How to become a Content Writer in India? [Updated 2024]

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“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” – Lee Odden

Let’s acknowledge it. Traditional marketing techniques have become less influential in this digital age. The GEN Z customers are already immune to traditional marketing strategies. With social media as a part of their everyday lifestyle, GEN Zers are socially aware of marketers trying to sell them “stuff”.

But as consumers change, marketers adapt. Marketing content that is personalized and valuable is the key to engage and connect with these young consumers. And that’s how content writing has emerged to be one of the lucrative career options in the digital market.

What does a Content Writer do?

Content writing is all about creating promotional and informational content that gives value to its readers. As a content writer, you will be required to create original content after a thorough process of researching, planning, writing, editing and rewriting.

Yes, you heard it right. You cannot just write at once and get it done with. Be it content for blogs, articles, websites, ads or any other social media platforms- writing content calls for dedication and passion for the job.

Moreover, under the umbrella of content writing, you don’t just have blogs and articles. The breadth of this domain is limitless in its own beautiful way. You’ll probably receive ten different replies if you question ten different content creators about what they do throughout the day. It offers endless ways of producing meaningful content that you will be surprised! From writing scripts for YouTube videos to resume writing, we content writers do it all.

Who can become a Content Writer?

Now that we know what content writing actually is, let’s look at what it takes to be a content writer.

Although having a degree in Journalism, Literature and mass communication is preferable, anyone with good communication skills and a flair for writing can become a content writer. If you feel that you have the innate ability to write, hesitate no longer to take up this dream job.

Remember that writing is a skill that is owned and at the same time it should be developed. You will have to create your own writing style as well as adapt different styles and tones of writing. It is advisable that you take up a course in content writing or learn online about SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing to know more on the subject.

How to get a job in Content Writing?

You’ve chosen content writing to be your career choice, so where to start? The very first step is to build trust by showcasing your capabilities. Content writing is a job like any other that requires the necessary skills. Experiment with your writing, be creative, learn from other writers and gain experience.

Build your portfolio

You can start by building a portfolio that highlights your skills and prove yourself with good writing samples. Or better yet, create your own blog. Blogging about what interests you and what you are already well aware of can also help you find your niche. Be it a blog on lifestyle, health, how-to-guides, book reviews, product reviews- you name it.


If you’re still in college, the best way to build your portfolio is by doing various internships. While working with experienced writers you can easily get remarks and feedback about your writing and obtain valuable work experience. By doing internships, you would also be able to try out different fields in writing and choose your career path. Additionally, you would also gain a network of professionals in the field and improve your job opportunities.


You can apply for freelance content writing positions advertised in job portals and other websites. This is one of the easiest ways to find companies that are looking for new writers. With the job description given, you can understand the needs of the organization and know if you are appropriate for the job. You can either choose to do freelancing for various content agencies online or become a full-time content writer in the organization by contacting them directly.

Social media platforms

With the help of social media platforms, you can easily connect globally and diversify your work horizons. Find job opportunities in Facebook groups and communities, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and check regularly for new job updates. Make sure that you constantly update your profile in different social media platforms and maintain an active profile to be more visible to recruiters.

Constant Upskilling

Whether you are a newbie in this line of work or a seasoned professional with over decades of experience, in order to avoid professional redundancy, one needs to constantly upgrade their skill set and knowledge. Find out what others are writing. Google the trending topics. Learn a new form of content writing practice that is in demand or a skill that the industry is using lately. Additionally, to create a relevant trend, one must be well aware of the latest slang and vocabulary being used. That will help you not only reach a broader clientele but also a larger reader base. So keep growing by learning.

Other qualifications

If you have added qualifications or extensive knowledge in a specific field, you can opt for writing as a subject matter expert. Showcase your writing skills using Quora and demonstrate your expertise in the field. If you manage to provide valuable solutions in your writing, the number of upvotes would surely speak on your behalf.

Why is it imperative to build a robust niche as a Content Writer?

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you need guidance about blurry vision. Now, would you just pick any doctor? Or would you straightaway consult a surgeon? No, right? You would directly go to an optometrist. You would get the tests and all done by the one with a specialisation.

See a niche as a specialisation! The customer is the one with the blurry vision in this analogy. They need aid to get their work going. You, my friend, with a well-defined niche, would help them find the best solutions for their content problems. Hence, building a niche is the first step towards building a personal brand or an enterprise in this realm. 


Content writing is a pretty good career choice if you are always on the go for learning new topics. As a content writer, words become a strong medium for communicating your thoughts, opinions and ideas on a given topic. And there is always a high demand for quality content that is shown from a fresh perspective. So create your own niche and be original.

Deciding to become a full-time content writer can be a tough choice to make. To be very honest with you, it is quite challenging to have a steady income as a beginner writer. However once you establish yourself as a reputable content writer and build a strong network, earning while expressing yourself couldn’t get any easier.

With the help of the ways mentioned above, you can become a successful content writer and make your own career path.

Happy Writing 😊

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