Which is Better: Write Right or the Campus Trail ? [Updated: 2024]

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Universities abroad need an individual to submit an application with SOP or Statement of Purpose, which articulates the goals and career path. But when it comes to writing SOPs efficiently so that they truly represent the candidate, then two companies, Write Right and The Campus Trail, outshine from the rest due to their excellent writing services. The demand for SOP writers online has risen over the years as it is the decision-maker of a person’s application. It helps the committee of admission assess the candidate’s career goals along with subject knowledge, beliefs, and vision.

A well-written SOP is an opportunity to show that an individual is better than other applicants. As it is highly necessary for today’s time, the requirement for hiring experts has also surged. People mostly look for proficient SOP writers and stumble upon two big names in the writing industry: Write Right and The Campus Trail. These two companies are popular for their top-notch services and high SOP writing reviews, which is why the decision-making between the two is difficult. Below, you can find certain things that describe their services and help you pick the right one.

Write Right

Writing SOP is quite a tough task, and when it is time for seeking admission in universities, SOP has the most important as it states the intent for studying, motivations, and other things. But with the SOP writing services of Write Right, things become quite easy. The company has more than 50 proficient writers who emphasize the words’ clarity and smartly include it for fulfilling all demands required for the best SOP. They provide custom SOP that helps in making the university impressed or at least lets them notice the candidate.

Write Right has a great sense of understanding the way universities work, their selection process, requirements, and several other criteria. The team of SOP writers online has the perfect strategy, which does not has the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it has a customized approach that is prepared after reviewing the profile of the candidate. Each person excels in a certain area, so they create SOP in a subtle, empathetic, and convincing way. First, they introduce the candidate and provide personal details. Then they elaborate the interests of the candidate in SOP, which helps universities to know about the candidate more.

The process of SOP writing also includes candidates’ motivation so that the universities can check whether their interest aligns with their vision and mission. Writers at Write Right summarize the work, graduation, or under graduation experience of candidates beautifully, and after that, they articulate the academic interest of the candidate. They also explain the short-term and long-term goals for defining the purpose to progress in that subject area. Write Right has a reputation with superb SOP writing reviews and has more than 1200 happy clients across the globe. With Write Right, work completed within the deadline is assured.

The pricing of SOP services is reasonable, and anyone wanting SOP on an urgent basis is also welcomed. They serve high-quality work without taking much time, and for knowing their pricing details, you have to contact the Write Right consultants.

The Campus Trail

The SOPs are the essential part that one can take full control of, but most of the time, when people try to write the SOP, they fail drastically. The reason is that they do not have a complete idea about what to include and what not to include. Therefore people seek SOP writing services, and this is where the Campus Trail helps. It is famous in the SOP writing world due to its excellence in providing top-quality work within the given time. Missing deadlines is something you will not find with this firm. The professional counselors at the company draft a unique SOP for each application, and whatever application need you may have, they fulfill it.

They not only customize SOP drafts according to the university application but also proofread every line so that no space for error remains. They have a team of writers who provide 5 SOPs specially customized to each application so that the candidate has a bit more edge. They deliver drafts within a week and provide one major edit completely free of cost.

After making the payment, one has to fill a questionnaire which is needed for drafting the SOP. Their SOPs definitely help all those individuals wanting to get selected in the universities abroad.


Both Write Right and the Campus Trail are two eminent names in the entire SOP writing services industry, and you can opt for any one of them at your convenience. But if you need just one to go for, then Write Right will be the best option for you. It has more than ten years of experience and some proficient writers who provide high-quality SOP within the provided time.

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