ATS-Friendly Resume Writing in Pune

So, you have prepared a top-notch resume that is eye-catching and lists all your qualities. You apply for the posts that align with your skills and education; however, you cannot seem to reach the next stage. Even when you have the experience and the qualities that the company asks for, you still find it hard to grab a job.

The issue might be with your resume. Even if you have a professionally drafted resume, there can be chances that recruiters are not even looking it over. The reason is the all-new technology called the applicant tracking system. More than 75% of job applications are rejected even before being assessed by a human.

An applicant tracking system, commonly referred to as ATS, is software used by recruiters and hiring managers. The software is designed to collect, scan, and rank the job applications received. The software is commonly used by large companies and MNCs that receive hundreds of applications for a post. ATS streamlines and eases the process of recruitment by selecting and sorting resumes that include the required keywords.

Why do You need to Draft Your Resume to Suit the ATS’ Algorithm?

ATS’ basic work is that it rejects the least-qualified candidates instead of identifying the candidate who will be the best fit for the role. It first categorises the resume into categories and then scans them for specific keywords. These determine whether an application is suitable for the post or not. If the keywords and other specifications are present in the application, then the ATS passes them on for the recruiter to check manually. 

If your resume does not include these keywords and is not present in a format acceptable by the ATS, you will experience rejection no matter the quality of your resume and skills. 

How Can Taletel Help You?

Here are some of the facts that can make you realise how not including the appropriate keywords and making an ATS-friendly resume can harm your job search. 

  • On average, 250 applications are received for a corporate job. Out of these, only 4-6 will be contacted for an interview.
  • 98% of large companies, corporations, and organisations use ATS to simplify and ease their recruitment process. 
  • If you have not included keywords in the job description area, then the chances of your resume being tossed increase multiple-fold. 
  • Templates that are heavy on designing or can be classified as fancy get scrambled in the ATS system and turn the information available on it into non-sense. 
  • 43% of the resumes submitted are in a format not usually compatible. 

Provide You with an ATS-Friendly Format

Most of the time, job applications are created generically. However, to beat the ATS system, you need strong words that the software will check. At Taletel, we ensure to use effective action verbs, frequently occurring keywords, post-specific keywords, and other facts and figures to ensure that your resume makes the cut. 

Experienced and Trained ATS Experts 

Not everyone can be expected to understand the technical working of an ATS. This is where we come in. We provide you with a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals that are trained to create ATS-friendly resumes. These professional writers keep up with the recent trends in keyword search. These words are chosen after scanning hundreds of job descriptions provided by different companies. The writers include such words and phrases that will be monitored by the ATS while creating your resume. 

Appropriate Resume Format and Layout

Have you sent the same resume for different job postings? It is a common mistake that can make your job searching process a failure. To ensure that you grab the opportunity to get interviewed by the hiring manager, you will need to ensure that the resume you sent in is in the right format. Our writers and researchers first verify the format and layout that is suitable for different jobs and then begin drafting your resume in that format.

Various factors affect the layout of the resume. Our writers ensure that field, company, level, etc., are considered while writing an ATS-friendly resume. 

How Can You Get an ATS-Friendly Resume with Taletel?

With our straightforward process of creating a perfectly ATS-friendly resume, you can ensure that your job search will be a success. We keep the needs of our clients in consideration to make sure that the product you receive is not only satisfactory but also suitable for ATS and hiring managers. 

The following steps detail our process of delivering an effective ATS-friendly resume.

Basic Inputs

The first step includes for the client to provide us with all their information, previous CVs, job profiles and companies they are interested in, etc. Based on the information provided, our team will begin creating an analysis report.

Drafting Process

The writers will begin drafting your resume based on the analysis report and the following conversations and meeting our team conducts with you. Taletel curates a special team of writers and editors who specialise in your target field. These experts research the ATS-focused keywords and include them in appropriate positions across the resume. 

Delivery and Further Iterations 

Once the draft of the resume is completed, we deliver the final product to you. You can review it and determine whether you need any changes in the content. You can also specify the layout that you are expecting or certain credentials that you want to highlight. Our team provides flawless iterations that will satisfy your requirements.

Pune has become the hotspot for MNCs and large corporations. They receive thousands of job applications that cannot be manually checked. The ATS system is a new technology that can make the job searchers’ task a bit difficult. However, with expert ATS-friendly writing techniques and focused keyword searching, you can get a resume highlighting all your credentials and passing the ATS system. 

Taletel provides flawless resume writing services in Pune. Connect with us, and our team will reach out to you to refine your resume to perfection. 

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