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“Sometimes, asking for help is the bravest move you can make. You don’t have to do it all alone”  

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Gone are the days when students had limited choice about where to study and what career to choose. With the advent of technology, not only has the world become a smaller place to live, it has created a multitude of career options and that has led to a plethora of degrees to study and so many universities to choose from. While such a gigantic ecosystem for a professional career is great, treading this path requires a lot of planning. Getting through a university of one’s own choice requires meticulous preparation. It involves clearing all the tests with flying colors, fulfilling all the legal, financial and operational paperwork and eventually submitting the SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Writing an SOP involves answering questions related to academics, interests and future plan of action while maintaining the guidelines given by the university. SOP is an ideal document to know about the past academic life of the applicant and get a fair idea about his (her) future aspirations. The questions are primarily related to the applicant’s academic background, interest areas, reasons for choosing the particular major, college and his (her) future plans. There is a word limit that varies across universities but it is generally in the range of 800-1500. 

Did you know that an SOP can give a sneak peek into a candidate’s thought process and his (her) ability to connect the various dots in his (her) life into a meaningful purpose. It is this scrutiny that helps an assessor to determine if the candidate is a suitable match. 

When we search Google for a perfect SOP, there are a lot of Dos and Don’ts that it suggests. Like one of the don’ts say that irrelevant information should be reduced as much as possible. But how does one determine what is irrelevant? Another one says not to use any slang. Did you know that slangs in English language vary in different cultures? Some English phrases that are quite common in India are a strict no in American or British English. Then how does one ensure that his (her) SOP is slang free and formal. How does one maintain a balance between using flowery language to describe one’s passion yet be objective about future aspirations? The other big issue comes with the art of writing. Though as an individual, one may be aware of one’s life plans and reasons for pursuing a particular education and university but articulating it in words that is convincing and engaging is a feat that requires expertise and experience.

Hence, when confused, it is always advisable to get them curated by experts who have the required understanding of crafting winning SOPs and are aware of the peculiarities of the SOPs for different specializations. Yes, SOPs have their own tone and flow depending upon the degree. Like an SOP written for an MBA course would be very different in style than an SOP written for PhD degree.

In fact, technology has enabled getting personalized SOPs delivered to one’s inbox within matter of hours. One may be located in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai or any other city and still get in touch with a top SOP writing agency located somewhere else. Gone are the days when the applicant had to physically visit such service providers and meet the expert to provide the brief. Now, all of this can be done over an email and within hours, a tailor-made SOP that beautifully captures the journey of an applicant is delivered either on email or as an encrypted document over chat messenger!

Why should an Indian student opt for professional SOP writing services?

Studying abroad has been a dream of many. Let’s be honest for a minute, though. How many of us actually know what every university that we are applying to is looking for?

Do you have the skills? Yes? Great!

Do you know about the subject? Yes? Even better!

But do you know what an Admission Officer sitting in the UK or the USA is looking for?

The last part is where professional SOP writing services come in. With a large volume of writers who have worked tirelessly to build a niche in helping students tell their stories effectively, these agencies primarily focus on getting you into the university that you have been aiming for all this time.

The thing is that the expectation of these universities is entirely different from what the Indian system requires of us. Hence, it is always advisable to curate a tale that does not make you sound like a novice. Moreover, regular Indian students’ ideals might be new but they do not have the means to check if they are plagiarised. These agencies specialise in curbing that gap.

So, what are some of the best SOP writing services available for applicants living in top cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore? While a search query for this comes up with hundreds of names but it is of little use, since such a search does not talk about the quality of service provided by these SOP writing agencies. We have done a thorough research on this and have come up with our Top 4 SOP writing services.


Taletel is one of the premier SOP writing agencies in India. Their diversified expertise in creating content of various formats (like blog, business proposal, website content, creative content, social media posts etc) helps them to master the nuances of English language very well. It is this mastery that their writers use to create engaging SOPs that increase the success rate of their applicants. The testimonials from satisfied clients are quite a big proof of this. Their client list boasts of people across different cities in India. Their advantage is their superfast ability to respond to client needs and 24/7 availability. To know more, please click here

Write Right

With deadline and quality being their core philosophies, Write Right is one of the most popular SOP writing services based in Ahmedabad. But its location is not a constraint since its services are available throughout India. One may be located in Delhi or Bangalore but if one wants an SOP crafted by the expert writers at Write Right, all he (she) needs to do is to get in touch with them over email or phone. Globally ranked as one of the best content writing agencies in India, Write Right team has the perfect blend of experience and vibrancy. The writers come loaded with years of experience in SOP writing services and that gives them the required edge.  To know more, please visit here


Estorytellers is yet another promising SOP writing agency. It is the celebrated subsidiary of Write Right that has carved an identity for itself in the SOP writing niche through its unique proposition of using storytelling as a tool to create intriguing SOPs. The team consists of young talent who understand the nuances of this generation and their connection with the passion that they wish to pursue. With their quirky style, they make sure to add a magical touch to every SOP that they create. This magic helps differentiate their SOPs from others. They aim to create an impressive image of their candidates through their SOPs. They understand how critical an SOP is, in the successful admission of the applicant and hence ensure that their research is thorough, fault proof and suited to the requirements of the course and the applicant. To know more about them, please read here

Bhavik Sarkhedi and co.

Bhavik Sarkhedi needs no introduction! He is one of the best content writers in the world (as recognized by Google). His rich and diverse experience in creating content for more than 40 internationally recognized magazines is a proof that he knows the art of writing SOPs better than anyone else. His articles also get regularly published in publications like Yourstory, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. Having written successful and impressive SOPs for thousands of applicants till date, his team has the required experience of writing SOPs for different courses and that makes them the ideal SOP writing service agency that one would prefer. With originality and quality being their top most priority, their intensive focus on the brief provided by the applicant serves as the guiding stone to create spectacular SOPs. If you want to know more about them, please click here

One of the biggest advantages of some of the SOP writing service agencies mentioned above is the ease with which the customized SOPs get delivered within a short span of time into the inbox of the applicant. Applying to a university can get very exhaustive with so much paperwork to handle and so many things to keep a track of. Amidst all this, it is quite relieving to see such agencies that craft superb SOPs within hours. Based on the brief sent by the applicant (student), the expert writers in these agencies craft an engaging story that connects the performance with the passion of the applicants, provides a convincing context to explain the ambiguity and write it in a manner that resonates with the tone and style of the applicant. No matter whether the applicant is located in Mumbai, Hyderabad or in any other city of India, physical presence is no more a criteria to choose a good SOP writing service agency. One could be anywhere and get his (her) ideal SOPs delivered to his (her) inbox within hours of providing the brief!

These agencies have produced over thousands and thousands of SOPs in the past decade that have helped students from India get into their university of choice. Our only question is, why are you taking a chance with it when the solution is right in front of you?

You have it all what it takes to be part of that elite university that you have been eyeing on, for such a long time. You have worked hard, cleared all the entrance tests and what remains now is, to establish your brand (in form of SOP) in a way that it makes a stellar case for your selection. How would you create this? Would you try to do it alone and see if its works or seek the help of experts and know for sure that it works? Choice is yours and so is the consequence!

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