How to Earn by Becoming a Content Writer in India? [Updated 2024]

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The pandemic of coronavirus has caused loss to everyone in this whole world. Many people are in need of some sources through which they can earn easily. Content writing has become one of the highest-paid jobs in the country after the onset of coronavirus, apart from web designing, blogging and editing. A person can either become a full-time content writer or a freelancer and can earn accordingly.

If you are a content writer and you want to earn some money with the help of your content writing skills, you are in the right place. Everything will be discussed in this article, from how to become a content writer in India to where to apply and how to earn by content writing.

Content writing has become a permanent job field and it is also the most free-lanced work that has emerged as one of the greatest opportunities for everyone. There are different categories of content writing such as blog writing, ghostwriting, article writing, resume writing, SOP writing, etc.

In order to understand the depths of content writing, the first question that everyone gets in their mind is, What exactly content writing is?

What Is Content Writing?

In order to become a content writer in India, firstly, you need to understand the meaning of content writing.

Content writing can be defined as a medium of communication ever since people have learned to write. It is the major form of conveying any information to the people even before the onset of the internet.

Content is mainly the information and experience that is fed to the people via publishing art and communication. A picture, a video, an article or even audio can be considered as content.

Content writing is the professional writing that is created for an online audience to fulfil some particular marketing objectives. The business owners and marketers publish content which is also known as copy. It helps to increase the traffic to the website or to inform the audience about a new service or a new product launched. The main aim of content writing is to reach the target audience and to increase traffic.

What Does A Content Writer Do?

Content writers are the persons who are specialized in writing content online. Some content writers are skilled in different styles of writing while other writers specialize in a nice topic. Also, content writing is employed by government organizations, private companies and can work themselves also as freelancers.

Some of the common types of content writers are mentioned below:

  • Blog Writers- They are the master of creating conversational and engaging content. They tend to write content that speaks to the people and makes them keep reading. The posts written by blog writers are highly entertaining and also increase traffic on the websites.
  • Brand Journalists- These are like brand ambassadors and they focus on different ways to create an image of the brand. They also ensure customer testimonials, press releases, brand stories, company bios and human interest stories. They mainly focus on describing the products and services offered by the company
  • Copywriters- They are skilled wordsmiths who are experienced in crafting different forms of content. They mainly focus on writing a cohesive website copy that flows seamlessly.
  • Ghostwriters- They are the writers who take on writing projects that business owners, companies and authors do not have the time to. They are highly experienced in writing different voices and tones. The writers often finish the work for the authors who are limited on resources and time and they also write white papers, articles, e-books, etc.
  • Technical writers- They are not like other content writers. This is because they are experts in their specific fields of subjects such as science, maths or technology-related concepts. They are highly skilled in turning highly technical topics into some content that is easily understood. They write content that is detail-oriented and methodical in their approach to creating guides, manuals, articles and FAQs
  • Social media writers- These writers create some engaging posts for a variety of social media platforms that encourage comments, likes, shares and follows. They also aim to craft content that produces attention and will result in increased sales and traffic. Social media writers often work with videographers, graphic designers and other marketing teams in order to create some content
  • Email writers- These people use their knowledge of psychology and human behaviour in order to create some content that drives people to take some action. These writers work for brands and companies who want their customers to do certain things like taking advantage of sales, sign up for newsletters, take surveys and enter contests
  • Scriptwriters- These are multi-media writers who excel at storytelling and they see the big picture of the vision of a brand and write copy that aligns with the image in podcasts and videos. They experience different lengths and versions of the copy as their writing must translate well into other formats

What Skills Do Content Writers Need?

Every profession needs a specific set of skills that make people successful in that particular industry. No matter of speciality, all the content writers should possess the following skills:

  • Excellent grammar and style
  • Thorough researching methods
  • Ability to write quickly
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Knowledge of different structures
  • Creativity to write engaging content
  • Proficient communication
  • SEO Understanding
  • Keyword research knowledge
  • Ability to understand the audience

How To Become A Content Writer In India?

Though becoming a content writer requires a lot of effort and time, but here are some easy and quick steps for you to become a content writer:

  • Start reading- Studies have shown that reading improves literacy development and it will also help you to increase your vocabulary, which in turn, leads to greater fluency, concentration and attention span.
  • Try to write different types of content- You can start by journaling, writing some letters to family and friends or even school assignments. This will help you to branch out different topics and writing styles. Also, by writing different styles, you will get to know which style suits you the most.
  • Learn about SEO techniques- It is really important to follow the top techniques and trends regarding SEO strategy. This is because outdated techniques are not that effective. Some websites also provide free online courses regarding this.
  • Join Writer’s Groups- When you will join a writers group, you will get immersed in a variety of ideas in a company with like-minded people. Also, diversity promotes a greater understanding of different cultures, values and attributes.

How To Get Work And Earn As A Content Writer In India?

