How do you write an attractive SOP? [Updated 2024]

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Your statement of purpose should influence your readers to offer you a seat in your desired university. The faculty in the selection committee doesn’t just read your SOP for the sake of reading. Instead, they read it to determine the qualities in you that make you worthy of selection. In that circumstance, you need to create the most attractive SOP! Hiring the best SOP writing services is not the only factor that is going to help you. You also need to know the ideas and tips that make your SOP attractive to readers. Acknowledging the ideas will help you demand quality services from the SOP writing services you choose.

In this column, you will determine the factors and attributes that make your SOP find a place for selection. You can find many SOP Writers in India offering you affordable services. You should not get tempted by the price quotes. Rather you should find the qualities listed below to achieve a place in your dream university.

Things to include for making your SOP interesting!

Introduction with interest and motivation

The introduction is the only part of your SOP that readers focus on. If the selection committee finds your introduction interesting, you can retain them to read the complete SOP. There are also chances when your SOP might get rejected for a boring introduction. While working with any SOP Writing Services India, you need to make sure that your SOP includes an interesting introduction for the readers to read ahead. You should also note to make it as short and crisp as possible.

Summarize undergraduate and previous graduate career

The next thing that readers find in your SOP after the introduction is your undergraduate career. While looking at the career, the readers would never want to spend much time reading a paragraph. They would only want to have a summary of your graduate career. Most of the SOP Writers India takes it seriously to maintain your career profile as a summary. However, many don’t offer you what you need. This becomes the reason behind rejection. So, what you need to ensure is the graduating career profile remains in the form of a summary.

Discuss current activity 

After graduation, if you have started working as an intern, you should also mention the same in your SOP. This will help you fascinate the selection committee to have interest in you. You can also mention the skills that you have learned during your experience. You can also talk about how the activities have motivated you to complete your graduation.

Explain your academic interest

When you are applying to pursue a course in your desired university, you also need to explain your academic interests. Here you need to convince the faculties to choose you based on your academic interest. You can write about any scope of research that will benefit the university. You can also write about research that you are already indulged in. If you are not writing it yourself, you must demand it from SOP writing services for coursesOnly the best SOP writers with immense knowledge would help you create the most attractive SOP.


Keeping it compact, this is how you can create the most attractive SOP for acquiring a seat in the university. Making a good decision in selecting reliable SOP writing services matters a lot. So, you should never ignore it.

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