Five Popular Digital Marketing Trends in 2024 That Are Most Likely To Rule the Ad World

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The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed the way businesses function. A massive growth was noticed in new online business modules. Adapting to the demands of the changing environment is a necessity to survive in a hyper volatile market. Every company is coming up with new ways to upgrade their style of working as they market themselves in front of the consumers. Changing market norms make it difficult to predict what the year 2021 is going to be like. However, we all know for a fact that there will be an increased dependency on digital means, not from a business perspective but also in terms of consumer behaviour. While everyone is trying to improve their online presence, let’s take a look at these five superb digital marketing trends for building brand resilience in unsettled times.

1) Programmatic advertising using Artificial Intelligence

The meaning of programmatic advertising is showing a relevant ad to the target audience automatically. But, how is it even possible to do something like this is the question in the minds of many people? Artificial intelligence is put to use for doing so. The likes and dislikes of consumers are mapped using high-end computer systems. As the consumer is busy in endless social media scrolling, the kind of content he prefers to watch gets recorded automatically. After processing a huge chunk of the consumer’s data with AI, it becomes easy to show him an ad that would interest him. When a personalized ad pops up potential on a consumers’ smartphone screen, he is bound to get attracted to the ad. He will want to find out more about the product or service that is shown to him in the ad since it suits his liking. Such a personalized ad experience can convert a potential consumer to a successful buyer more effectively. Therefore, a lot of businesses are keeping a good eye on this marketing trend to reach out to the right consumers. A lot of capital is saved as money is spent more effectively on the company’s products and services.

Such a technique works well as buyers across the globe are becoming more and more specific with what they want to see or read. They hate being bombarded with irrelevant advertisements all the time. Therefore, programmatic advertising using artificial Intelligence is a successful strategy. Especially now, when people are spending a lot of time on their phones and laptops. This brings us to our next major trend.

2) Mobile-First Advertising.

The moment you go to a public area, you will notice how people are engrossed in their phones all the time. The way people are addicted to their smartphones is crazy! Most people spend hours and hours on their smartphones every single day. Folks are shopping online, using social media, or watching Netflix or YouTube content all the time. This point explains the importance of mobile-friendly advertisements.

Developing content that is easy to access on mobile phones is the need of the hour. Consumers are more likely to notice the content if it is mobile-friendly content. A mobile phone is compact and carried all the time as opposed to a laptop. Therefore, using mobile-first advertising increases the consumer reach more effectively.

3) Video Advertising

We grew up watching video ads on the television screen. Video ads are ruling the advertising world of digital channels now. They are likely to be the most popular form of advertisement

in near future as well. The fact is that video ads have always been popular and with the rise in the use of smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets, video ads will never go out of fashion. Written content is difficult to read on a small screen, hence most people tend to watch video content as they are traveling on a bus or train. So, optimizing video advertising is a marketing staple that will keep gaining popularity.

4) Social Media Advertising

Social Media is a great place where brands can not only create an official business page but also promote their businesses with sponsored posts. Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media platforms for promoting a brand’s product. There are brilliant options provided on these platforms to promote a business online. A brand can choose its target audience, the country of operation, consumer age group, and many other things to advertise and promote their product. Not only that, brands can collaborate with influencers to sell their products. When these social media celebrities or influencers with lakhs of followers mention a product or service on their page, it reaches a large number of people in one go. Studies suggest that when an outsider promotes a product instead of the company, it is more likely to be noticed by people. Therefore, we can say that social media advertising is something that will remain in the picture for a good time even going forward.

5) Pro-Consumer Advertising

The consumer is the king in every business. With so many good brands in the hyper-competitive market, brands have to improve their credibility in every way possible. To build a loyal customer base, only good discounts won’t suffice. Four important things need to be considered to earn greater profits. They are:

a) Supplying premium quality products. Products have to be of good quality and durable.

b) Faster checkouts while making payments. Time is money as they say. Consumers prefer easy payment options as opposed to sites that take away their precious time.

c) Affordable prices for products and services. Markets are flooded with products but to stand out, a brand needs to provide good and reasonably priced products.

d) Good customer service reach. Since consumers are opting to make a purchase online, there can be a few problems such as delay in delivery of the product, wrong or defective item is delivered, and so on. Providing fast and effective customer support to the consumers and resolving these issues fast and effectively will create a good market reputation for the brand. Therefore, the consumer’s experience with the brand must be excellent as they will tell others about the same.

Concludingly, figure out ways that work best for your business using digital marketing channels to earn profits. Keep yourself updated with the ongoing trends every day to stay in the competition. Your business will rock!

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