A Detailed Guide on SEO Blog Writing Services and Charges in India – 2024

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The power of words is immense – they can make, break, inspire, and change the world. And that is precisely the power businesses are utilizing to change their fortunes. With the evolution of technology, people’s lives are absolutely different. Time and gadgets have taught us to believe in things we cannot physically touch.

Earlier, marketing depended much on physical advertisements, posters, hoardings, and more. People would read magazines and newspapers to get information and learn about new things. But currently, people are looking at blogs and articles.

And that’s why people are frantically looking out for ways to find superior content writing services that can help them rank on search engines. These companies work towards enhancing the website’s rankings that directly drive sales.

Sadly enough, this has become a booming business and a highly competitive market. It isn’t easy to choose the best one with so many companies. But if you are reading this at the moment, we assure you have stumbled upon the right place!

Why should you outsource your blog writing needs?

Blog writing services undoubtedly offer you immense benefits. Besides quality and cost-effective rates, there are several other benefits that you can attain. The blog writing services can help you drive more traffic and quality to your website for better revenue. They also emphasize creating educating blogs that are specific to the audience. If you wish to establish your authority, then you need blog writing services. Here are a few reasons to outsource your blog writing needs.

Improve branding

Outsourcing blog writing is any day better than an in-house team. It is because; the blog writing agencies are always conscious of their reputation. They would always want to improve their reputation. In such cases, they will create more audience-specific blogs and portray you as an authority. Eventually, this will help you grow as a brand.


The blog writing services do in-depth research and find out topics that can grasp the reader’s attention. Besides, they also focus on writing answers to your prospect’s queries in the form of blogs. You can boost your credibility when you solve the prospect’s query indirectly.

SEO support

Another great benefit that you can find in outsourcing blog writing is getting SEO support. The Blog writing services are well-acquainted with the algorithm of SERPs. So, they create your blog in such a way that helps you rank in SERPs. With SEO support, they will also find you the necessary keywords that you need to include in your blogs.

Long term results

Blog writing services always create blogs that are evergreen. These blogs on the internet can bring you traffic any day. If you wish to attain long-term results, you must outsource your blog writing to professional blog writing services. They also know several types of writing styles that can offer you desired results.

We have made a list of India’s best SEO Blog writing services. And guess what? You’ll get an idea about their charges as well! So, hang in there to know it all!

6 Top Rated SEO Blog Writing Service Companies in India

Not everyone who knows the language can write. Again, not everyone who can write will provide you with the best blog! For this, you would need specialists. And for that, you would have to choose the companies that have experience and are run by knowledgeable people.

We have handpicked a few among the vast lot, and we assure you they are The Best You Are Looking at! So, let’s not waste any more time looking at India’s top-rated SEO blog writing services. Check them out-

1. Write Right

Write Right always writes it Right! Yes, another renowned and famous name in the world of content writing in India is Write Right! The company has the experience of working with several clients with varied requirements. And the expert team present at Write Right can provide you with customized content as per your preferences.

The company begins their work on your requirement based on your brief and keeps a space for corrections as and when necessary. Write Right is exceptionally particular about their team of writers, which makes the screening process challenging for average writers. And that makes businesses rely on this company to provide them with the best-customized content.

To collaborate with Write Right, you would have to draft out the content and outline things you want them to write. And then, the concerned person gets in touch with you to collaborate the work further. This working procedure has worked fantastically for Write Right, which has fetched several prestigious awards.

The charges for the company, on average, are about 2 INR to 5 INR per word. However, they may vary depending on your work requirement. We suggest you speak to representatives to provide you with a detailed charge structure.

2. Taletel

Another company that can provide you with the perfect SEO blog writing service is Taletel. You can trust Taletel for the sponge-like quality the company has! Taletel has a team of writers who can skillfully create unique content that gels up with your company-type and can suit your voice as well.

It’s not always easy to find a company that understands your business well. But with Taletel, keep no doubt that you will fetch yourself the best type of content. Apart from writing SEO blogs, you can trust them to do other content for you.

Taletel’s expertise is in article writing, SOP, Email writing, letters of recommendation, Social Media content, and more. They even actively incorporate all the current SEO guidelines, which can help your company reach heights.

The company continuously works towards training and upgrading itself to keep up with the industry norms. And the charges for Taletel are approximately similar to the others mentioned on our list, and the INR varies from being Rs. 2 to 5/- for each word.

So, if you’ve made up your mind to collaborate with Taletel, go onto their website and place it in your query. Within no time, the concerned person will get in touch with you.

3. Bloggism

Bloggism is a company that has traveled up the ladder and has been counted as a famous content writing agency within a short period. People working at this company are focused on their job and know exactly how to curate customized content that suits your requirement.

Plus, they are affordable and reliable too! The company believes in providing you with an expert content creator who understands your business requirements well and curates the content according to what you want. Moreover, the expert brings to your notice catchy keywords that will increase your search engines rankings.

