Sample of Statement of Purpose (Sample SOP) – 2024

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Sample SOPs are a great approach to find your inspiration for creating university SOPs. But while taking reference from the sample SOPs, you must not try replicating them. It is just to acknowledge the content’s tone, style, and format. However, while drafting SOPs, many applicants just revamp the sample without making any relevance to their preferred program and career. In such scenarios, it is best to consider the role of sample SOP before drafting.

How do Sample SOPs help you in drafting?

SOPs define an applicant’s past educational background and future objectives. But many applicants think of it as their self-story. Applicants narrating their life stories get an instant rejection while applying to any university. In relevance, several professional writers and educative platforms release sample SOP. The sample SOP comes intending to cater every knowledge about SOP and how it must be drafted.

While projecting the style, format, and tone, the sample SOPs also set a clear intention to offer writers the idea. The applicants then use them as an idea to incorporate in their writings.

Further, sample SOPs also let applicants learn how to draft and create SOPs to grasp the reader’s attention. It educates the applicant to present SOP with all detailed data in sequential order.

What do the sample SOPs and templates of SOPs portray?

There are many ideas and pointers that a sample SOP portrays within. It is more of a checklist that aids you check whether you are consistent with your drafted SOP compared to it. The sample statement reveals the following information.

The paragraph formats and general guidelines

SOPs vary in terms of universities and nations. Creating university-specific SOPs demands you engage all the formats and guidelines as mentioned. In such cases, Sample SOPs and templates empower you to learn about the formatting of paragraphs that your SOP must have. Usually, the samples come designed as per university demand. It helps an applicant to know about the requirement of the potential university they are applying for. General guidelines also come fused, helping applicants know the exact format.

Educates about page length, font size, and many more

Every SOP comes with its own length and style as per university guidelines. Several sample SOP comes drafted as per the formats and requirements of universities that guide applicants about maximum length. To draft a flawless SOP, applicants can also know about the font size, style, and alignment type.

Guides applicants to draft professional SOP

Sample SOPs also guide applicants about maintaining text consistency. Some applicants with imprecise information about SOP writing include colorful texts and images in it. However, university-specific SOPs or nation-specific SOPs don’t allow any colorful text and images. Sample SOPs, in relevance, portrays exactly how SOPs should be.

Do’s and Don’ts that every Sample SOP guides you about

Sample SOPs are not only meant for knowing about formats and general guidelines. Rather it also speaks to you about what you should include in your SOP and the elements that you should never. You can surf all over the internet to find samples defining your various objectives. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that a sample SOP tells you about.


Facts and figure integration

The sample encourages applicants to include facts and figures in SOPs. It is because; figures and numbers are what attract readers the most. While reading your SOP, the admission committee will centralize their focus on the facts and figures you have mentioned.

A short narration of career

A Sample SOP always comes with a short narration of the career and applicant’s progress. Reading a sample will always encourage you to make a short narration of your progress so far.


This is a must-do requirement of drafting an SOP. If you apply to a certain university, you must be quite aware of its curriculum, faculties, and industrial exposure. Sample SOPs themselves promote research, as candidates browsing samples also achieve guidelines about SOP and university demands.


Creating interest with false information

Lying in your SOPs is one of the most unethical things to do. Most nations would also demand supporting documents that back the information you mentioned. In such cases, you may land in straight-away rejection. Sample SOP always educates you to use all the right information relevant to your career.

Avoid too much information

Messing up your SOP with excessive data makes it tedious to read. Evaluators always look for information that can aid them in selecting a candidate. Sample SOPs guide you with precise page length and all information you must include. This prevents the addition of excessive information in your SOP.

Use of plagiarized content

The use of Plagiarized content is something that every applicant refrains from. Plagiarized contents in SOP demonstrate you as incapable of producing creativity. Sample SOPs also guide you to maintain uniqueness. It is because; every sample you browse over the internet, you can find a unique sample.

Important qualities to find in a sample SOP drafted by professional SOP writing services

There are no doubt several reasons why professionals create winning SOPs. Even the sample SOPs created by the professional has much potential. You can easily validate the efficiency and skills of professional SOP writing services in the sample they provide. A sample SOP also offers you a fair idea about what type of SOP you will receive in the future. If you will read a sample, here are a few qualities that you can scrutinize in the sample SOP.


