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Blog Writing (20 Blogs of 500 words each)

Blog Writing (20 Blogs of 500 words each)


Need to scale your business and SEO of your business or clients’?

Please note following:

  • Normal delivery. 3-5 business day.
  • For urgent services, kindly choose delivery time below.
  • For extra words, you may purchase additional words only if required.
  • Estorytellers & Taletel are official subsidiaries of Write Right.
    • 1499 ₹
    • 1299 ₹
    • 999 ₹
    • 2.5 ₹

The Simple Process

1) We will assign you our dedicated writer after you confirm the payment.

2) The writer will be allocated within 2-8 hours of the confirmation. Have patience.

3) We request you to Whatsapp or email them, share your details and/or send voice message and/or share filled Questionnaire along with the necessary details/information.

4) Coordinate about the deadlines with the writer again. Count 3 to 5 BUSINESS days. (urgent charges differs)

5) Writers are not allowed to take long calls, take conference calls or do zoom meetings. After final sop is submitted, 1 Edit for free is allowed within 24-48 hours.

6) We understand that sop/lor/resume/personal statement/blog/essay is important for you. We take care of the quality to make you fully satisfied. Thus, co-operate.

Do read above all points. Let’s start!

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