Blogging to Entrepreneurial Journey of Vaibhav Kakkar [Updated – 2024]

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Innovation may be ingrained in some people. They develop great ideas at a young age, actively pursue them, and make them into success stories. They develop businesses out of concepts they discover in their daily lives that we would never even notice. They do not let society or their age prevent them from pursuing their aspirations. Reports indicate that 11-15 percent of Indians work in the entrepreneurial sector. Additionally, only 5 to 10% of these entrepreneurs went on to establish their businesses. People are currently opting to become entrepreneurs, however, not everyone is successful in this endeavor.

There is a tonne of resources available, including the widespread use of and simple access to the internet, an abundance of software and applications at one’s disposal, a global network that fosters the viral flow of information, expertise, and news, etc. So it comes as no surprise that so many young Indian entrepreneurs are making a difference in a nation the size of India. These young entrepreneurs have launched their companies and are working arduously to make them succeed. There are plenty of examples of young Indian entrepreneurs who achieved success before turning 40. Today we are going to explore the life and journey of one such Indian Entrepreneur, whose phenomenal success story is an inspiration to many – the Founder and CEO of IIM SKILLS – Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar.

Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar recounts his own story of how blogging changed his life. Today, there is no need to introduce IIM SKILLS. Since its founding, this top-tier Edtech organization has provided substantial online instruction in subjects including content writing, digital marketing, CAT coaching, and GST certification.

Mr. Kakkar is from Delhi. He completed his schooling at Hans Raj Model School and then went on to the University of Delhi. Then he completed his Masters’s from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune.

His journey started twelve years ago when he was working with a bank. Since blogging was still a new idea on the market, he was keen to learn more about its potential. He always had a strong interest in technology, and he began blogging in 2010 to devote all of his time to creating content that educated thousands of others about the different online courses and job opportunities available. Blogging was his passion, he had no clue about its monetizing prospects.

Interestingly, Vaibhav Kakkar was one of the first few who could foresee the possibilities of the internet in India. Things took a different turn for him, in the year 2013 when he started regularly posting on his educational website – Course Dekho. Later, after learning about affiliate marketing, he turned Course Dekho into a conduit for numerous tech colleges to use for affiliate marketing.
Being an affiliate channel, Course Dekho served major businesses and aided in lead generation and affiliate marketing techniques. Additionally, it assisted internet users in learning about the many programs and professions they may choose from

He began doing full-time work for various companies, helping them with their lead generation and affiliate marketing campaigns and giving leads to other educational institutions as well. Course Dekho helped big companies with lead generation and affiliate marketing strategies. It also assisted internet users to learn about the many courses and careers available to them.

Vaibhav talks about how blogging has helped him find the road to a successful profession. He says – “ Blogging never requires huge capital investment. Not at all. All you need, is, to write and produce content consistently. I published articles and blog posts frequently. Making myself visible on search engines, helped me tremendously.”

“But of course, hard work is mandatory. Spend time choosing a worthwhile niche, launching a blog, and creating regular, helpful content. Then watch the results; limitless opportunities are awaiting you”.

In 2013 he published an article about the Top 10 Content Writing Courses in India. Many people visited the website because of this particular article. There was a big increase in the number of individuals visiting the website to find out more about the potential of blogging, and this is when Mr. Kakkar first became aware of Course Dekho’s growth. He observed that people were starting to become enthusiastic about blogging and content development. About 15 people would routinely contact him for advice on how to learn different digital subjects.

Mr. Kakkar has always been interested in blogging, but he never intended to work as a content writer for the rest of his life. He wanted to improve both his own life and the lives of others. At that point, he considered improving his skills and going into the field of education technology.

Thus in the year 2015, IIM SKILLS was founded by Vaibhav Kakkar. It started with an initial investment of just INR 3000. The Content Writing Master Course – was the first intensive training program of IIM SKILLS. This course was warmly appreciated, and since then IIM SKILLS has successfully trained students in more than nine different courses.

The first batch of the Content Writing Master Course consisted of between 15-18 participants.

For the second batch, though, there were only 4 to 7 participants. That was a major setback for a new startup. However, for the 3rd batch, Mr. Kakkar was able to convert over 30 leads. Those days, he used to single-handedly look after all the major departments of IIM SKILLS: sales, marketing, and delivery.

As IIM SKILLS grew from strength to strength, many other professional courses were gradually introduced and imparted to the young learners. Let us have a brief understanding of what these courses offer –

1. Content Writing Master Course

It is common knowledge that content reigns supreme in the present digital era. On the digital platform, businesses are impossible to imagine without content. The advantages of content writing are several. Content writing training can be very beneficial and lead to a variety of professional opportunities. You can muster all types of material, long and short, through our content writing course. Learn to experiment with language and structures, whether you’re writing an educational listicle or a social media post that goes viral. Top content marketing campaigns from recent years have been selected. 30 hours of Case Studies & Exercises were created after careful observation of each of these initiatives. All of this information gathering enables them to develop challenging and engaging projects for our content writing training.

2. Technical Writing Master Course

Anyone who is interested in learning more and is determined to pursue a profession in technical writing will benefit greatly from the online Technical Writing Training offered by IIM SKILLS. You’ll get far with self-motivation and a desire to advance your skills for career success. Great technical writers can come from a variety of backgrounds, including software engineers, lawyers, journalists, professors, and content writers. This training program’s structure makes you a technical writer who is prepared for the workplace by giving you an in-depth understanding of the formats, theories, design software, and different sorts of documentation.