The first essential thing you will find in the sample SOP is authenticity. Sample SOPs are unique and have no match anywhere besides the publishing platform. The professional even works closely in a team to create the sample SOP. In the first instance, it is the sample that lets clients understand the efficiency of the writing agency. So, you will always find the sample SOP to be authentic, original, and include quality.

Language proficiency

Language is another quality of sample SOP that you can find. Sample SOPs have precise and well-written English. The words are arranged in such a sequence that helps the applicant create a better connection with the admission committee.

Flawless writing

One more quality that you can find in the sample SOP is flawless writing. Usually, the sample SOPs get checked by a different team like any ordered SOP to ensure it doesn’t contain any flaws. It goes through proofreading and editing to help you get the best writing. All the wrong information and interpretation are hard to find in the sample SOP.

Discusses long term goal

The sample SOP also discusses all the long-term goals. This gives you a concept of how your goals can also get explained in the same way. Thus, you can always scrutinize a sample SOP to know about the efficiency of SOP writing services.

How many SOP samples can you find over the internet?

You can see an abundance of samples for several programs on every platform you browse over the internet. Here is a list of sample SOPs that you can find over the internet.

Sample SOP Master Degrees

Applicants from all over the globe apply for different degrees. A Master’s degree is one such prevalent program that applicants aspire for. You can find several SOP samples for a master’s degree in mechanical engineer, information technology, telecommunication, and many more. Checkout the sample below.

Sample SOP

With the rise of dawn possibilities to challenge our own vertical limits also rise, and for those who truly seek dreams and work tirelessly to bring change, there is always an empty and uncrowded path full of prospects and hope. Today, we live in a day late and a dollar short world where people are running like a headless chicken for the fulfilment of their needs and resulting in a blind alley due to scarcity of resources, improper management skill, lack of vital expertise in the core areas that encompasses technology, leadership, financial, social and business understandings and awareness. Also, the 21st century is facing serious climacteric challenges in terms of monstrously expanding population, pollution and inflation which has given rise to the urgent need of expert entrepreneurs, future business tycoons and great analytical, technical and decision-making minds in order to bring better, brighter and bolder future for human civilisation. Since I have been working in different roles at different multinational companies (Germanies, Japanese, Korean, Indian) and got a chance to learn the culture and thought process of problem-solving approach and working style through my decision-making capabilities, I came to the conclusion that Masters in Business Entrepreneurship and Technology from your esteemed University of Waterloo is the best available program designed to pursue my career goals. Furthermore, due to my vast professional experience and multidimensional skills and excellence in lean management and execution skills adept at identifying customer’s requirements and translating them into effective technical business solutions made me the most suitable candidate for such a genuine and top-notch program at your esteemed university.

 I was born and brought up in a remote village where people were not supportive of educating a girl child. My father is a businessman and my mother is a traditional Indian housewife, I have always in my mind that I wanted to be a role model for all girls in my village by sowing a seed of motivation, vision and self-belief in their jailed mind to pursue what they wanted to become, how difficult it might be. Being the eldest child in my family, breaking the traditional protocol to pursue a career in engineering was almost impossible. But at the end of the day my ardour, commitment and gratitude towards my dreams proved to be a blessing in disguise. Being extraordinarily good with numbers and analytical skills I was more inclined towards science and mathematics since childhood but I was not very fortunate in terms of career guidance and mentorship but my tireless efforts and dedication resulted in enrolling for an Engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication. From here onwards I actually started understanding my career possibilities in higher education from some of the world’s best universities and finally, all my hard work paid back and I got selected in IIT DELHI which was just like a dream come true. Moreover, my passion, commitment, discipline and achievements as a skilled Software Engineer at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL),  Samsung India Software Center, JVCKENWOOD Electronics Pte and top-notch MNCs like Continental automotive Pte Ltd Singapore made me realise that technology has a great impact on business, social life, and education.