Digital marketing is a vital aspect to consider currently if you want people to avail of your services and products. And that makes the dire need of reputed companies all the more. The price range of Bloggism is also similar to the ones mentioned above, which is Rs. 2 to 5 INR per word if you are looking for SEO blogs.

Other content writing services might vary. So, we would always suggest you speak to the company to learn about their prices.

4. Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz has remained as one of the top-rated SEO blog writing companies for their immensely talented team. They can provide you with the best content that experts create. Each writing service has particular expertise, and Kalam Kagaz has worked hard to create a team with experts in each field.

Moreover, their quick deliveries make it easy for any business to collaborate with them for their urgent requirements. Kalam Kagaz is a top-rated company with a high clientele base.

To collaborate with them, all you would have to do is contact their team, and soon you’ll receive a quick response from them. Kalam Kagaz writes SEO blogs for an average of Rs. 2 to 5 per word. But the exact price will be known to you once you speak to their experts.

5. Estorytellers

Another name glowing like a start in the content writing service industry is Estorytellers. They can provide you with top-notch content and be your one-stop solution service for different types of content requirements you may have.

Apart from providing you with excellent ranking SEO blogs, the company has the expertise of writing articles, biographies, resumes, SOPs, and any more types of content. Moreover, they can evaluate the audience and then curate their content accordingly. So, you can say that Estorytellers can make personalized content for you, giving you a high ROI.

The content Estorytellers writes for you is attention-grabbing and helps you rank high on search engines. Since the company’s panel of writers is vast, they provide you with a great structure and style that suits your personality and business voice.

Having a distinct voice, which is the same as yours, is difficult. For that, you would always want an expert to pen down your thoughts. And that’s not something you can find easily, but when working with Estorytellers, be sure that you will be given the content you are thinking of.

The price range the company works for is Rs. 2 to 5 INR per word for SEO blog writing. For other projects and detailed pricing, speak to their representative to get a whole idea.

6. Content Euphoria

The last that has made it to our list is Content Euphoria. The company widely works in several parts of India, and in fact, the company has the experience of working with foreign clients as well. Content Euphoria is the brainchild of Sundeep Mehra, who has been working hard to establish a company in the field of providing quality content writing services.

Content Euphoria can provide you with top-notch blog writing services. Apart from that, they even work in content writing services like SEO articles, SOP writing services, resume writing services, and much more. The amazing-looking official website gives you access to their contact details, where representatives are waiting to get in touch with you.

The company is ready to offer you its quotation and services with a simple brief. Just like most companies worldwide, Content Euphoria also charges approximately Rs. 2 to 5 INR per word on average.

However, you must note that each work is different and their charges consequently would also be varied. For best pricing and exact quotation, it is always advisable to visit their official website and speak to the respective concerned person.

Once you send them your brief, you can be sure to be delivered with the best content!

Prices of Other Content Writing Services in India

Now that you have an idea about the prices of SEO blog writing services in India, let’s discuss what the other writing services might cost you.

Here we have spoken about the other writing services that the companies mentioned earlier can provide you. So, let’s check out the following:

1. Website Content

The term website content is huge! When someone refers to website content, they may mean case studies, articles, web pages, and more. This is also a type of content that helps you rank higher on SERPs. Businesses with a digital presence must watch out for premium quality website content to improve their ranks.

The list of top-rated companies in India mentioned above does offer this service. And the approximate charges for this are also the same as blog writing, which is Rs. 2 to 5 INR.

2. Resume Writing

People who are into business or service know well enough the power of a resume. A business owner instantly likes the person who has an attractive resume. And a service person puts in all their knowledge and skills to make the resume look eye-catching. Sadly enough, not everyone knows how to use words that are attractive skillfully.

For that, people have to take the help of experts. Resume writers have upgraded their skills to know the nerves of employers that help employees earn more.

A perfect resume can take you closer to your dream, and that will cost you something, but it’s worth it! The approximate price of a resume ranges from 2000 to 7000 INR. With this price range, you can assure yourself of the best job!

3. Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation? Wondering if you need this or not? Well, to your surprise, a piece of recommendation also needs an expert touch! If you want your letter of recommendation to work like magic, the companies mentioned earlier can help you.

These agencies are best in writing the best LOR at quite economical charges. It generally ranges within a price range of Rs. 999 to 2999, and you can ask the company to add anything you want and think of.

4. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

SOP is something that students are currently using, and these work to help the students get into their dream college abroad. SOP is an integral part of a student’s career, and you must choose a company that values that.

We have gone through our research, and we find that all the companies we have spoken of earlier can write the best Statement of Purpose for you. The average range is around Rs. 1999 to 3999 for a premium quality SOP.

5. Essay Writing

We’ve all come across this at one time in our lives. But not everyone had the skills of writing a proper, in-sync, relevant, and interesting essay. And that makes most people feel embarrassed. But there is nothing you need to worry about. There are many companies out there that can provide you with the best essay that wouldn’t even cost much.

