Best recommended content marketing companies in India – [Updated: 2024]

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During the current times, when we are stuck inside our homes with the littlest physical human contact possible, the world outside and virtually has changed drastically. People are sticking to their screens, relying on them not only for entertainment, news, and work related stuff, but also to buy what they love. Amazon took the virtual world by storm during the last decade and a half by offering instant doorstep delivery services and the model has been replicated by thousands of companies worldwide. Have you ever noticed how whenever you wish to buy something online, the first search result almost always is a link from Amazon? Isn’t that where you automatically click?

That’s the power of the right kind of content marketing. It not only builds a brand image and trust in the minds of a customer/user, but also encapsulates every aspect of brand communication, image, and online engagement. The reason your brand needs a content marketing strategy is simple. You need your customer to stay on your page. In order to generate more leads, you need to produce fresh content that is not only engaging in terms of attracting a new user/customer but also is an effective enough technique to convert them into leads in order to generate.

In India, after 6 months of lockdown, primary marketing strategy has shifted from on ground to social media and virtual creative content marketing. Wondering what suits your brand image? Pick any of the 5 below mentioned Content Marketing companies and sit back and relax. Let them do their magic! These are the top 5 recommended content marketing companies in India at the moment –

  • WriteRight
  • Taletel
  • Estorytellers
  • ClickGiant
  • Writopedia

From your social media handles to email marketing, they cover it all. Without producing engaging content, especially during these times, there’s hardly a chance of survival for a new brand let alone, the idea of growth and customer acquisition.

Why do you need people who specialize in content curation, you ask? I’ll tell you why.

You might have the best idea of what your target audience is, what they like, what you want to sell, how you want to sell it, and what sort of basic content it is that you want to put out there, but with the trends changing by the second, you can’t rely on old techniques of customer engagement. What might be trending today, might not engage the user tomorrow. Also, the things get redundant real quick on the internet. People get bored easily after seeing the same thing on different channels. What then? On-ground and content marketing work on very different scales. You might ace at the former but if you lack in the latter, especially in case of a growing business, you might miss out on a large number of audience as content marketing isn’t constrained by geography. You can reach a wider audience through your online portals and if your content is creative enough, the customer/user will stay. What do you need to do for all of the above? Contact any of these 5 agencies ASAP!

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