Why and how AI will affect Human Employment? [Updated: 2024]

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Artificial intelligence all around, to your left and to your right, less humans and more advanced technology products and you feel that that how greatly we all are stepping up on the stairs of advancement. But do you ever try to flip the coin to see the other side?

What if some are stepping up and a lot more are stepping down that much down that they have to sleep empty stomach? Well it’s a lot scarier than it sounds here.

Artificial Intelligence is like an unseen human caged in the software and machines and they are more efficient than humans more powerful than humans and more intelligent than humans and the most happiest or the saddest part is that they are created by human itself.  While creating AI, obviously engineers never thought about the second outcome that will generate with it as the by product that is unemployment.

We are getting so much advanced that around us all we can find more number of machines than living beings. Like just look around, oh wait you don’t even have to look around, in your own hand there is the processed technology that may be making up life better by 20% and ruining it by 80%.

From Seri to Jarvis, we are surrounded by bunch of AIs. This is the scenario in our own houses imagine what is really happening in big industries or companies where if by mistake we step in, we have to ask directions even by the same AIs.

So, if we are surrounded by them where are the rest of human beings? I know, in their respective sweet homes chit chatting with the AIs.

On an average scale, this artificial intelligence market is growing 55% year by year making machines think and work like humans that in the coming 8 years we are going to notice the highest exploding growth in this sector that most of the nature’s machines will get replaced by the machinery humans.

So, what do you think why AI affecting human employment so badly?

The answer is that some are trying so hard to win the race of advancement that they are forgetting that machines can never ever take the place of living ones. Of course they can work or even act like us but more surely they can never be as creative as us, they can never ever even try to think out of the box which results in no further growth that needed to run a particular society both by mentally and financially because of the lack of capability of decision making as they can always be a program enclosed in the chips. So are they really better than humans or AI just a myth that needs to be busted?

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