After more than 9 years of work experience in a variety of techno-savvy companies and having a Master’s in Technology, it dawned upon me that being armed with strong technological knowledge or building a novel product is not sufficient to sustain and penetrate the market. Despite the fact that I have been a part of the whole life cycle of many embedded products from consumer electronics to safety-critical products and worked closely with management and technical people. I noticed that effective decision making is playing a key role to make anything successful whether it is resource planning or launching a product in the market on time. So I need to develop my soft skills and enhance my decision making power in varieties of crucial fields like business, marketing and operational perspectives. Since the MBET program is focused more on real-world corporates’ challenges along with students to do innovative projects it is a sound learning curve and a great resourceful opportunity for me. Blending technology with both theoretical and real-world knowledge of business management and entrepreneurship it is the best way to bring real global transformation and with the Applied Business Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs a wide range of interpersonal skills which are essential for a good leader, apart from the content of ‘Technology-based Venture Creation and Social Entrepreneurship ‘ MBET will definitely be a game-changer in broadening my perspective to address complex challenges in our society by leveraging the technology.

During my years of valuable experience with multicultural colleagues and coordinating projects between different teams I was more focused on R & D but after pursuing this program I will be able to take up the senior leadership roles where I can learn more about corporate hurdles in business, operation and marketing. Moreover, I believe that this would give me the ideal foundation to start a new venture of my own. Applying for MBET from your globally acknowledged university is really a proud moment for me. With this prestigious program, I will not only learn different business models, marketing strategies but at the same time, I will get the benefit of creating a network during the course and project work would ease the business in an innovative way. Since your university is known for its robust curriculum, great academic environment, top-notch facilities and faculties along with a mixed cultural environment which will expand my horizon to tackle the challenges in my next venture it is the right time, right place and the right opportunity for me to fulfil my career goals of building something that creates value to society based on technology. For example smart farming, building solar energy from barren land etc. In fact, the government of India has started a ‘Make in India’ project to encourage people to establish new companies and produce products locally so I wanted to put forth my utmost effort to reform my country’s economy by taking opportunities in technical service sectors. I will conduct seminars and training on business and technical activities to upgrade my fellow citizens’ skills and their income. I will use my skills and expertise to become a successful social entrepreneur which would be a proud moment for all women and will not only inspire them but will also leave a strong positive impact on other women to chase their dreams and one day emerge as a global leader. To be able to contribute to women empowerment as well as to my country’s economic growth I am hoping for a favourable response. I can assure you that if given the opportunity I shall leave no stone unturned.

Thank You!

MBA sample SOP

SOP for MBA offers you the desired format and writing style that you must maintain in your MBA SOP. You can check out the samples on the internet and here as well.

Sample SOP

In a minute late and dollar short world, whatever you can accomplish or build, the success, profits and branding, everything majorly depends on the management, marketing and administrative competencies. It encompasses decision-making, leadership, team management, resource utilisation, distribution and processing etc. Today, when globalisation is expanding its horizons, the 4th Industrial Revolution(4IR) is upon us. When we are at the edge of tomorrow, the whole world is focused on giving importance to management whether it is the IT industry, engineering industry, or any other stream. With lacking top-notch managerial proficiencies setting goals is merely a utopian dream. Being highly professional and equipped with extensive experience in my Civil Engineering field today I find myself at a juncture where my responsibilities and career needs a bigger role at management and administrative level so as to provide a best possible solution and guidance to newcomers and also works at higher leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies to bring real change through my expertise, especially for my own country and its people. Therefore, pursuing this Masters in Administrative Business Management is extremely essential for me to serve my people and to provide great leverage to my career.

Being born and bred in a well-settled business family I did my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering(2007-11) and my Master’s in Structural Engineering(2011-13) both from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam with flying colours. However, between my BTech and MTech, I took around a 6 months gap because I had to apply for the PGCET Exam ( Post Graduate Common Entrance Test) and then attended counselling to select a college. My undergraduate project work encompasses Analysis of Accidents on Roads and my master’s project was based on High Strength Concrete in Recycled coarse aggregate. I started my first employment during my 2nd year of masters. In my 2nd year the third sem, we have three small subjects and projects. Being a course part,

