How to select a professional resume writing service for your needs? [Updated 2024]

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Have you read the quote: Desperate people find faith. Well, it’s probably the same people that find resume writing services. Just kidding! The fact however is that in the wake of the second wave of the pandemic and refreeze in hiring by multiple companies, the job market is looking bleaker than ever even for the shiniest stars. Are you an unfortunate student graduating from this current recession? Are you a job seeker with excellent grades and references but unable to land the job of your dreams? Believe it or not, a clunky presentation can ruin even the most perfect of profiles.

That’s where professional writing services come into the picture. But with the hordes of services advertising their wares everywhere you look, we’ve tried to make it a little easy for you to find the best. Check out our pointers for selecting a professional resume writing service


  • Look out for scams- Yes, we said it. Research is key when you trust an organization with all your personal information and money. At the least, the company you chose must have a legitimate website that is appealing to the eyes and doesn’t raise any red flags. Make sure to check out their social profiles and recent posts for an added layer of security that the people you are working with are legitimate service providers.


  • Look for reviews-If you are lucky, the website of a resume writing service you find on Google comes with testimonials from past clients. Now is the time to get crafty. Try to search for these people on LinkedIn and make sure to get confirmation directly from the source. Try to check if there is something shady going on in the testimonials. Ideally, trustworthy reviews will be accompanies by photos and a clickable link to the person’s profile.


  • Press-If a company has achieved good press and rankings on various websites, you are atleast assured that the company has the funds needed to delivery quality product. Now cast your research net wide. Check out the founder’s profile on LinkedIn, other industry specific websites, try to find reviews of the service on Quora, reddit. Basically look out for any loopholes that will signal that working with them is a waste of time. Abort when the bad reviews add up. There are no second chances when it comes to your career. Remember that.


  • Check Samples- A quality resume writing service will give access to free samples on their website so that the customer has an idea of their work. If not, at least look for any case studies or previous success stories. Also make sure you check that they have experience drafting resumes for your particular profile. Say you are a software engineer, check to see if they have experience drafting resumes for said profile. It’s always best to work with people who are specialists rather than jack of all trades. Quality and originality is after all more important than quantity.


  • Pick up the phone-Last but not least, as soon you have shortlisted a few service providers call each of them personally and ask detailed queries that you might have about their service. A phone call is a personal touch that can say a lot. A person who is unable to the community on the phone is unlikely to be able to communicate your accomplishments in your resume. Remember that.

While it’s not a full-proof method, Google rankings and other industry rankings can aid you when choosing a resume writing service. Currently, the top-ranked resume writing services in India are Write Right, Estorytellers, and Find my profession.

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