Professional Content Writing Services Prices in India 2024 [Guide]

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In today’s world, content is all around – on newspapers, on magazines, the internet, and where not. With the growing internet usage, many websites have come into existence. Content Writing has an immense impact on the success of your website, your business, and your personal growth.

Content is what makes the internet exciting and engaging! Discover how you can incorporate content into your business to make it more successful.

What is Content?

Content Writing is a series of facts, events, ideas, or instructions that have been planned and presented in a written form. It’s the heart of any online communication, and it can be delivered in a variety of formats, including blogs, books, articles, newsletters, press releases, video content, resumes, and more.

While audio and video functionalities have evolved overage, content writing has been the same from time immemorial. It was born the time people started communicating.

The more quality content you produce for your website, social platforms etc, the better your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing will be. Creating high-quality content not only helps to drive traffic but also increases your credibility as well as brand awareness.

For marketing and promotional material, businesses rely heavily on content authoring. The fact that over 2 million blog entries are posted every day on the internet demonstrates that content authoring has expanded exponentially, and what’s even more intriguing is that there will be a boom in internet users in the next 4-5 years.

And its implications:

1. Optimizing your SEO can give your company a significant boost

If you want good SEO, it’s important to have regular & high-quality content. This will establish your business as being active on social media and build loyalty with your customers.

On top of saving a lot of time and effort, if you have a strong marketing content strategy in the first place, content writing services can help improve your SEO. This will mean that you’ll rank higher on Google for relevant keywords.

2. Your audience retain for long:

A good resource is a high-quality material. It has the capacity to deliver positive experiences for prospective customers and persuade them to return. It’s the key to retaining the viewer’s attention and maintaining a positive label, image, and perception.

3. Boost in sales

Good quality content can have a lot of benefits. It allows businesses to showcase their product in the best possible light, which influences the shopping decisions of consumers.

Whether you’re running an eCommerce business or a service-based venture, the right content can help sell your product by highlighting its features in the best way possible.

4. Reach out to new audiences

Engaging and well-written content will always thrive, especially if you adhere to a few SEO-friendly content creation guidelines. In this digital age, it is gradually becoming important for a business to have a social presence in order to gain a larger audience.

5. A voice for your brand

Have you ever wondered how Starbucks can so flawlessly combine a consistent atmosphere with a consistent marketing message? The answer is their strong branding identity. The website you create will be expertly designed to reflect your company in the best way. The customer will be able to learn more about you and what you represent, bringing your company one step closer to success. All this will happen because of the content the users view.

6. Helps gaining loyal followers:

People who are passionate about the brand are more likely to end up being ambassadors to the company. They love, connect with and share thoughts about it before they buy.

You seem to be struggling when it comes to being clear, but here’s a way out. It is true that company believers could also turn into loyal company customers who will communicate the worth of their products and services to others.

A company’s marketing strategy is one of the more effective factors for success.

Types of Content Writing

1. Blogging

Blogging is a form of content writing that offers a distinctive voice and a valuable perspective that is informative to the reader. Blogging allows the writer to share their thoughts and opinions with readers more engagingly. These opinions can also reach a wider audience than many other forms of content writing, which means bloggers can become influential in their chosen field or niche.

Blogging is purely meant to share information but is often confused with websites. Websites can be multi-purpose, like offering services and making transactions, but blogs are purely intended to share knowledge on a niche. Because of the large internet audience, blogging may convey a goal or message to a specific set of people and make the audience know of a product, service, or a variety of brands.

This is why practically every company, especially those entirely dependent on the internet, use blogging. Blogging has always been an essential part of content marketing. Blogging is extremely crowded, with millions upon millions of writers, and ranking amid a large volume of information is challenging.

2. Copywriting

Several content writing types can be categorized as “traditional”. These include writing copy for your website, product descriptions, sales collateral, or advertisements. Copywriting is often overlooked, have you given it any thought recently? Copywriting is often called ‘nuts and bolts or a do-it-yourself type of content. Copywriting is an important part of your strategy because the messages you create play a significant role in building your brand. You need to craft these messages strategically and focus on the quality while understanding the impact these types of written pieces have on your potential customer.

3. Technical Writing

Technical writers mainly produce materials that convey information, instructions, or procedures in a format that other engineers or technicians can use. This writing is usually targeted at people with an expert understanding of the subject matter.

Technical writers work at all levels in engineering and high tech industries, including non-technical companies such as Product Designers, Software Developers, Field Service Engineers.

Technical writers need to have a strong knowledge of both English language grammar and composition skills and technical disciplines to be able to create accurate instructional text.

Technical writing requires condensing complex topics into language that readers can understand without technical knowledge. The style should be friendly and engaging while maintaining accuracy and professional credibility.

