How to justify backlogs in your Canadian SOP to avoid refusal? – [Updated – 2024]

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Backlogs or gap years are the two most vital elements that can impact your SOP impeccably. Many aspirants struggle to explain their backlogs precisely in the statement of purpose for a Canadian student. Every candidate, while writing SOP for Canada visa, should be quite honest about their backlogs. This is as Canada is particular about gap years.

Many Canadian universities allow up to 18 backlogs in the first year. However, the universities in the UK allow 30-40 backlogs in case of admission. Despite permission to admit against backlogs, colleges and universities also verify how the applicants are justifying backlogs in an SOP for a Canadian university. The applicants who fail to justify have to face SOP refusal. But applicants can also apply for an SOP for Canada study visa after refusal.

In such cases, the majority of applicants prefer hiring professional visa SOP writersProfessional writers are well acquainted with justifying backlogs using valid reasons. But if you want to write your statement all by yourself, this article will help you avoid explaining backlogs. So, explore how you can justify backlogs in the SOP for Canada Visa refusal

How does backlog gets counted in different nations?

One of the most prevalent questions that every applicant asks is why mentioning backlogs is important in SOPs. An SOP is all about giving an honest explanation about yourself. In the academic background detail, mentioning backlogs makes you trustworthy in the eyes of the admission committee. Only showing skills and interest won’t make you different, rather being transparent with all data will make you stand out.

The mentioning backlog does make an impact on your SOP format for Canada student visa. But it again depends on the justification to make sure that it creates a positive impact. Different nations have different approaches to counting backlogs. Thus, it completely depends on the nation and university you study at. Canada only accepts six backlogs and is very strict about it. But the UK allows 30-40 backlogs to offer room to applicants. A nation like Australia allows only 18 backlogs for applicants.

While writing your SOP samples for Canada study visayou should enquire about the backlogs allowed in the desired university.

How can you justify backlogs in your SOP?

From the beginning of your SOP writing journey, you should be clear that your SOP must be honest about the intent. In case of backlogs, justifying also making a clear, honest statement will give you more chances of selection. Some of the most fruitful explanations for backlogs in the SOP are:

  • When you don’t have an exceptional academic timeline, you can explain your involvement in co-curricular activities that have a greater benefit to everyone.
  • Furnishing all the backlogs in SOPs also makes an honest statement and defines your fearless personality.
  • You can write the challenges that resulted in backlog and how you have overcome them.
  • Focusing on research project work will take away the spotlight from the backlog so that you can use that as an approach.
  • Applicants can also deliver a clear message about their enthusiasm to shift the limelight from backlogs. You can pick the best SOP writers to help you draft a precise SOP.

Do you need to show your backlog certificate when you are justifying it?

Justifying backlogs is as imperative as creating your SOP. You should precisely mention them with correct justification in your SOP. Every nation counts backlogs, so as Canada. Similarly, while justifying SOP backlogs, some nations ask for backlog certificates while some nations don’t. If the university you are applying for asks to show the backlog certificate as proof, you should attach the relevant documents. It acts as proof showing the exact numbers of backlogs you have.


SOPs are indeed inevitable elements in your admissions. Making clear and crisp statements can give you an extra edge over the competition. You can use the above way to dodge the impressions from backlogs.

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