I managed my semester subjects, project work and employment simultaneously. Usually, in the second year of masters, we have to prepare our own project and have to present it in front of the Head of Department and then we have to present it for presentation purposes in front of senior PhD professors to succeed. Because of my great endeavour and ardour, as a Quantity Surveyor, I started my professional journey at Modi Builders & Realtors(08/2012-08/2014). Where I was engaged in consulting with the clients about the cost of building projects, studying architects and the engineers building plans, measuring and estimating building and material costs for projects, preparing reports for the projected building cost, administering the tendering process, monitoring progress, managing payments, checking drawing details, managing, reviewing equipment and empower etc to name a few. Furthermore, as a Quantity Surveyor/Civil Engineer (01/2015-03/2018) I worked at Universal Leaders, Kuwait which is one of the best leading companies in gulf countries for huge construction and Infrastructure and my duties and responsibilities were similar to the last post but the area and responsibilities got bigger. Here I managed bigger teams, more administration and supervision responsibilities etc.

Presently, as a Project Site Supervisor/Senior Civil Engineer(04/2018-till date) I am working with INFOSOL, Pune for the client Nagarjuna Constructions and my responsibilities majorly includes preparing or assisting fundamental engineering computations, material quantity takes, estimating, surveying, and designing, assisting in the preparation of detailed requisitions for material purchase, services, and subcontracts, under the guidance of a more senior engineer assisting in reviewing supplier drawing submittals and technical bid analysis, preparing bank and financial reports, monitoring the progress of Civil Contractors as per the schedule agreed on Direct construction, operations, and maintenance activities at the project site, provide input to CAD Designer/Drafters working on the same project, establishing and maintaining relationships with clients in order to define their needs, explain technical information, concepts or study results etc to name a few. When it comes to skills, in my more than 6 years of professional experience my exceptional problem solving, leadership and decision-making abilities helped a lot. Also, being blessed with strategic, analytic, innovative, communication and change management skills I have earned great respect. Moreover, to become more equipped with technology, I have a great grip and certification in Autocad 2D &3D, SketchUp, Revit Architecture basics, MS O􏰀ce, Photoshop, Windows operating system etc. And as a responsible human being, I have created a community in a WhatsApp group named “blood donation” and helping many people through this by donating blood from our group. Also, my accomplishments helped a lot in unleashing my latent potential. I published IJERD(Journal for Masters) Compaction of high strength concrete Author(s) and my personal projects like Al-Mutla temporary accommodation Housing in Kuwait(06/2017-01/2018), Sports club project in Kuwait(02/2017-03/2018) honed my skills pretty well.

Applying for a Master’s in Administration Business Management at Conestoga College is a path-breaking opportunity to take over the senior administrative management roles at any global platform which demand exceptional analytical skills, technical prowess, and critical organisational and decision-making skills. This 1-year program has all the attributes and potentials through which my demand in India will increase and I would be able to provide the best possible and tested solutions to some of the most complex problems. I have a dream to support and mentor the upcoming generation in India which has the potential but they lack proper career guidance. As an experienced professional and after equipping myself with the latest cutting edge knowledge, exposure and mainstream solutions it is my moral duty to support my own people. Moreover, under the tutelage of highly professional faculties and customised curriculum, I will gain all the subtleties of administrative and managerial processes and procedure which will help me to gain a managerial position in my company and naturally the gained abilities will bring appreciation. This course at Conestoga College has a great global reputation and acceptance and Canada being highly reputed for executive, business and management courses will add stars to my profile. The support for overseas candidates is amazing in Canada, it is a cheaper place with the highest quality education in comparison to any other country and it is also considered as the safest place to study.

To pursue my dream course I have taken sabbatical leave from my present company. I am really blessed that for me my company is highly supportive and their policies are exceptionally well. They are sponsoring me through Eklavya policy for my studies so that after the completion of this program I should prove highly beneficial to them and for my career growth too. The best part of this policy is that it genuinely confirms that I have to return to India as per the agreement with the company which seals my candidacy for visa approval. In addition, this policy provides strong financial support and I won’t have to worry at all for funds regarding fees etc as INFOSOL is going to reimburse half of my tuition fee. I am really eager to join my company back and implement my learnings in a whole new way. Moreover, In order to book my candidature for this esteemed program, I have paid my semester fee in two instalments 1550 CAD, 7500 CAD in advance. Also, I have taken an education loan of 26700 CAD(around INR 15 lakh) so funds are not at all an issue to pursue this program. Hoping for a favourable response as it is extremely important for me to pursue this program to serve my country and to take my career to the next level. Thanks!!

