Importance of Statement of Purpose for securing admission to foreign universities

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2021 is already predicted to be a tough year for admissions in foreign universities. As many students deferred admissions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it has been predicted that 2021 will see a rise in applications. This will also double the competition for admission to the best universities around the world and especially in the US and UK. In this high-stress climate, a candidate needs to create a top-notch application to succeed. A statement of purpose for a foreign university is the most important component during the application procedure. Let’s discuss in brief the components and purpose of a Statement of Purpose and how you can make yours stand out.

What is a Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose in an essay that illustrates a candidate’s reasoning behind seeking admission into the university of their choice. It is a document that details their academic and professional interests with the goal of convincing an admission committee to accept their application. Keep in mind, an SOP or personal statement is not merely a list of academic and educational qualifications as in the case of a resume. But more so a document that tells the story of your commitment to the discipline of your choice highlighted through examples of work experience and education in said discipline. It shows a candidate’s motivations, personality, and life story in a way that a GPA cannot. 

What do colleges look for in a Statement of Purpose?

Uniqueness, uniqueness, uniqueness. Yes, a unique selling point is what universities are looking for when evaluating your Statement of Purpose. Remember that universities are parsing through thousands of applications during an admission season. And will need yours to stand out in a big way to get noticed. Below, we have listed a few things you can look out for when drafting your SOP.

  • An SOP is not a creative writing endeavor. However, you still need to ensure your document is free of grammatical errors, does not contain long winded sentences that drag on forever and communicates the point of your application with maximum ease. It needs to be plagiarism free and most importantly personal.
  • When drafting your SOP, make sure to keep in mind your long term goals. Try to explain without resorting to flowery language how admission into the particular university will kickstart your future professional endeavors. Try to show a correlation with your current work experience (if you are applying for graduate school) and the course you are applying for. Try to show a link and how higher education in your chosen discipline will enhance your professional future. Also be sure to illustrate the efforts you have already taken to excel in said discipline-whether through your undergrad education, extra courses, projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc.
  • Also remember it’s a two way street. Show how you as a candidate can add to the university-whether to its robust sports culture, its entrepreneurship cell, its media clubs etc. with the skills and qualifications your already possess.
  • Gain insight about particular professors teaching the university courses, student facilities etc. and use in them to show how they will specifically benefit you. Say you come across a revered professor of microbiology who is also a Nobel Prize winner and as an aspiring scientist you have spent years in the field of research and development, mention how studying under the tutelage of this particular professor will enhance your life and help you achieve your future goal of securing a PHD.

Statement of Purpose for USA Universities

Typically, an Statement of Purpose for a University in the USA should not be more than 1000 words, covering out a maximum of three pages. Composing each page in a similar textual style and size related to the reasonable dispersing is of equal importance. It should adjust well to grab the eyes without a moment’s delay and have a persuading tone.

Statement of Purpose for Canadian Universities

If you look for global education and learn from the best faculty pool from across the globe, you should apply to any esteemed Canadian colleges. The acclaimed names among Canada’s different institutions are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, and Alberta et al. The foremost thing you need to apprehend is how to compose SOP for Canadian Universities. It holds more importance that you are probably assuming at the moment. SOP plays a massive role in considering the admission of any aspiring student.

Statement of Purpose for Australian Universities

If you are attempting to tie down admission to a college in Australia for advanced education, perhaps the main perspectives you need to deal with are the SOPs you compose. An indispensable piece of your visa application is that you make a self-assured, unique, and expressive SOP for Australia that can promise you a student visa to Australia.

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