Generally, the charges for writing an essay, the companies charge around 2 to 5 Rupees Per Word.

6. Email writing

Just like resumes, emails have become extremely important. Every professional who has come across emails knows the power and importance of it. One of the most formal and best ways of communication is email writing.

So, if you have a business solely dependent on emails, you have to make sure you are expressing your thoughts, conditions, and services appropriate to your clients. And for that, people are taking help from professionals. Generally, for email writing, digital marketing companies charge around Rs. 3 to 7 Rupees per word.

7. Press release

By catching press content, you can drive a lot of your customers. They get attracted to your business and want to know more and more about you. Some people shy off from expressing their expertise to people. But the power of a press release is immense. With a few releases, you can reach heights.

And for these too, the companies as mentioned above are a pro! They can help you with a catch press release that will attract many customers, which will, in turn, help you do well in your business. For a press release, companies generally charge around 2 to 4 Rs per word.

8. Ghostwriting

Are you planning to write your new book? Is a draft just lying in your drawer? Well, then it’s time you take that out because the companies we’ve already spoken of above know their job and can write the book for you.

Generally, they charge around 2 to 9 INR per word for your book. All you would have to do is show them your book and tell them about the niche you want to work in, and the rest can be assured.

9. Social Media Content

People are yet to see the effect of social media! Apart from blogs, articles, and others, one of the most important digital marketing strategies is social media content.

On these platforms, you have to use the right words and curate attractive yet short content. Not all companies deal with this but look no further than the list above. The companies have a special team that curates the perfect eye-catching social media content for you.

Since this is relatively new, you could speak to each of the individual websites to know the exact prices.

10. LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the most renowned websites that give you a fair chance to build your network and make a lovely working team. The platform is a witness to several success stories. LinkedIn can make a huge difference in your career with a diverse opportunity for people from various professions.

If one wants to connect to people and grow their network correctly, they need to have a great LinkedIn profile. It requires a professional touch to make it look attractive and eye-catching.

In this case, too, you can trust digital marketing companies, and they have learned the power of words and can create a great LinkedIn profile for you. Generally, the charges for this profile-making costs around Rs. 799 to Rs. 3999.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Blog Writing Services & Charges In India!

As we come to the end of our detailed guide about SEO blog writing services and their charges, we thought of highlighting some common FAQs. The list of FAQs we have come up with will solve all your queries and leave no doubt on your mind.

So, let’s not waste any more in checking out what the common FAQs are-

1. What do you mean by SEO-friendly blogs?

The term SEO means search engine optimization. So, when you say that the blogs need to be SEO-friendly, it simply implies that you would have to write content that is specifically optimized in a way shown on all potential search engines.

Moreover, blogs much have keywords. You can have a better ranking through keywords, where people can see you easily. Generally, it is advised that keywords need to be placed in the first paragraph of the content. Also, you need to add them in your headings which are H1, H2, and H3.

Experts generally use URL optimization, keywords in the title, places links within the website, and other ways. They also have other ways to optimize your content. And for that, you need expert help.

2. What should the length of a blog post be?

Before you hire any company, it is always ideal to have an idea of your own. Any company you hire must know your vision, budget, and what exactly you want. They would indeed give you suggestions but, in any case, we would always want you to know some things beforehand.

SEO blogs posts can vary depending on the requirement. But in general, it varies from 2000 words to 10,000 words. Experts suggest people always choose blog posts that are of the long format because that helps them engross their readers and at the same time improve the rankings on the web pages.

3. Why must I choose Blogs for my website?

Many people want to know more about the benefits of blog writing and why you should include them in your website. Well, to answer your question, let us tell you that words have immense power. When you write website content, it keeps the website fresh and engaging. With interesting topic uploads, you will have more and more visitors to your website, which will increase your traffic.

Moreover, you will increase your brand value and become a talked-about name in the industry. Blogs have the power of driving customers. So, this is why we suggest businesses choose blogs for their website.

4. SEO Blogging, is it relevant in 2022?

Well, blogging is something that is here to say. They have the power to establish your brand in the market and make you famous, and you will soon become a talked-about company worldwide.

5. Which company is the best to write blogs for my website?

We’ve already answered this question of yours! You can trust the companies mentioned above as they have hired experts who know their job and have immense experience in this field. They have been working as content writers for years.

So, you can trust them to write your blogs and be sure of your website reaching heights within days of publishing.

Final Thoughts

Blog posts have immense power, and there is no way you should keep yourself away from this service. However, it’s essential to hire someone who is professional and can provide you with quick deliveries.

As we conclude our blog today, we hope you now know what to do and who to approach! Well, we would still want to tell you that the power of blogs is immense, and there is no way that you should refrain yourself from hiring a reputed company.

This hiring will fetch you long-term benefits and make your business a brand in no time! All the companies that we have listed above are reputed, and they do hire experienced writers. So, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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