Sample SOP for UG

The SOP in UG is much distinctive from the SOP of masters. In these SOPs, the applicant doesn’t have any work experience or any relevant degree. All they need to do is project their intentions. Sample SOP for UG guides applicants to create SOPs that would get first-hand approval. A simple SOP for UG looks like this:

Sample SOP

Today experts and professionals are very well aware of the fact that the 21st century is going to decide the future of human civilisation. We are scooting in a never-ending race with a minute late and a dollar short situation. Last few decades have shown a ray of sunshine especially in the field of E-Education, Science and Technology, E-Trade and E-Commerce, Health and Medical etc but at the same time strictly alarmed us that there is urgent need to control, regulate and manage the monstrously increasing Population, Toxic Pollution and Environmental Changes causing Global Warming and leading to other hazardous outcomes. In the midst of all these climacteric and pivotal situations, one platform that has shown the path and acting as a blessing in disguise in managing and governing every crucial sector is digitalisation and result oriented productive utilisation of data through the next generation field of science that is Data Science involving Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc and implementation and integration of these next-generation cutting edge tools and technological advancement have power and capacity to revolutionise our Education, Medical, Business and Government policymaking system. All these measurements and technological possibilities attracted me since my schooling and I started wondering how I can implement these advancements of technology in the field of education to revamp the whole education system from scratch? Thus, all my professional achievements and experiences are the imprints indicating in the same direction. And applying for a Master’s of Education-Educational Technology is the best possible way to achieve my age-long goals.

Coming from a lower middle class traditional Indian family life was full of scarcities and at the same time, I confronted several family issues that challenged me at every stage of life. In spite of traumatic difficulties in her own life, my mother remains the main driving force in gearing my career. Her braveness, attitude and strong will power always kept motivating and inspiring me to never back down from your dreams, your commitments and your responsibilities. Whatever I am today it’s all because of my mother, my mentors and my teachers. Being a jovial, appealing personality, curious, quick learner and keen observer I was encircled by lots of people in my day to life since childhood. I never understood why people share their feelings and problems with me, why they perpetually consider me as their first choice with whom they can share, express and why they ask for counselling for their careers and life’s issues? As time passed I realised my strengths and I started trying to effectively utilise them for helping people around me and those were the events when I started getting a clear picture of my career in education. Moreover, when I was in 10th standard, to support my mother and to hone my skills I started teaching at a very small age and got a great response and appreciation for my skills and abilities in all kinds of problem-solving. Apart from education and educating I actively participated in badminton and table tennis during the inter-school state-level events and won table tennis competitions. The reason behind sharing this achievement is that this victory made me realise that to achieve my career goals in Education I just need to learn strong time management and administration skills. Therefore, I intentionally opted for both Commerce stream during my intermediate and my undergraduate bachelors in Business Administration program at Stratford University USA with flying colours.

Keeping an eye on my career goals I kept enrolling myself in the field of education during my undergraduate program and as a Management Trainee-Corporate Relations at K. K. Modi International Institute I started utilising my skills and abilities by conducting training needs analysis of clients and corporates along with delivering tailor-made educational programs to market short and long term educational programs. Also, while working as a Freelancer I was awarded several prestigious certifications like Masterclass for IELTS Trainers by the British Council (08/2018) to train the trainer workshop on preparing the test takers of IELTS which enabled me to successfully deliver lessons and train learns for the IELTS exam. I helped refugees (nationals from Afghanistan) to learn English from a basic elementary level for employment purposes which was a great experience and delivered ESL lessons to young learners to help them improve their skills. Also, I earned Global Career counsellor certification by the University of California and Univariety (09/2018 – 01/2019) which is an all-in-one guide to know about career counselling from techniques and trends to best practices. It covers in detail about possible career choices, colleges to be targeted, admission processes, courses, which exams to take, etc. This program consists of everything that one needs to know to become a successful career counsellor. And most importantly I received CELTA – Certificate in the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of Cambridge. All these achievements gave me a very strong motivation and booster to work hard to make my career goals at the next level to evolve as a highly-skilled professional in the field of education.