Following are some of the ways to find work and to earn as a content writer in India:

  • Cold Pitching- It is a method by which writers can email targeted strangers who are mainly potential employers and convince them. People who are active on the internet can easily find work online with this method.
  • Networking and Referrals- A lot of content writers actively network on different networking sites in order to look for some potential clients. Referrals can also work like a charm when your client will recommend you to other clients after you have done your job well.
  • Meeting a client for work- Some content writers as per their kind of writing meet certain clients in order to seek some projects.
  • Online Websites- Some content writers have also signed up on some freelance work websites such as,, and You need to be sure about each project thoroughly before committing as you do not want to be cheated or be underpaid.
  • Email Marketing- It is a great way to make some money as a content writer. Most of the clients need writers in order to help them to tell their stories and several campaigns. This includes online course launches, weekly newsletters and nurture sequences.
  • Lead Magnets- It is another way of earning money by creating some lead magnets for the clients, i.e. list-builders, freemiums freebies, etc. You can be paid as a writer and this method is relatively easy too. As the content is not getting published online, there is no need to worry about SEO and it will help in order to speed up the entire writing process. These are usually on per fixed basis or per word as some of the projects will be really short while others will belong as a blog post.
  • Online Course Content- As everything is shifting online, different entrepreneurs and influencers have created online courses and they are in need of some content writers who can help them turn their knowledge into useful words and courses.
  • Podcast- There were around 30 million episodes till January 2020 and only 51% of the population have listened to a podcast, which means there is a great amount of growth potential. You can create intro, outro, podcast scripts, show notes and social media captions too. If you are a new content writer, this is a great and easy way to meet different podcasters and you can also grow your network while earning.
  • Social Media captions- This is one of the easiest and simplest works you can do as a content writer. You just need to write some captions for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for different clients. It is usually a flat fee for each post or some also have a monthly package.
  • Video Scripts- As we all know more and more people are watching videos and therefore, videos are the future. More and more videos are required and thus, more content writers are required in order to create some engaging content for different videos.
  • Freelancing- It is one of the best options to opt for when you want to earn some money while being in your college or doing some other job. As a freelancer, you can work and write content when you are comfortable in the whole day and you have to submit your content within a deadline of 3-4 days. Most people opt for this option as it is beneficial and does not disturb their daily routine too.

Where To Apply For Content Writing As A Freelancer?

Though there are a lot of freelance writing agencies in the country, the following are some of the most trusted freelance writing agencies in the country:

  • Write Right: – It is one of the globally ranked content marketing agencies. A lot of content writing services are provided such as creative writing, ghost-writing, social media writing, blog writing, Email writing, website writing, resume writing, SOP writing, etc. The founder of Write Right is Mr Bhavik Sarkhedi. He is officially recognised as one of the best writers in the whole world. You can work as a freelance writer here and can earn a good amount of money.
  • Estorytellers: –  This is a team of some competent writers and these writers are well known to keep their clients engaged. You can also work as a freelance content writer under them and can earn a good amount.
  • Taletel: – It is one of the newest content writing agencies and has marked its place in the market very soon. The content provided is really engaging, meaningful and useful as it is provided by the most relevant content writers.

Steps to become a proficient writer in India

Now that you are aware of different types of writing roles and types, it is time for you to know how you can become a proficient writer and entice clients and employers. Becoming a content writer in India demands several steps from you. Lookout and follow the below steps to become a successful writer.

Step-1- Focus on a niche

When you are bracing yourself for becoming a content writer in India, you should start focusing on one niche that you will specialize yourself in writing. However, content writers have the skills to write and form content for the industry. But focusing and specializing will bring you more work. With specialization in one niche, you can improve your research skills and become an expert soon.

Step-2- Build a portfolio

After specializing in a niche, the next thing that you need to do is create your portfolio. Without a portfolio, no client will trust you for work. So, you need to start working on those components that bring you to the limelight and create trust with a potential client. In the portfolio, showcase your skill and include some of your best works and projects that you have worked on.

Step-3- Create a social proof

If you desire to become a successful writer in India, you need to be socially available and active. You need to create social proof and maintain a profile as well. Like people nowadays use Amazon before buying anything in the traditional market. Similarly, clients also look on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Quora. You need to strengthen your presence on these platforms. You can also portray yourself as an expert to create more trust.

Step-4- Create yourself as an authority with a blog

Consumers always trust them easily and offer them a sense of authority, and blogging is the best way to do that. You need to create yourself as an authority by creating an informative blog.

Conclusion : –

As mentioned earlier, due to the increased demand for content marketing in the country, the number of vacancies in the content marketing and writing agencies are also increasing. Content writing is one of the most required jobs today as the whole of the global business is shifting online. Different businesses and companies require efficient content writers in order to showcase their products and services.

Like most of the other things in life, developing yourself as a content writer and earning in this field, will also require time and effort.

Always remember, the more you read, the better you write. Work on your vocabulary and grammar skills in order to become a content writer.

You can easily earn as a content writer in India, you just need to learn some basic writing skills and you will be good to go. Be confident and impatient and you will surely reach heights.

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