3. Master Digital Marketing Course

The IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course is set up to provide you with thorough hands-on training. After your weekly online digital marketing class, you will complete practical tasks on subjects including web development, SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. Since you will be working on actual projects throughout the course, the DMMC Master program is the best online option for digital marketing. The Digital Marketing Master Course will give you the best practical, experiential learning opportunities. The institute turns you into a marketable professional with a flawless blend of theory, practicals, and different tools while adhering to the learning by doing training philosophy.

4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Course

The IIM SKILLS Online SEO Training Course is in-depth and entirely practical. It is a combination of weekly instruction to ensure that participants receive 100% practical training and an internship for practical exposure, making it India’s Best SEO Training.
You can learn how to use some of the most popular and extremely beneficial tools suggested by the SEO community through IIM SKILLS. These tools help you optimize your campaigns and content while also boosting traffic, clicks, and purchases. Even novices can learn the details with its assistance. You may easily master the greatest SEO tactics and rank higher by breaking the complex down into manageable, bite-sized little concepts. The most convenient method to stay current is to have access to the most recent recordings long after you have completed your course.

5. GST Practitioner Certification Course

The IIM SKILLS GST Online Certification Course is India’s Best GST Certification Course and has a unique curriculum that complies with industry requirements and offers 100% practical training. The curriculum begins with the fundamentals and moves through the development of GST, then into the core concepts, and concludes with the practical application of GST. It is a program that has been meticulously designed to give you the most recent insights and information. The Master GST Certification Course will help you build a solid basis for a prosperous career, whether you’re a budding CFO wishing to sharpen your skills or a recent graduate. The implementation of GST has opened up a wealth of options for all financial and business graduates. All they require for a successful profession are understanding GST and certification in that field. Interestingly the GST Certification course catered to 80% of the market.

6. Online Financial Modeling Course

The comprehensive, in-depth financial modeling course curriculum was selected by business experts with extensive knowledge of the finance industry. Financial modeling is a fundamental ability required for a wide range of finance-related industries, including investment banking, equities research, mergers & acquisitions, and many more. As a result, by taking part in this rigorous financial modeling course, you can develop a variety of skill sets that will help you prosper in this profitable sector. The Financial Modeling course has garnered a good response.

7. Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Industry experts with years of expertise in the fields of accounting and taxation have effectively crafted and curated the extensive courseware. IIM SKILLS BAT Course is the Best Business Accounting and Taxation Course in India because it is planned and calibrated with an eye toward industry norms, preparing students for practical challenges. IIM SKILLS provides you with the finest BAT course in the fields of business, accounting, and taxation to provide you with the specifics of business accounting and taxation. The flexible course prepares you to become a proficient professional with insider knowledge of the sector’s best practices by placing an equal emphasis on all aspects. At IIM SKILLS, they want to prepare you for real-world situations by using accounting software and other useful tools in the field. Purchasing the appropriate equipment and software will help to streamline and accelerate the process, so doing so is always a smart idea. This BAT course is one of the leading available courses in the market.

Now we know, that when the popular instructional blog Course Dekho, attracted 1 million visitors, Vaibhav Kakkar decided to launch his entrepreneurial venture – IIM SKILLS – which would offer the first full-fledged training program to provide digital career assistance. The first course – the Content Writing Master Course – completely changed the content education sector. At IIM SKILLS, all the courses are educational, thought-provoking, and guaranteed to go above and beyond what you expect. The goal is to offer self-paced and live online learning programs that are of World Class Education at Affordable Prices.

To quote Mr. Kakkar – ‘ We are developing new courses based on the financial sectors. We eventually aim to create courses that focus on the technology industry. As an online platform, IIM SKILLS generates roughly 1 million a year. Over the next three years, we want to add about 10 new courses in a range of topics like artificial intelligence, finance, and technology. Our goal is to increase sales to 5 million a year.’

However, young entrepreneurs in India face challenges daily. But Mr. Kakkar is known for his calmness, positivity, and quick business sense. He believes that with the right frame of mind, any unforeseen challenges can be easily managed. Talking about challenges, he says –
‘As an entrepreneur, you must turn to a reliable financial model to assist you to overcome any ongoing difficulties. You must simultaneously make sure that the product you are producing is of such high caliber that it generates ongoing demand. For the following session, the quality ought to be such that returning clients refer more new ones. With large buffer funds, our rivals can afford to spend a lot. However, for enterprises like ours that are self-funded, there is just one option left: the superior quality of our goods.’

He also reinstates the importance of honesty, in successfully running a business. He says – ‘ I make it very obvious throughout orientation programs that simply taking the IIM SKILLS courses won’t get you a job. This is so that your skill development, not your course, will help you land a job. You cannot land a job unless you are not talented enough. As a body, our role as educators and trainers is complete. You must put in just as much effort on an individual basis.’

And it is this honesty that connects with the learners. Till now IIM SKILLS has successfully trained more than 15,000 learners in various courses, across the world. Their trainees are successfully placed in some of the best companies.

Due to their brilliant ideas and ventures, which create opportunities for everyone, entrepreneurs serve as the foundation of our economy. Although there are many risks and setbacks, entrepreneurial ventures can succeed with effort and commitment. Vaibhav Kakkar is a great instance of how blogging can serve as a springboard to greater things. He began as a blogger and is now one of the most successful in digital businesses. Although challenging, the path is rewarding. You must be committed to blogging and approach it like a genuine profession. Commitment and consistency are the keys to building your brand. Vaibhav is the author of “Word Castle” How to Build A Content Writing Business and has contributed articles to numerous publications, including Advisor Uncle, Write Right, Estorytellers, and Times of India.

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