 In the era of E-Learning, I was very much inspired, attracted and impressed by the integration of the latest tools of technology in the development of educational applications. I am capable of speaking Hindi, English, Punjabi and Spanish but when I came through the application based online Spanish learning courses I was really amazed at the efforts made by experts in developing such efficient platforms. This gave me strong reasons and motivation to deliver and try my best for the advancement of technology in education. Currently, as a Mentor at InfyBytes AI Labs(Octo) which is an EdTech Company started by IIT Bombay alumni and Octo is a mobile app which uses the power of human tutors & artificial intelligence to improve fluency and confidence in Speaking English I got great exposure and experience by guiding, mentoring and teaching adult ESL learners by creating a friendly atmosphere for learners to relax in and encourage creativity in the virtual learning environment. Moreover, I ensure learners should receive high value by filling in any learning gaps in-app modules via online group learning sessions by providing inputs on improving the App powered by AI to deliver high-end value to learners. At the same time, I am working as an Academic Lead at NCR Eduservices Pvt. Ltd. which specializes in online tutoring, Education outsourcing, support services for educational institutions, content development and recruitment for educational institutions. I always wanted to work for Edtech companies and currently, I am working with two of them. It is just an amazing experience to work with Etonx, a subsidiary of Eton College, England and manage the EtonX E-Learning platform to ensure learning success by taking part in vetting and training tutors, upholding learner and tutor engagement along with session evaluation and observation for content enrichment by providing feedback on product improvement. I not only learned the technicality of the process to deliver best but at the same time, I learned the ability to deliver under pressure, teamwork, creativity, time management, and most importantly leadership skills by making crucial decisions as I am solely responsible for the entire workplace is Eton and managing the entire eLearning platform.

My major source of learning and gaining proficiency in E-Learning is through an app in play store Octo-Spoken English App where learners first learn from the app and then I take live sessions and guide, mentor and teach our adult ESL learners from all backgrounds with assigned lesson plans. Generally, I teach using at least 50% Hindi language interface and carry out the timetable of online group learning sessions as assigned, by beginning and finishing sessions on time. The specially of this application is the availability of a friendly atmosphere for learners to relax in and encourage creativity in the virtual learning environment. Facilitating 60 minutes online group learning sessions and helping learners to implement the learning from the app into real-life situations is the great source of satisfaction for me. Facing challenges and acid tests keep my enthusiasm high and help me in unleashing my latent potential. But I certainly believe that there is a great need to go deeper and deeper to get in-depth knowledge and skills to make E-Learning platforms more efficient, more user-friendly, easily accessible, more reliable and more result-oriented as they the future of Education. The only way to bring transformation is by enrolling for a Master’s in Education Technology and Advancement from the world’s best Universities and Institutions.

Applying for a Master’s from your esteemed University will surely allow me to work more proficiently in transforming education and making a difference by delivering new learning experiences to the learners in the E-Learning domain which is still a quite new and expects a lot of improvements in several areas like boring online courses, student engagement, integrating technology in education etc. Certainly, these are the major areas I want to work so as to rectify the resistance and barriers resulting in smooth conduction of result-oriented user-friendly top-notch sessions. Furthermore, as these programs are specially designed for already working professionals in the domain of Educational leadership roles by providing them advanced professional learning to develop greater expertise in educational practice by gaining in-depth knowledge of research which will surely help in improving student learning experiences and understanding how technology intersects with educational practices this is the best time, the best opportunity and the best program for me. It is a great honour for me to apply for this master’s program from you globally acknowledged university equipped with world-class faculty, mixed cultural and great academic environment along with top-notch facilities. The practical and advanced theoretical understanding and skills of educational technology, leadership and management I will certainly achieve my career goals by applying these learning in my practice as an educator. I will also efficiently enhance my skills in areas such as mentoring new educators, managing curricula and assessment, supporting staff development, and leading organisational change. Hoping for a favourable response I can assure you that if given the opportunity I shall leave no stone unturned.

Thank You!