4. Ghostwriting

Though the name of the next type of content writing is ghostwriting, it doesn’t do with ghosts. In this type of writing, a person develops the content, but it’s published under someone else’s name. Some SEO and marketing agencies offer content writing services under the label of “ghostwriting.” Basically, as a ghostwriter, the content will always be published in the name of the person you are writing for.

5. Social Media Writing

Social media offers many great opportunities to boost your business. You can engage with potential customers on social media, create quality content your target audience would enjoy, and forge relationships to grow your customer base. You can easily promote your products and services on social media platforms with good content writing services. Social media writing involves writing posts on various social accounts.

6. Press Release

As you get ready for your next new product launch, the best way to tell web users about it is through a press release. It allows you to get the word out and showcase any new products and services.

Earlier business owners sent these releases to the local radio station or newspapers. But now, with people using the internet more than ever – you can use an E-press release. With it, you can connect with your audience directly online. Businesses send these releases to reputable digital platforms, so they get published there for everyone to see and read.

7. Website Content

These days, when someone starts a new online business, the priority is making a website. Once they make one, they hire someone to write up all the content on the home page, contact us page, and more.

These days there’s a boost in online, and people are shifting to it instead of offline. Online websites don’t have the same limitations as physical stores, making them great for business.

With the increase in online websites, the competition has also increased. To stand out in the competition, you need to have well-optimized website content that attracts audiences.

8. Ebook writing

An ebook is a digital book that can be read on a computer, tablet, or other electronic device. Ebooks are usually made available in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats. Ebooks are often cheaper than their printed counterparts and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. They also have the advantage of including hyperlinks to other sources of information.

9. Email Writing

Emails are one of the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and chat about new products or updates that they might find interesting. They’re a great way to establish an ongoing relationship and build trust.

Email is indisputably the best content to use in B2B and B2C communications. Emails are easy to create, short in length, and concise. Make sure you give them effective headlines so people won’t forget about your message when they read their inbox.

Famous Companies in India

1. Write Right

Write Right ® always creates fresh, new content for your businesses. Their writers are talented and experienced in writing content that will keep your business looking good online. They offer a full 360° package ranging from general content to blog posts, articles, copywriting services, and more.

One of the reasons why Write Right has been successful is the satisfied clients and the aspiring startups. Write-Right works on three aspects:


Good content writing services matter, right? Isn’t the best content marketing often something short and readable? Quality matters.


We know that working within a deadline can be tough. And we’re all about delivering projects on time. But no matter the scope of a project, we always work to get it done by the deadline so you’ll have peace of mind.


You’ll love our creations. They’re flawless – but with a UI in mind. When what you create converts viewers into customers, that’s quality engagement, folks.

2. Estorytellsers:

We know plagiarism and robotic content is a concern for businesses, which is why we’re here to help! Estorytellers provides companies with customizable, story-driven content tailored toward their clients and customers.

Our expertise in writing good-quality content. By humans will allow you to generate more sales leads and higher revenue.

3. TaleTel

Taletel is a good, well-respected service provider for niche sites, blog posts, and other content. They create premium professional content and offer full service between research & optimization, culminating in the final product of your website.

Taletel helps you create website content and craft an effective strategy to get your message across. They pay attention to your target audience and provide fresh, captivating content.

Working with an expert means that you have someone with a personalized interest in your marketing campaigns. As a result, we can create content that will resonate more effectively.

Taletel provides exceptional and unique copy for any business, ranging from  ads to blog posts.

They provide error-free, grammatically friendly content- and it’s backed by 100% unique content. They can write quickly and are usually also experienced editors too. If you’re looking, give them a try!

4. KalamKagaz

KalamKagaz provides first-rate content writing that helps you capture the audience on every channel. You can trust our content writers to offer on-point blogs, custom essays, and educational writing to give your business 360-degree exposure.

5. Bloggism

Bloggism is a great company with a talented writing team producing some of the best content available. They offer many different pricing options, as well as excellent customer service.

Their digital marketing strategies and pro editing services meeting any timeline are a great combination of availing their master service.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your business and stand out from the competition with high-quality and effective content, contact one of the best content service providers today!

Content Writing Services Prices in India 2022

Now that we’ve seen the basics of content writing let’s take a look at some prices associated with different content writing services

Content writing in India can be slightly cheap because of all the competition in this growing market. If you’re looking for services, there are many providers to choose from at competitive prices.

It’s important not to focus on the cost but on your desired outcome. Remember that cheap doesn’t always equal high quality. Do your research and find content that provides the quality you look for within a reasonable price range.

1. Blogs

Blogs need to be high-quality and regular, or customers will stop reverting. They also need to cover a large range of topics and products if they’re tailored content, otherwise, the customer might not feel involved with written content. Prices vary from 2 INR to 5 INR, with content quality and meeting deadlines determining the cost.

