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    Creating a resume can always be a daunting task. Flipping through multiple formats, rewriting the structure, and still not being satisfied with the final result is what we have all experienced. 

    Creating an excellent Resume/CV becomes all the more necessary when you have dreamt about that job since forever, but a lack of keywords does not let you through. Even the most engaging resumes fail to reach the hiring manager, as they get filtered through the applicant tracking software and go down the drain.

    Here is where we hire experts to do the job! Why struggle with something when you can get the job done better in lesser time and top-notch quality. Resume building companies have been in the business for a long time. They know the recruiters inside out, hence, understand the requirements. 

    There are multiple resume writing companies in the market which provide assured results and quality resumes. They also provide you with other services like cover letters, resume reviews, LinkedIn profiles, and job interviews. 

    Getting a position of your choice is a highly competitive endeavor in today’s environment. Understanding how to market yourself makes the difference between being hired and being overlooked. We have seen wonderfully accoladed resumes, which missed the chance of getting shortlisted due to unorganized structure. To grab your opportunities at the most wanted jobs, hire a resume expert.

    We are often skeptical when outsourcing our resumes since it holds the most crucial piece of information of our lives. We fear the misuse of details and are worried if the final product would meet our expectations, but we’ve got you covered. We believe that as significant as it is to get your resume outsourced, there is something even more important! Which is: shortlisting the CV building firm. From the hundreds of companies that do the job, finding which firm suits you best based on your way of writing and area of expertise can be a daunting task. 

    Our team of analysts reviewed the top-rated resume writing firms in the country based on turnaround time, customer prioritization, delivery time, and quality of content. Here is our outlook on the top three firms which stood out to us. What we loved most about these companies are the quality and credibility. 

    1.Write Right

    It was founded in 2012 by Mr. Bhavik Sarkedi. This firm never disappoints in terms of content. It was ranked one of the best content writing companies globally by Good firms and Clutch which, makes us want to bestow our trust in this firm even more! They have a wide range of experts from every field. These experts put their heads together to customize your CV, curating it to your liking. They take pride in creating the most effective resumes, which are sure to get you a job.

    Write Right prioritizes its customers and provides a one-to-one session before creating the first draft to understand the client’s requirements. They then conduct market research and work on the Applicant tracking software compliant keywords and phrases to give your Resume/CV that extra push.

    Write Right also provides additional services like reviewing resumes, creating job portfolios, and writing LinkedIn profiles.

    The feature that stood out to us was its quick turnaround time and customer prioritization. If you want good-quality resumes in the shortest time possible, your search ends here!

    Once you hire them, their team sits down with you to understand your vision concerning the outcome. After thorough market research and a better comprehension of your area of business, they build your content.

    2. Taletel

    One of the leading content writing firms, Taletel, has a young but talented team of writers. They have a broad spectrum of services and excel in every field. Taletel has its foundation in the belief of telling engaging tales which communicate through the details. Their ability to narrate intriguing stories interlacing important events of your professional journey is what makes them stand apart. It is a company that provides one on one services and links you to a writer after you apply for their service.

    The writers then amalgamate your experiences and job history with their writing skills to create a well-structured and polished resume. They work in compliance with ATS and do not let software stand between you and your job. 

    What we loved the most about this company was the quality of its content. The work speaks volumes and leaves an impression. They are known for the well-researched work they create, and their clients agree that they were flooded with interview calls post-CV submissions.

    After you contact Taletel, the first draft is delivered to you within the first week and is open to as many reviews and alterations as you please.

    3. Estorytellers

    This company is a cooperation of talent and skill. They are a subsidiary firm of Write Right and follow the legacy of the former. The team of experts at Estorytellers is loaded with experience. They can analyze and highlight the domain and skills of the applicant to the recruiter. The resumes they curate are professionally structured and guarantee success. 

    Estorytellers understand the fear that accompanies an applicant when he wants to get a resume written. Keeping this in mind, they guide you through the process, explaining every minute detail along the journey, making your resume sincerely yours.

    The customer support offered by Estorytellers is what draws us towards it. Be it last-minute changes or the hundredth edit, Estorytellers handles it with utmost care and regard. Their customers feel valued and heard.

    Their resumes are ATS compliant and well designed. Apart from resume building, they also offer career counseling, job profiling, and proofreading of pre-existing CVs.

    These top three resume writing forms are commendable in their unique ways. They pay umpteen importance to achieve customer satisfaction. They are the best in the market to achieve the most desirable results at the most nominal prices.

     So, which firm did you decide to take on?