Sample SOP for PhD

The PhD. programs are exclusively different from any other programs. There are different guidelines also. A sample in such cases educates the applicant about how to draft a PhD. SOP. Here is a sample SOP for PhD.:

Sample SOP

The world has perceived a bunch more than anticipated and something that has endlessly altered with the course of time is the market and marketing strategies. This is also an undeniable fact that those who have potential to subscribe and have the capacity to set a benchmark in the market through their allegiances, devotions, values and ardour to live their beliefs are invariably greeted at every business or marketing outlet with an open heart. There is a famous saying by American author Brian Tracy “A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power”. Today, from analogue to digital, hardware to software, client to customer, and methods to strategies, the 21st century has shown tremendous possibilities and has unlocked the universe of extreme creativity, visualisation, strategic planning, branding/showcasing, promoting, redefining, and recreating beyond the imagination in the field of Marketing. Professionals are trying to leave no stone unturned in making Marketing more efficient than ever before. Today cutting edge tools and technology like Machine learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Data Mining etc has revolutionized every aspect of Marketing. All this has attracted enthusiasts all around the globe to channel their skills, experience in a much structured and pipelined manner. Being a proficient and ambitious person committed to bringing change I believe it is the right time and the right opportunity to make this dream come true.

How life could be when you know that you have to fight all your unfathomable emotions and being incarcerated low wouldn’t say boo to a goose life all alone and still, you have to adhere and embrace everything you possess? To jump through all the hoops is never an easy process but if you have an allegiance, ardour and commitment to posit all your strength in the first place rather than bawling at your miseries then nothing can stop you in becoming a refined and extracted version of yourself with great market value. I have comprehended to manage things from a very early stage of my life. Growing up in a very big old traditional Indian joint family, living in a super congested and noisy flat in Calcutta with my mother as my main caretaker and father being a businessman used to visit home very rarely as he has to live in Delhi for his business dealings, my life was never easy to live my dreams. One can’t even imagine living, nurturing and studying in such a hostile environment with a below-average financial condition. Being a speedy minded, very quick learner(especially in learning languages and adapting situations), and blessed with an analytical and quickly observing mind I managed to do my daily chores on my own. While growing up I have learned a lot of things but there were few things that became my source of recreation. Reading books, novels at the school library was one of the best hobbies which I have developed until today and travelling, playing chess and swimming are some others. In spite of tormenting family conditions I some managed to pursue my B.COM(HONS) in ACCOUNTING & FINANCE from UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA (08/2013 – 06/2016) and my MBA in MARKETING from IBS HYDERABAD (06/2017 – 02/2019). Moreover, my internship as a Management Trainee at HDFC Bank provided me with lots of insights regarding effective sales strategies, meeting deadlines, customer dealing and a hell lot of communication skills which helped me in unleashing my latent potential.

Currently, I am stationed as Deputy Manager-II at ICICI Bank Hyderabad and I am certified with The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing-Google (10/2018 – Present) and Excel from beginner to advanced-Udemy (04/2019 – Present). I can fluently speak three languages which help me in dealing with clients, customers and the public speaking very effectively. Furthermore, as a Deputy Manager, I have the expertise and proficiency in managing and leading teams, applying agile and result-oriented strategies to achieve maximum outputs with the highest quality of deliverance, and recruiting and training DSE’s to achieve organisational goals. Applying for a Master’s in Marketing Research from your globally acknowledged (name of University) is a dream that my father and I have always seen. Since, this time I am financially and mentally prepared to pursue my passion, my love of life and the best opportunity to fulfil my career goals, I don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to prove what I am capable of. This program will not only help in comprehending the existing marketing trends and strategies but at the same time it will enable me to equip myself with all the essential expertise, tools, technologies and most importantly global exposure. Under the tutelage of the world’s best faculties, top-notch curriculum and highly effective academic environment I will surely be able to evolve as the best version of myself. Applying these learning to my profession will surely boost my performance as well as my demand. Also, I would surely like to look forward to my PhD in Marketing and would like to post my work in academics. In the long run becoming a Marketing expert and shaping the future of the business practices through my research is my ultimate goal. Expecting for a favourable response, I want to assure you that if given the opportunity I shall leave no stone unturned.

Thank You!

Now that you are aware of SOP samples, you can utilize them precisely to attain selection.

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