offer a quick turnaround time as well. TextRoyal also has an extended network of more than 21000 writers who work in different time zones so that a customer’s articles get picked within minutes of being submitted. In addition, writers work round the clock globally so that there’s always someone available to pick up on a new order that crops up.

TextRoyal is widely regarded as simplistic and easier to handle, with the order forms being readily available for new customers. Whenever a new order is needed, writers need to choose the content they require and mention the requirements and word count. Customers can choose the quality level they desire and can provide other details like keywords and target audience to give the writers enough information for the project. This is done to ensure no confusion for the writer when they work on the order.

Have a look at TextRoyal’s website here!


Verblio is a US-based content provider specializing in providing SEO-optimized content for its customers. The company has almost 3000 full-time content writers who undergo a strenuous testing process where the in-house team quality checks them personally. All the writers at Verblio come from different backgrounds, which gives them unique perspectives about the world around them. This helps them develop the most acceptable content for their business needs. From blog posts, articles, product descriptions, web content, and social media, customers can place an order for any content they desire.

Verblio is well-known for adhering to the highest content quality standards. The team ensures that customers’ needs are met perfectly with little to no room for revisions. According to their website, customers are guaranteed a worry-free experience with Verblio. The Verblio team firmly believes that good writing can only come from highly motivated writers and inspired to write. Content, to Verblio, is a powerful tool that drives sales and boosts a business. But quality content can happen only when the writer is inspired enough, and the team is said to ensure that each writer has room to explore their skills to the limits.

Check out Verblio’s website here! 


TextMaster, based in Belgium, is rapidly growing as a tech company that provides online translation services. TextMaster is a company with 5,000 customers in over 110 countries worldwide, from small-time business enterprises to large corporate organizations. TextMaster has become one of the most popular platforms in Europe within a few years’ time and is rapidly expanding its horizons. Since TextMaster is a translation company, the company needs to have an international and multi-lingual team operating the business. Though based in Belgium, the company has offices in nations like France, Italy, and the USA. The organization’s team members work remotely and have a great understanding of what it means to work on a global scale.

TextMaster has a network of expert translators who are selected on a very well-defined recruitment process to make sure that they can adhere to the most exemplary quality standards. The company currently works with the best translators and operates over 50 languages and similar fields of expertise. The company’s management uses a thorough screening and quality control process to ensure that the network continues to be among some of the best in the world. Customer reviews firmly state that the company has achieved customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality documents to customers.

You can check out TextMaster’s website here!


Textworkers, based in the USA, offer content writing services for both business enterprises and agencies. The content is written professionally with minimal changes. Customers have confidently stated that the content helps them increase their click-through rate and maximize their conversion rate because of the high quality of the content written. Textworkers originated 15 years ago as a conversation between two associates. The organization ensures that the content is written, keeping in mind Google and Bing rankings. Another highlight of the organization is timely delivery as well as error-free content.

Today, Textworkers is one of the most popular content writing agencies in the USA, with a high success rate. And one glimpse of the rave reviews provided for the organization is proof that the agency has a team of brilliant writers and editors who help elevate their success. One of the most significant features of the organization, as stated by customers, is that the content does not warrant a rewrite or revision. The content creation team has a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements. Textworkers have associated with brands like CBS News, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Localsearch, Avon, Garinger, Dish Networks, etc.

You can check out their website here!

Crowd Content

Unlike its American counterpart, one of the UK’s leading Academic Content Writing Agencies, Crowd Content focuses strictly on educational content. Crowd Content has a team of highly skilled writers from different educational backgrounds. These writers produce versatile content of every category ranging from a simple term paper to an academic dissertation. The agency has an accessible platform that makes it easy for customers to easily avail themselves of their writing services. The agency’s customer support team is always available round the clock to offer solutions for their customers. Reviews from customers state that the content provided has always met the highest quality standards.

The agency is renowned for producing reader-friendly content always delivered to the customers on time. The aspiring writers at Crowd Content are set rigid tests to ensure they meet the highest standards that the team expects of them. Since the agency is focused more on academic content like essays, term papers, dissertations, SWOT analysis, and research papers, it does come as a surprise that the agency offers web copywriting and business planning services.

You can check out their website here!

Writing Studio

Writing Studio is an outstanding content writing service in the USA known for providing expert content to increase an organization’s traffic. The writers at Writing Studio create content with the highest quality, providing services for content like articles, blogs, product descriptions, website content, and other business-related content, including digital marketing content. Writing Studio also covers a number of different industries, and customer reviews always point to their excellence in terms of technical knowledge. A number of customers attest to the fact that the agency’s writing services helped their organizations grow their business and increase traffic to their websites. Writing Studio helps improve a company’s content marketing needs, providing excellent website content writing service for a customer’s needs.

Founded by Philip Ghezelbash, who left his job as a personal trainer, wrote a book, and then began freelancing as a medical writer. Once his clientele grew, more editors and writers joined his team, leading to the rise of Writing Studio. Today, Writing Studio serves more than a hundred clients in different industries. With over fifty writers who are experts in their fields, including medicine and engineering, the writers at Writing Studio are indeed one of the finest in the world. The team also has a team of editors who ensure that the content passes all quality standards. As a result, Writing Studio is now well-known as an agency that does not compromise on content quality and meets clients’ deadlines.

Check out Writing Studio’s website here!


ContentFly, based in Canada, is a highly reliable content writing service. With a large base of writers with expertise in different niches, ContentFly is a popular content writing service. The agency services business platforms that desire a long-term content strategy, including website content, blog posts, and even social media posts. Customer reviews praise the transparent content ordering process at the agency and its straightforward pricing system. In addition to this, customers can choose from several services available.

Thanks to the significant demand for services, ContentFly has a vast and diverse content writing team that has been chosen through a rigid selection process. All the writers at the agency are given extensive training in handling different forms of content, and they are experts in the field. As a result, most customers declare that the content is plagiarism and error-free, meaning the number of revisions is minimum. As a result, ContentFly has helped a number of companies grow over the years, and the team is encouraged to learn and deliver nothing short of high-end content to their clients.

You can check out their website here!


Based out of New York, USA, ContentWriters is a platform that caters to business organizations looking to improve upon their website’s traffic through high-quality content. The company started in 2013 with the hope of finding a solution to the problem of finding good writers with enough expertise. The company provides the best writing solutions to publishers, E-Commerce agencies, and other business organizations with the right content solutions for their business needs.

ContentWriters follow the traditional pattern of pairing the client with a writer who deeply understands the industry. The approach seems to be working because customer reviews place the agency as one of the best, offering plagiarism and error-free content on time. In addition, ContentWriters offers high-end content solutions, offering perfectly written content as the heart of a business organization’s success.

You can check out their website here!

Final Words

While article writing might seem to be a simple task and something you can do without hiring a professional on paper, the reality is much different. That is one reason why there is a significant rise in Article Writing Agencies in the world. Always make sure that you remember a simple fact. Finding the exemplary service for your needs can be narrowed down to your budget and the quality you are looking for. We just gave you examples of different sites for various forms of content writing. Making use of the right company for your needs will undoubtedly be helpful for you.

Remember that when you need good article content, the process needs to be straightforward, and you need an agency that understands your requirements. It is also necessary to convey your needs clearly so that the writers do not get confused about your needs. We hope you will be able to evaluate the various online content writing services and the agencies that offer the same so that you don’t need to be confused in this regard.

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