Which is Better: Online Macha or Estorytellers? [Updated 2024]

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SOP (Statement of Purpose) intends to convince the readers or members of a particular committee about the achievements that you possess. This statement of purpose will give you the credibility to showcase your graduate study, work experiences, and other such achievements. For better knowledge, you must know that Statement of Purpose consists of four different parts, that include, introduction, educational achievement summary, the relevance of current activities, and mention the academic interests.

A service provider that focuses on these core parts is evidently the best amongst the two. Online Macha and Estorytellers are both leading players for offering SOP writing services. Both have a team of proficient experts in order to help you prepare the best SOP for your career prospects. But, the question is about declaring what is better.

Online Macha and Estorytellers are amongst the top SOP writers online. Both have their own significance that makes them stand out in the crowd. Let’s look into the detailed aspects of each of them.


Talking about SOP writing services, Estorytellers is one of the biggest names in the market. The best thing about Estorytellers is that their experts emphasize every bit of the details. They have a special team of consultants to inquire with you and talk about your requirements and university criteria. When you define your career goal to them, they decide the path of approach for your SOP writing online needs. They are destined to help you with a unique SOP without any bit of plagiarism.

Estorytellers have attractive pricing but have no upfront cost mentioned over the website directly! The brand believes that customers who are keen to get their SOPs for getting an admission to their dream college will be attended with special considerations when they reach out to them for a quote. You can also leave your details on the ‘Request Quote’ page, and they will contact you with the pricing. As per the SOP writing reviews of Estorytellers are concerned, the pricing factor has received quite a lot of stars! And this is a ‘GO’ sign for the individuals to pick Estorytellers.

Estorytellers have a special team of proficient writers who have the potential to tailor the needs of your university. Every university might demand a different set of requirements within an SOP. Therefore, you will need a team to work upon all those basic requirements. Gone are the days when the companies used to follow just a single template to fill out the client details. It is the era of smart revolutions, and the universities judge the potential of a candidate by the way they meet the SOP requirements. So, it is not worth compromising at all! Estorytellers don’t let you compromise on it!

The Strong Points

  • Quality is par excellent
  • A skilled team of writers
  • Originality is the key consideration aspect.
  • Delivery within deadlines.
  • Correction is free for spelling, typos, grammatical errors, and other such minute tweaks.
  • The writing style is flawless and can be tailored as per university and client demands.

Online Macha

Online Macha has remarkably earned its name in the big market of providing SOP writing services. The company is not just limited to SOP writing, but they have a strong hand in this particular service. The admission committee sets up some requirements to be fulfilled for a particular SOP. And Online Macha has the right resources and expertise to help meet them all. But, this much insight is evidently not enough to convince you about its efficacy! Therefore, let’s dig deep into it!

After going through a plethora of SOP writing reviews, you can conclude that this service provider is not just any random name over the online market. They have competitive pricing for their SOP writing services, which ranges between Rs.1800 to Rs.5000. They claim to help you build a Statement of Purpose that will give you a leading edge over the competition. They have a strict hiring process that helps them hire only qualified staff members to handle your projects.

The Strong Points

  • Affordable pricing for all.
  • Discounts for first-time clients and the long-time-no-see clients (returned clients).
  • Confidential assistance.
  • Plagiarism-free SOP content.
  • University-wise tailoring of the document.
  • Meeting the deadline is a priority, whether it is ten days or one day.

Must-have features and services to expect from these SOP writing services

SOP is all about proving your worthiness as an applicant. You need to highlight all your relevant skills and make them as precise as possible. The SOP writing services no doubt offer you the best SOP that can aid you to get selected. After comparing the two most top-notch writing services, now you must be clear about what services and features you can expect from those writing services.

Unique and customized SOP

The most desirable feature that you must expect from your SOP writing services is uniqueness and customizing. Almost all the SOP writing services create unique SOPs. They create it from scratch and check it on several tools to ensure 100% uniqueness. SOP writing services also create tailored SOPs that meet the required demands of universities as well as applicants.

Faster turnaround time

The next feature that you must look for is the turnaround time. You should always choose a writing service that offers faster delivery of your SOP without any flaws. The SOP should also meet the quality demands.

Expert writers with accreditation

This is another feature that you can find in most writing services. An ideal writing service always does hire efficient writers with extensive years of experience in writing SOPs. They also hold accreditation to offer you the best SOP.

SOP Editing

While most writing agencies offer you the best SOP writing, editing is also an integral part of SOP creation. You should always expect SOP editing to be fulfilled by the most prominent editors. Editing creates your SOP crisper and reduces the chances of rejection. Most of the writing services offer you editing as a feature, while most of them don’t. So, you must expect this feature while hiring a writing agency.


Both Online Macha as well as Estorytellers have their own significance. Therefore, you can decide upon whether to go with Estorytellers or Online Macha, based upon your observations. But, if you seek any suggestion of comparison between these two SOP writing online service providers, then Estorytellers stands out in the crowd and is probably a better option to pick.

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