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When it comes to choosing the right SOP writing service, there are some basic things that you need to take into consideration. This can include such things as their rates, writing samples, and even their licensing policies and procedures. This is because not all companies perform equal when it comes to these services. Here, we have some of the best-performing SOP service providers to let you help throughout the process of choosing the best for yourself.

1. Taletel

Bhavik Sarkhedi founded Taletel with a vision to offer excellently designed resume writing so as to improve your management skills at several levels. Being India’s most well-known and celebrated content creator, Bhavik Sarkhedi understands that resumes playing a key role in getting a job; that is the sole reason why his team of expert and professional writers personally engage with the clients to deliver them exactly the kind of work they want. This Ahmedabad-based writing agency, Taletel, offers you the best resume writing as they are renowned for their quality standards and professionalism.


Taletel offers numerous brilliant services, some of which are mentioned below:

SOP Writing

Having expertise in diversified fields of writing, Taletel’s experts offer matchless SOP writing solutions. They not only offer SOPs for admissions but also facilitates high-quality SOPs needed while applying for a visa.

Resume Writing

Taletel crafts result-driven resumes that comprise personal engagement, precise layout, executive keywords, and several versions.

LOR Writing

Letter of Recommendation is important as SOP and resume. Most of the clients or students who need SOP and resume writing solutions ask for LOR writing as well. Taletel’s professionals pledge to offer best-in-class LOR writing solutions to their clients.

Article Writing

The articles written by Taletel are unique, connecting and authentic, and precisely according to your instruction.

Blog Writing

Blogs are like the direct link with the targeted audience, and Taletel experienced writers provide you the high-quality SEO-written blogs.

Apart from the above, Taletel extends several services such as content writing, creative content writing, eBook writing, scriptwriting, copywriting, and many more exceptional services.  

What Different Do They Serve?

Taletel always stands out because of the tremendous efforts their team of writers put in; their experience and authenticity are reflected in each and every piece. Their approach towards work is commendable as they primarily understand the intent behind the work, and then the in-depth analysis performed by them makes them the best of all. Bhavik Sarkhedi is the exact thing that makes Taletel different from all, as he is India’s best content writer, a known and one of the established topmost content writers in the world list, author of 4 books, and is the founder of leading writing service agencies.

2. Sop Pro

Delhi-based SOP Pro, the first fully dedicated writing website of India offering SOP writing services with utmost understanding towards the clients. An effective SOP write-up has the power to fulfill your dream; SOP Pro strives to make that happen for you. A team of more than 45 professional writers who believe in delivering the most effective and efficient pieces according to the requirements of the clients and their experience can get you an edge over this extremely competitive world.


SOP Pro offers various kinds of SOP writing services: 

SOP Writing Services

  • Several SOP writing services are offered in all types of academic courses such as undergraduate, post-graduate, engineering, MBA as well as Ph.D.
  • Quite crucial services are offered by them as a letter of intent, letter of motivation, LOR writing services, personal statement writing, and many more.
  • SOP Pro provides SOP of visas as well, for example, SOP for the student visa, visitor visa, tourists visa, PR visa.

What Different Do They Serve?

Their highly experienced and determined team drafts SOPs with absolute genuineness and expertise. They analyze every piece from scratch and write them with keeping in mind the future goals of the student. Timely delivery is their USP; they also offer edits that are needed to be done. They give all their clients a questionnaire through which they acquire all details about the customer and the intent behind the piece.

3.  Anjitvs

Created and founded by Anjit VS, a full-time freelance content writer who writes for businesses, students, and professionals. With quality and the fastest turnaround time being the USPs, Anjit VS has completed over 67 lakhs words in his writing career. He tends to keep his content simple, relevant, and valuable, which has the ability to serve the client’s purposes; I think that is the thing that makes me what I am today. Since 2011, writing is not merely a source of bread for him. It’s like his passion, and when passion becomes a profession, perfection is the final result. He will do complete justice to your piece, which will be exactly according to the client’s instructions.


SOP Writing

Crafting the appropriate SOP is quite an essential task. Usually, people find it difficult doing it all by themselves; Anjit VS helps you draft the write-up just how you want it to be.

Website Content Writing

The content on a website is the most important thing as people are there to grab all the information that they need; Anjit VS offered just the content that you are looking for.

SEO Content Writing

The content written by Anjit VS will directly connect your basic ideas and information that you want to convey; their expertise and creativity are a cherry on the cake.

Numerous other services are also offered by Anjit VS, like company profile writing, article writing, E-commerce writing, E-book writing, and many more.

What Different Do They Serve?

As a freelance content writing company, they always put the needs and expectations of customers beyond and over the monetary considerations, which have won them the respect and trust of clients over these years. Professional ethics and integrity are always the priority for them in comparison to short-term gains. They will help you by providing the best content in an economical, affordable, and qualitative way, upholding professionalism, affordability, and excellence; their experience is an additional benefit.

Now that you’ve gone through the top three SOP writing services, here we have a simple guide on how to choose the right among these to make this process easier for you:

Choose a Company with the Right Experience

This means choosing a company that has been around for quite some time now. These companies are sure to have the right skills when it comes to writing. They also have the necessary knowledge about the service that they offer so you won’t end up with any problems later on.

Opt for a Value for Money Service

Price is one amongst the most important aspects of choosing the right SOP writing service. The best companies will usually offer a variety of packages that will help you determine the cost of their services. A good package will reveal to you how they serve their services and whether they’re charging right or not.

Pick One with Good Service & Creative Instincts

Choosing a reliable SOP service provider does not mean avoiding the quality of services they offer and whether they’re in time or not. It is also important that the company you choose has a team of innovative and creative writers who’re ready to take up the challenges and serve you with the best while incorporating that much-necessary element into your SOP to make it glow, among others.

Strategies the professional SOP writing services follow to create powerful SOP

When you choose an SOP writing agency from the above list of writing services, you need to know what strategy they follow to create a winning SOP. Most professional writing services draft your SOP with a specific strategy that can make you stand out from the crowd. Below is the concept of creating an SOP followed by professionals.

Passionate portraying of the candidate

Universities in SOPs check out whether the applicant is a good fit for their university or not. So, they look for active participants who can contribute to the university and to the program. The professional in such cases makes no mistake and portrays you as passionate as possible.

Using a formal communicative tone

SOPs, no doubt, should include a formal tone, as it is for university admission. You cannot go ahead and talk with the committee like your friend. But too much formal tone also doesn’t connect with the readers. This is why professionals strategize your SOP with a blend of formal and communicative tones that can bring better responses and help you get selected.

Customize your SOP

SOPs, in general, may have a single format; however, different universities have different SOP demands. Some universities mention the SOP format, style, layout, and word count. You have to be quite specific and create an SOP that meets all those criteria. The professional adopts this as a part of the strategy and fulfills all the basic requirements of universities by drafting an SOP customized as per their needs.

Creates a specific SOP

An SOP that is generic always gets rejected. So, the professional emphasizes creating a detailed SOP and includes all the relevant information needed.


The best way to choose the right SOP writing service is to make sure that they have everything you may ask for. Analyze the above-mentioned service providers, and pick one who seems most apt among others. Don’t forget to keep track of their previous clients and their work record before you go ahead with them.

Good luck with your SOP!

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