5 Verified Agencies for Resume Writing Services in India – [Updated:2024]

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In this competitive world, excelling in the desired field becomes monotonous for almost all aspirants. Whether it is mechanical, construction, or IT, getting a job has become tedious. Even with excellent careers, many aspirants do not attain the objective, while aspirants with mere excellence fetch the desired job role. What boosts the career of an individual is a resume. With the aid of a resume, applicants can easily entice employers by highlighting their skills.

However, drafting a resume is not as easy as you anticipate. It requires drafting skills that would increase your chances of getting selected. You can find several agencies offering you resume writing services on the global stage. These services empower you to accomplish your career objective with professional assistance.

They have a team of writers who have years of experience in drafting resumes that have all potential to pass the screening. In this editorial, you will learn about five such verified resume writing services that deliver you streamlined and tailored resume writing services. So, keep reading to find facts and insights about the five best agencies.

Why do you need an attractive resume drafted by resume writing agencies?

The resume is one of those documents that eliminates the gap between applicant and recruiter by acting as a bridge for communication. A resume helps the recruiter to quickly acknowledge all your qualities and skills and find you the best fit for the job role. Besides, a resume also decides whether you will face a direct interview or not. In such cases, you will always require the most attractive resume.

An attractive resume is necessary, as the recruiter only takes a few seconds to glance at your resume. Thus, the resume must have the potential to appeal to employers. Your resume also forms your first impression of yours. So, you need to hire professional resume writing services that can highlight and include all your skills to make them the most attractive.

The basic elements that you must expect in your resume

Despite its quality standard, every resume must also include some basic components. Without these basic components, your resume is unacceptable in the long run. So, here are some basic elements that you should expect in your resume.

Contact information

Contact information is essential to let the recruiter communicate with you. Thus, you must be accurate while providing your contact information. Check out the spell errors in your mail id details.

Brief introduction

The next most important information is a short introduction. Your resume should introduce your skills and past job roles.

Educational qualification

The educational qualification is a must-have section that you must include in your resume.

Work experience

Include these as a separate section, and offer detailed information about your past experiences in sequential order.


Your resume must also include all your important skills and achievements that will entice the recruiter and help you grab the interview opportunity.

How to make a resume more compelling?

Before hiring resume writing services, you should be conscious about drafting an engaging resume. Usually, the resume in this tech-trend domain is no more on paper. You can find virtual resumes on career websites and social media platforms. These virtual resumes help you fetch a job.

However, in this advanced and automated hiring, companies use recruitment software that screens your resume. That implies; your virtual resume would only get indexed in the recruitment software if your resume has those desired skills and terms that match recruiters’ demands.

So, in this tech-trend domain, you need to make an optimized resume that matches the recruiter criteria in recruitment applications if you anticipate maximizing your job opportunities. In such cases, professional resume writing services always cover this primary demand. They prepare your resume in a way that helps you easily get screened and shortlisted by recruitment software.

Steps that professional resume writers incorporate to make your resume stand out

1. Catchy introduction with a summary about relevant skills

The first thing that professional resume writing services ensure is an engaging introduction. When a recruiter or AI-based recruitment software screens your resume, they start with your introduction. When you offer a summary of your relevant skills, it entices them to read the below fragments in your resume.

2. They draft your experiences in a separate list

Fragmenting your work experience into a separate list is the wisest approach to fetch a job. Usually, when a recruiter scrutinizes your resume, they care for your relevant work experience only. So, when you project them in a separate list, it is easier for the employer to find your expertise.

3. Integrating industry-specific terms and nouns that help you get easily indexed

Automation is an inevitable thing in every process and application nowadays. The recruitment software is one such example of hiring automation. When recruiters deploy recruitment software, they use industry-specific terms and nouns to match your resume and shortlist. In such cases, if you don’t have any knowledge about such terms, you would never attain the job you want. In relevance, the resume writing agencies draft a resume with all those words and terms that easily help you get shortlisted.

4. Inclusion of additional talents and skills

With easy access to several courses, now every applicant possesses skills and qualities that a recruiter anticipates. If you wish to stand out, you have to project yourself more beneficial to an organization with your additional skills and talents. So, you can mention all those skills and qualities that can maximize your chances of getting selected. The professional resume writer does the same as well. They include all your additional talent and skills to help you stand out and show you as more productive.

5. Resume Design- the much-needed thing to consider

Drafting the resume with enticing words is not the only thing that will select you for an opportunity. It would be best if you also design your resume in a way that can make you land a job interview. A professional resume writing service always uses a unique design that is best per industry standard and helps you achieve a job.

How are professional resume writing services worth your investment?

Several reasons show you that professional resume writing services are worth endowing your trust and capital. The most indispensable reasons that show professionals resume writing services are worth your investment includes:

Professional drafting with a lasting impression 

A long-lasting impression is what helps you in the long run. While drafting your resume, also you need to create a long-lasting impression that can push you into a win-win situation. Professional resume writing services, in such cases, leave no chance of creating a long-lasting impression. They draft a well, neat, and polished resume that passes all industry demands. The resume they create is free from all errors and lacks grammatical errors. This helps you create a long-lasting impression.

It saves you time and effort

Another significant reason to invest in professional resume writing services is to save time and effort. When you are aspiring for a job role, resume screening is just the initial stage. After that, you need to clear your written and final round of interviews. In such cases, investing all the time in drafting a resume can be overwhelming for you. In contrast, resume writing services keep you away from all such hassles. They draft your resume with complete effort to help you focus on other parts of the interview.