2. Website Content

It is important to have quality content to attract customers and keep them coming back. Many factors can affect the cost of website content. The length, complexity, and topic all play a role in how much it costs to produce. Writing website content varies from 2 INR to 6 INR per word.

3. Resume

The content of your resume shows off your skills experience. If you want to focus on the strengths that make you stand apart from the rest, One way to do this is by having a creative resume design. If you don’t want your resume to become outdated, make sure it has been updated for this year. Usually, resume writing services start from 999 INR and go up to 1999 INR for a document.

4. Statement of Purpose SOP

Like a resume, it outlines your skills and educational history but has a more descriptive format. A well-built SOP means you’ll have good quality content to use in an application that measures up against this type’s usual requirements. Usually, the price of SOP writing in India falls under 1999 INR to 3999 INR per document. Depending on various factors like the deadline and the customer satisfaction.

5. Letter of Recommendation LOR

A letter of recommendation is a letter written by one person to another, usually to support an application for a job or other position. The letter should be addressed to the person who will read it, such as a potential employer or admissions officer. The writer should introduce themselves and state their relationship with the applicant. They should then describe what they know about the applicant’s skills and abilities, including any personal observations about them. Depending on the quality, purpose, and deadline, a LOR might cost anywhere from 999 INR and 2999 INR.

6. Essay writing

When applying to continue your education or study abroad, you will be asked to submit multiple essays demonstrating your strength as a candidate. Simply described, it assesses a candidate’s ability to communicate in writing. These services are typically used when a candidate does not have enough time to create essays before the deadline or requires high-quality material in their essay submission. The cost of an essay varies between 2 and 4 INR per word.

7. Email writing

Email writing is a very skillful job. It requires you to be creative and yet purposeful while writing an email. Email writing is a regular task, and hence prices for email writing typically range from 3 INR to 7 INR per word.

8. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is an article written under the name of someone else. Writers write creatively with the highest vocabulary and top-notch quality. The cost of ghostwriting varies between 3 and 9 INR per word, depending on the quality and quantity of the given material.

9. Press release

A press release means stating to the media to make an official announcement to the masses. A press release resembles a news report in that it includes quotes, sources, and basic information. The cost of writing a press release varies between 2 and 3 INR per word. The overall cost is determined by how much information is included in the press release.

10. Social media content

SOcial platforms are a great way to attract customers and clients through social posts. The social media content is usy=ually engaging and impactful that attracts the audience to look at your social profile and engage with your business. It is also quite brief, with a heavy emphasis on photographs, videos, and infographics. Social media material costs range from 2 to 7 INR per word, depending on the content’s originality.

11. LinkedIn profile

A LinkedIn profile is a page that highlights an individual’s talents, career experience, and education and provides professional news feeds and networking opportunities. Creating a LinkedIn profile is similar to developing a personal brand. Highlighting your abilities, keywords related to your business and jobs, and your endorsement are important components of a great profile. Depending on whether the profile is simple or exceptionally powerful, the cost of developing a LinkedIn profile ranges from 799 INR to 3999 INR.

12. Cover letter:

A cover letter is an official document submitted with your resume as part of a job application. The goal is to introduce oneself and quickly outline your professional background. It is not a replacement for your resume but rather an addition to it. A cover letter is usually quite official, with all of the information contained on one page. The cost of a cover letter varies between 499 INR and 3999 INR, depending on how professional and appealing it is written.

So, if you’re looking for high-quality content that doesn’t cost the earth, you won’t find it better than these top 5 content writing companies in India. They promise to give you quality work of top-notch quality and deliver on time with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Cost factors that play an imperative role in deciding the price

Now that you know the idea about the cost charged by different writing services, you should also know what decides that cost. Every content that you get delivered goes through an extensive process. This process includes research, competitor analysis, idea framing, writing, editing, proofreading, etc. In such cases, all these factors will decide the cost of your content. So, if you are new to content outsourcing, here are a few cost factors that play an impeccable role.


Experience is the primary factor that plays a decisive role in the cost. With more experience, you will find prolific writing services that emphasize more on quality. Further, more experience as writers will also demand more paying of salary to them. This will add up the cost to the end product. Although, it will not be as pricey as you think. But experience is a factor that plays a decisive role.

Content size

The next most significant cost factor is content size. Every content requirement doesn’t have similar demand when it comes to size. Besides, every writing firm does charge you based on the word count. That implies; you have to pay per word. In such cases, when your content is lengthy, it is evident that you have to pay more.

Time for delivery

Time also is a cost factor. Several clients demand content on a higher priority basis, with a strict deadline. All these content writings will cost you more, as the writers will have to work round the clock to complete your content. So, the time for delivery also plays a decisive role.


The content type that you order for also decides the cost. When your content is web content or social media post, you can expect a rise in cost, as it will include copywriting.

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