They do the homework for you

Writing a resume is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs several efforts and research endowment to make it compelling. Research is one of the most imperative parts of resume writing. So, investing in a professional resume writing service would be a wise decision. They will do the homework to get you placed in the best company.

In their research, they would include:

  • All industry search terms to help you get screened
  • Discovering all new designs of resume
  • Taking reference from another resume relevant to the same domain

How can you find the best resume writing services?

Now that you are conscious of the resume writing services and their significance, you should make your wisest investment by capitalizing on resume writing services. Here are a few ways to determine the best resume writing services.

Investigate their certifications 

If you hire any resume writing services, you should ensure the certification. It is because; certification would assure the authenticity and efficiency of an agency. So, while hiring any resume writing services, you should always check out their credentials. Also, make sure that the resume writing services you choose have HR experience. HR experience will offer you a tailored resume.

Check out a few samples

The next thing you need to ensure is analyzing a few examples and portfolios. This will help you acknowledge the efficiency and expertise of resume writing services. Apart from that, examples will also help you determine what resume design would be better for you.

Five certified Resume writing services 

1. Write Right

Write Right is a phenomenal resume writing service offering you the most professional and tailored resume writing online. It is a reputed agency that delivers resumes virtually to all the applicants aspiring for a better future. Write Right has an extended crew of resume writers to scrutinize applicants’ skills and expertise. Based on your professional and academic past, they create a resume that emphasizes your skills to offer you the best job opportunities.

Write Right is also quite a responsive resume writing agency. With a single tap on the website, the team will immediately reach to help you. The process of ordering is also quite simple here. You have to order along with some references and samples that you anticipate your resume to be. Then the team of writing professionals will interact with you to note your special skills and expertise.

At last, you would get your resume delivered within the deadline. Write Right over the years, have accomplished more than 20 accolades in an extensive range of categories. This brings you more trust and reliability on Write Right.

2. Bloggism

Bloggism is another top-tier resume writing service that tops the category of best agencies in India. The volume of delivery and submission within the deadline is a quality of this agency. Besides resume writing, it is also popular as a top-rated content writing service. It offers all sorts of content as demanded by the industry. Bloggism holds the ability to draft the most persuasive resume to showcase and promote your skills.

The resume drafted by Bloggism assures you a position in the interview, as the resume gets edited by Ex-HRs. The customer service and turnaround time are also quite impressive. The agency takes your order sooner and delivers you within your deadline or any committed time. The instant response team at Bloggism also responds faster to provide any post-delivery editing. Bloggism is a trustworthy resume writing service that can land you into any interview you desire.

3. Taletel

It is another striking resume writing service with a lot of popularity in a short span of time. Its USP is drafting a resume that immerses recruiters in the success story of the applicant. The resume they craft conveys the values of skills and lessons that the applicant has earned. Taletel is one of the prevalent writing agencies in India.

It has a wide team of talents who have experience and certification in resume writing. The writers here at Taletel are also quite aware of the changing industry standards. The research domain-specific resume includes all specific words that help applicants screened by recruitment software.

Taletel’s service is also a five-star rated service to cater to the resume demand of all the applicants. The process of ordering merely takes time. The support team instantly connects with you to note down your requirements and craft a resume that suits the recruiter’s search.

4. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is another trending name in the resume writing sphere. It is a tough competitor to all its contemporaries by offering the most tailored resume. While speaking about tailored resumes, Estorytellers has a USP of optimizing resumes to cater to the demands of advanced recruitment software.

Estorytellers believes resume has become a virtual ticket to offer you a seat at interviews. Several recruiters are now recruiting workforce with advanced recruitment tools and software. So, Estorytellers focuses on decoding all the recruitment software to draft a tailored resume that can land you an interview.

On the other hand, Estorytellers offers you a more user-friendly and job-grasping resume. Writers at Estorytellers include all your skills and expertise in a unique design and format that can deliver an easy peak in your professional career. Estorytellers have helped thousands of job applicants to accomplish job roles at multinational organizations. It also helps you upload a customized resume to several career and job-seeking websites.

5. Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is a unique resume writing service that boosts your selection process by delivering you a recruiter-friendly resume. Kalam Kagaz has a panel of resume writers and specialists who have already served in the HR industry. This helps Kalam Kagaz to deliver a resume that can attract recruiters easily.

There are also countless features that you can expect from Kalam Kagaz. It offers you a satisfactory service along with a faster turnaround time. Applicants can get an instant response when they order at the online platform. The team immediately interacts with applicants to understand requirements and deliver a resume as needed.

Kalam Kagaz also drafts unique resumes for unique job roles. You can expect five different types of resumes for five different organizations you are applying for. Apart from diversity in resume drafting, it also emphasizes creating an optimized resume. These optimized resumes hold all the efficiency to land you into any job interview.

What customer services should you expect from a verified resume writing agency?

While working on a resume, you inevitably have to discuss several things with the resume writing agency. The discussions and calls you make to your writing agency are counted as customer services. In such cases, you should anticipate two types of customer service from your writing agency. It includes pre-order customer service and post-order customer service.

  • Pre-order customer service

This service usually clears all your doubts about service and helps the writing agency gather data about your experience and professional career. You should anticipate an extended pre-order customer service that seamlessly collects all your data and offers you a better idea about the service.

  • Post-order customer service

Post-order customer service usually assures you about the number of edits and reviews. It aids you in rectifying any error and making any addition to your document. Post-order customer service should be smooth to offer you a positive experience.


In conclusion, these are the top five verified resume writing agencies that you must consider. Now that you are aware of the top-tier agencies, you should make a wise decision by drafting your resume with assistance from the above agencies.

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